20 Best Cash Back Shopping Sites

Apr 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Cashback is among the simplest methods to generate an additional income stream. Whatever your level of expertise is with managing your finances, you’ll inevitably have to purchase items from time to time. We all require food at some point, but you can lessen the burden by obtaining Cashback.

In simple terms, Cashback occurs when you purchase something and get a tiny portion of the amount you paid in cash at a later time.

It may seem too amazing to be true. However, most big retailers provide the possibility of Cashback. It is possible to combine multiple cashback sites to increase your savings

Best cashback shopping sites

These are the top 20 cashback websites to use right now:

1. Capital One Shopping

Best For Great Browser Extension + Local Offers

Capital One Shopping is a well-known brand as a browser extension, which acts as a personal assistant for shopping to help you get better prices on the products you’re shopping for. It also offers credit from top retailers.

For instance, here are some top retailers that allow you to earn credits (redeemable as gift cards) with Capital One Shopping browser extension:

  • Dell.com: 1%
  • ebay.com: 1%
  • QVC.com: 1%
  • VRBO.com: 2%
  • Priceline.com: 3%
  • Zulily.com: 4%
  • JCPenney.com: 9%

In addition, they also include a “Local Deals” section, which allows you to earn up to 3% back from local restaurants and retailers, depending on the zip codes you have.

Make sure to take a look at local offers before heading out for lunch!


  • Simple to make use of
  • is a background-based HTML0 that works
  • 100 100% completely free to utilize

2. Swagbucks

Ideal for: More Rewards Opportunities to Earn Points $5 as a signup bonus

Although it is widely known as one of the most popular survey websites, you can also utilize Swagbucks to earn Cashback. Use its shopping site to buy things online, or use it to your Swagbucks browser plug-in and earn points as you surf the web.

Swagbucks’ great feature is that there are many options to make points, also known as ‘Swagbucks,’ or S.B. Swagbucks can send users daily emails detailing the best methods to earn S.B. can be as easy as signing up to an email newsletter. You can also make money by conducting surveys using the application, watching videos, or playing online games.

You can also earn many points by signing up and encouraging others to join. It’s worth $5 to sign up (if you invest $25 in the first month after signing up), and If the person you’re referring refers a friend to join, you’ll receive a bonus in addition to some of the Swagbucks that your friend earns. When you earn enough S.B. that you’ve made, you can exchange them to purchase gift cards or even the option of a PayPal transfer.


  • Referral and signup rewards
  • Points can be redeemed through PayPal


  • It is not designed to be a cashback website.

3. MyPoints

Best For Shopping Portal

MyPoints is another website that offers options for earning points. As you can see, it’s very similar to Swagbucks. To earn Cashback, it is possible to use their shopping platform and earn points when you purchase items from their partners’ stores. You can also earn points by conducting surveys or playing games, watching videos, and reading emails.

You can earn the most points by claiming a $10 signing up bonus (as you purchase a minimum of at least $20 via the shopping site in the initial month). You can also earn 750 points when you refer a friend who buys at a minimum of $20.

Even though you can only redeem points for gift cards, some are also redeemable for the Visa gift card, which is nearly the same as cash.


  • Signup and referral bonus
  • A variety of activities that earn points


  • It is easier to earn points for activities instead as opposed to Cashback

4. opCashback

Best For: Receiving Full Commission

Cashback sites typically make money through receiving a percentage from their retailers once a consumer purchases from them. They then offer a portion of this revenue to the user in the form of Cashback. TopCashback is a bit different in that they pay the entire commission to their customers and use the money elsewhere.

It is possible to earn 3% per month. This may not seem like a lot; however, it’s an impressive percentage of earning on all websites. There are coupons and deals that offer higher Cashback.

TopCashback is a top performer in the front of customer service also. It has an average 5-star (out of five) review on Trustpilot. You earn $10 for each referral when your friend is at the threshold of $10.


  • earn 3% on all things
  • Good customer service


  • Less offers for high rates of Cashback

5. Rakuten

Best For Bonuses

Previously called eBates, Rakuten was one of the first cashback websites online and lets you earn as much as 40 percent cash back for purchases, though 5-10% is the most normal percentage. Also, you can get money in cash. You may get via PayPal or cheque.

Cashback is offered on most online stores when you purchase using the Rakuten shopping portal. Moreover, you can also earn Cashback by shopping in stores and linking the credit card you use.

Further features comprise promo codes, coupons, and seasonal offers.

