Best Life Insurance Companies in Canada

Apr 30, 2022


In Canada, There are various types of life insurance you can choose from. In the most basic sense, it is possible to pick from two kinds of life insurance: perpetual insurance (often known as whole life insurance, but they can also come with the value of cash) and term insurance.

Best Life Insurance Companies in Canada

Term insurance

Term life insurance offers more benefits for most Canadians than permanent insurance. You buy life insurance for a specified period, typically 10, 20, and 30 years. These reviews are based on insurance companies’ “term life insurance” plans. The term life insurance plan is a life insurance policy that lasts for a specified duration, usually one year. If you die, the insurance will be paid out to your beneficiary if the death happens within a certain period, also known as “term. “

The type of life insurance is typically bought in 10-year increments; like previously mentioned, it can also be purchased in more minor, more flexible conditions. If you wish to have your life insurance policy lasts until you reach certain age-related milestones like turning 65, it is possible to do this.

Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance (known as full life insurance) is a type of life insurance that is in effect for the rest of your life and protects your needs from the moment you purchase it until the day you pass away. Most life insurance policies are permanent and have a cash value or investment component.


There is a different kind of life insurance called universal life insurance.

The name suggests that universal life insurance (ULI) is an insurance policy that can be used in many situations. It could also increase cash value if the insured’s needs evolve or change as time passes.

Finding the best life insurance policy is complex. Although the expenses you pay are typically the top priority, other aspects are also taken into consideration:

  • What kind of life insurance do you need to buy: term life and permanent?
  • What amount of life insurance do you require?
  • Does the life insurance company financially secure and reliable?

The answers to these questions and more are essential when selecting the right life insurance plan for your requirements.

The top insurers of life in Canada will save you cash on your annual or monthly costs, provide sufficient insurance coverage and guarantee the financial future of those who will benefit from your insurance.

According to a recently conducted survey, most Canadians (62 percent) that have insurance for life purchase insurance through the company they work for.

Although more people seem to have purchased or thought of buying life insurance in the wake of the epidemic, most are offered ” expensive permanent policies ” they don’t need.

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the top insurers of life in Canada, how to pick one suitable for your needs, and the price of Life insurance.


How does life insurance work?

Life insurance is a contract between you and an insurance provider, and in which case, if you die, they’ll provide a death benefit, which is the lump sum of tax-free money to a person you select. For a fee, they will regularly pay an insurance premium: a small amount at a time.

You and your partner decide the cash amounts coming out and in and the timings; however, the only thing you need to do is in the most simplified way.

What kind of life assurance do I require?

There are many different life insurance policies you can pick from in Canada. On the most basic level, you can choose from two primary kinds of life insurance policies that are permanent: a Life insurance policy (also called whole life insurance, which typically includes the cash value) and an insurance policy for term life.


A lot of Canadians benefit from term insurance. You purchase this kind of life insurance policy for a specific amount of time, typically 10-20 years or 30-year term of life insurance.

The term insurance product is a distinct kind of simple life insurance policy. It can still pay you or your beneficiaries should there be an unlikely event of your death; however, only if it occurred within a specific period, also known as a “term” ‘. The reviews below are built on the term insurance products of the various Life insurance firms.

Although this kind of life insurance is usually bought in 10-year chunks, as described earlier, you can select more minor and more flexible durations too. If you’d like, you could make your life insurance coverage run until you reach certain age thresholds, such as senior citizen status at age 65.

Why should I get life insurance?

The better query to ask yourself is whether the people you love require life insurance?

Life insurance’s goal is to clear the burden of debts (personal or related to business) and provide a replacement source for people who depend upon you should there be an unlikely event that you’re no more present.

The top life insurance firms in Canada

1. Best Insurance for Affordability: BMO Insurance

The term life insurance offered by BMO Insurance is an ideal option for couples, individuals, and business owners. It can be used to safeguard the company and its key employees by providing insurance for funeral expenses, such as funerals and dependents. It will pay for mortgages and other debts like funeral expenses.


  • Pricing for Value for Money
  • There are many term life insurance plans that you can select from
  • Policyholders with a 10-year term can upgrade to longer-term coverage (15, 20, 25, and 30-year ranges)
  • Advance life insurance coverage for term amount for policyholders in need of financial aid while battling an illness, that is terminal. Companion benefit plan
  • Life insurance plans that are permanent can be purchased as an