The signup bonus is $10 for those who spend $25 within the initial 3 months on the site, including all online websites. You could also get up to $25 in the form of a referral bonus (depending on the current offer at the moment) If you encourage your family members and friends to join the website.


  • It is possible to earn the highest cashback percentage
  • Receive cash


  • Can’t scan receipts

6. Capital One Price Protection

Best For Price Adjustment Refunds

Capital One Price Protection (formerly Paribus) is different from other sites. It doesn’t offer the chance to earn Cashback on every purchase. However, should you buy something on an affiliate site and the price decreases, Capital One Price Protection will be able to negotiate a reimbursement on behalf of you. So, you’ll get Cashback, but only if the price drops within a specified timeframe following the purchase.

Capital One Price Protection will track your emails and browsing activities to monitor the items you’re purchasing and check whether the cost of your purchases are reduced. It is also possible to download an app that allows you to scan receipts and cover the cost of purchases made at a store.

This lets you receive discounts from over 25 stores, which isn’t a complete list. However, it covers the majority of the major stores.


  • Helps you gain back the money you’d usually lose


  • Doesn’t offer Cashback for all purchase

7. Ibotta

Best For Scanning Receipts

If you’re looking for a range of options to make Cashback, Ibotta is a great website to utilize. It is possible to earn using the shopping portal that will give you Cashback if you follow an Ibotta-linked link Ibotta site to an internet shop and then make a purchase or upload receipts.

If you shop at a supermarket scanning, your receipt is the only way to earn Cashback. Ibotta helps you with this by providing an app that you can upload your receipts to the app and double to keep receipts and thus keep track of your spending.

Once you’ve identified the cashback offer you’d like to take advantage of, you’ll have to complete a simple procedure before you can get points. It’s a slow process when compared with other cashback sites. However, If you’ve got the time to accomplish many tasks, it’s a great method to increase your cashback points. Watching a video or participating in the poll can be a good idea.

You will redeem your points for cash, or you can receive a Gift card for free after 48 hours of redeeming them.


  • Different ways of earning Cashback
  • Receive Cashback in cash


  • You must complete the tasks to earn Cashback

8. BeFrugal

Best For High Cashback Rate

BeFrugal provides a hefty discount of up to 40% on more than 5 000 stores, which is much higher than the other stores. All you need to do is make purchases through their website, and the Cashback will be automatically added to your credit card. Also, you can earn $10 to sign up, and you’ll receive $10 cashback and $10 per recommendation.

It is also possible to use the site to discover special deals and coupons. These won’t grant you a point. However, they are a great option you can save some money.


  • High cashback rate
  • Signup bonus


  • Cashback only on online purchases

9. Earny

Best For Refunds

Similar to Paribus, Earny monitors your purchases with your email and is looking for price reductions. If the price decreases within 14-90 days from the date you purchased, you’ll receive a refund.

This means that you’re entitled to a refund of the difference in the event of a price decrease. Earny is entitled to 25 percent of the refund, and you’ll receive the remaining 75 % in exchange for acting as the intermediary. It’s possible since most credit cards provide price protection.

They provide coverage for 15 major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, which means that most of your purchases will be covered even if you purchase at the big stores.


  • Helps you access the money you’re owed


  • Only works if price reductions are within three months after the purchase
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive the money back

10. Fetch Rewards

Best For Grocery Shopping

While Fetch Rewards is ideally suited to grocery shopping, its definition of grocery stores is rather broad. It can also be used in liquor shops, convenience stores, and drug stores, among other places. All retailers are covered, and you can earn Cashback from them.

The most common method of earning points is to scan receipts using the app. You can also earn points online by browsing the web for products with special offers.

It is not possible to receive points through PayPal and bank wire transfers. However, you can get gift cards. Bonus points can be earned from joining and referring others.


  • Claim points from many stores
  • Earn from scanning receipts


  • Points are always in the form of gift cards

11. Upromise

Ideal for Anyone who is saving for college or paying off Student Loans.

Upromise is a bit different as it is specifically designed to give Cashback, which can either make student loan payments or save for the 529 plan. While you can utilize Upromise and not use the money towards college-related expenses, this is the way to receive the greatest advantages. Connecting your account with the 529 savings plan can earn you an amazing 15 percent bonus. If you don’t apply your funds for college-related items and are not eligible for a payout, you’ll be required to pay the money via check.

Cashback can be earned from a range of shops and retailers. More than 85 online partners and thousands of grocery and restaurant stores. For cashback programs, you could earn as much as 5% from partners and 2.5 percent at many restaurants as well. Each of these are acceptable rates.

Alongside accessing the site and the mobile app, you can also purchase a Upromise Mastercard for a more straightforward method to earn Cashback on purchases. You’ll receive 1.25% cashback on all purchases at all points.


  • is especially suited to people who are saving for or paying for college


  • Check cashing only
  • The 529 plan is not all the time eligible. or student loan repayments are qualified

12. Coupon Cabin

Best For: Special Offers

Instead of offering a generic cashback rate to every retailer, Coupon Cabin has special deals on specific stores in different teams. For instance, you may be eligible for $50 Cashback when you shop through Amazon. This makes it possible to score an affordable price at Coupon Cabin, but it’s unlikely that these deals will be in line with what you’re looking to purchase.

But thousands of websites collaborate with the website. You can choose to get your payment in the form of a cheque, via PayPal, or even as an electronic gift card.


  • Good offers
  • Many payment options


  • Offers are extremely specific and might not be pertinent

13. CouponCactus

Best For: Combining Cashback With Coupons

CouponCactus is a website that focuses on coupons, not Cashback, which one would expect from the name. However, they have a wide range of Cashback promotions that are available through links to more than 4,000 merchants. You have to follow the links to shop on the website, and your Cashback will be paid within 3-7 days. You might even be in a position to combine Cashback with coupons.

You can also earn a bonus of $3 upon signing up, as long as you don’t give the site’s ‘Like’ on Facebook, the bonus could be less than other websites. However it’s still more than enough. You can also earn additional by inviting friends.


  • Signup bonus


  • is designed more to be a coupon system than Cashback

14. ShopAtHome

Best For: A Range of Popular Retailers

You can earn Cashback through ShopAtHome by clicking on shopping links from the website and waiting to see the Cashback credited immediately. ShopAtHome provides links to nearly 2,000 retailers, including major brands like Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.

It is also possible to install the Savings Button browser plug-in to notify you of Cashback offers each time you visit the partner website.

You can earn a bonus of $10 for joining. You can decide whether you want to receive the bonus points as checks, PayPal transfers, or gift cards.


  • Signup bonus
  • You can be paid via Cashback or check


  • No receipt-scanning

15. Extrabux

Best For: Clothes Shopping

Extrabux offers Cashback as well as super cashback deals. Some of them offer up to 30% cashback. These are combined with coupons that will help you get the most value for your money.

It’s especially suited to clothing stores, and it’s simple to navigate through the web-based portal as you can distinguish between shops across different regions and search for websites that are of interest to you. Alternately, you can install the browser extension.

You can earn a huge $20 bonus when you sign up, but you’ll only receive it in five $5 pieces when Cashback is earned by making use of the website. Additionally, you can earn the bonus of $5 when you refer a friend to the site, plus 5% of the Cashback you earn in the future. You can get the cash via PayPal or check, or credit card.


  • Signup bonus
  • Can receive cash


  • Cashback via shopping portals only

16. Mr.Rebates

Ideal for: Low threshold to cash out

Mr.Rebates has offered millions of dollars to customers via cashback promotions. They also promote discounts and coupons to ensure that people get the most value from their shopping in many ways.

If you introduce an incoming member, you’ll earn 20percent of the initial rebate. You must earn at least $10 to redeem your rebate, which can be accomplished through PayPal or check. However, for those who live outside within the U.S., your only choice is PayPal.

One thing that makes Mr. Rebates distinguish themselves is their speedy return policy: after you purchase an item and it is received, it will be listed in the section ‘pending rebates’ within 3 to 5 days. However, it could take longer for confirmation to be received.


  • Receive rebates quickly
  • A low threshold to cash out


  • Only receive discounts by clicking on the links to shop

17. iConsumer

Best For: High-Risk High Reward

iConsumer offers a distinct business model from other cashback sites. If you sign up for their shopping site online, you’ll be a shareholder who purchases shares of the company.

This could seem complicated, but it implies that rather than getting Cashback in the form of cash that you can utilize immediately, You’ll receive an opportunity to earn a share worth more in the near future.

It’s not a good choice for those who want immediate gratification. However, if you are willing to risk your life to make more money than 10 dollars PayPal transfer, then iConsumer may be the best option for you. Although the emphasis lies on sharing, you’ll also receive Cashback that is normal after hitting the limit of $25.

When you join, you’ll receive 100 shares at the time of joining. Referring someone else will get you an additional 100 shares. Additionally, the first time you make a qualifying purchase, you’ll receive 500 shares. You can withdraw the shares in cash. However, this can be a little complex procedure.


  • Possibility for earning more
  • The thrill that comes from being an investment


  • Not the best website for everyday Cashback
  • Cash withdrawals from shares is a bit nebulous

18. Jewel

Best For: Luxury Brands

The name is due to its focus on the market for luxury goods. Jewel is a relatively new cashback website. Due to its distinctive particularity, it can offer partnerships that other sites do not have, for example, premium brands. If you’re looking for this kind of product, choosing Jewel is easy.

The signup bonus is $5 and the minimum to withdraw is $15. Additionally, you can earn $5 per referral you refer.


  • Does not have partnerships with other websites.


  • Only for the most upscale retailers.

19. EvoShare

Best For: Saving for Retirement

Like Upromise, EvoShare helps its customers apply their Cashback for causes that matter. Instead of restricting it to only the student loan and college savings, EvoShare also allows you to put aside money for retirement. If you’re one of those struggling to save any money aside for retirement, EvoShare will assist you in achieving this.

Transfer cashback money directly to the 401(k) or 403(b) plan, so the employer is enrolled in the plan. Even if you don’t own an account at present, you can hold your profits in Evoshare until you get one.

You can earn as much as 30% cash back at over 1,300 online shops and 10% cashback in local shops by linking your cards. A browser extension is also available to help make the process simpler.


  • Makes cashback money more meaningful


  • Your employer may not be an affiliate
  • Inability to choose how to utilize money

20. Simple Best Coupons

Best For: Using Outside of North America

Simply Best Coupons can be used throughout the world to shop at stores that cover a variety of categories, including automotive, travel to clothing. It can be used to redeem Cashback and coupons.

It is also possible to use the browser extension so that you don’t miss a chance to earn Cashback.

While there isn’t a signup bonus, you may earn a referral bonus equivalent up to 5% of Cashback earned that can be up to $50.


  • Retailers and regions
  • Referral bonus


  • No signup bonus

Do Cashback Sites Work?

Cashback websites have been in operation for more than two decades. They would not have made it this long if they weren’t working.

With that said, every cashback site has its pros and drawbacks. They don’t all perform well in all aspects. Therefore, you should make sure you know what you’re looking for.

As an example, Paribus will only be capable of helping customers earn Cashback if they purchase something and the cost is lower. If you don’t have to buy something that later decreases in value, it does not necessarily mean that Paribus isn’t working – it’s just that you’ve had luck when you’ve made purchases.

What other aspects are worth considering? Here are some of the most important factors:

  • Cashback rate
  • Partnered merchants
  • Other opportunities to earn money
  • Referral bonuses

If getting the most cashback rate you can is crucial to you, you can use this Cashback Monitor site to compare rates across different websites. Making this a habit each time you need to buy something may be unneeded, but it might serve as a helpful first step in deciding which one to go with.

The majority of sites will inform you of the number of retailers they’re working with and in which areas, as well as other opportunities for earning that are available (like answering surveys) and referral rewards. Find out what is most effective for you and evaluate the site based on this.

Where do you find places that give cash Refunds?

Naturally, all sites listed in this article provide Cashback. But, they’re not the only choices.

In addition to cashback sites, a great method to earn Cashback is to use the cashback credit card.

Some of the most effective choices are:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Discover it Miles

After you have applied for a credit card, you’ll be able to access the site to shop. The greatest benefit is that you can combine your credit card with cashback sites from other websites to save more this is known as stacking. ‘.

How Do Cashback Sites Make Money?

When you make a purchase through the cashback websites you purchase from, the merchant you purchase will pay the cashback site a percentage. They will then pay a portion of that commission back directly to the purchaser. It’s a win-win scenario!

Some of the websites have a slightly different approach. Top Cashback doesn’t take commission and earns its money from data and advertising revenues instead. Similar to that, Paribus and Earny make their income by helping you bargain a lower price when the price decreases, and after which they take a portion of the discounts, they get a commission.

Last Thoughts

In case you’re still not making use of cashback shopping websites, you’re missing an opportunity.

In the sea of websites accessible, it’s difficult to limit it to just the best ones to begin with. However, once you’ve gotten to grips with things, you’ll see how simple it is to earn additional money doing this.

It is possible to test at least a couple of different sites at a time, but you must be sure not to spread your efforts too thin, and you could have a hard time deciding whether to avail of the welcome bonus offered on each of them.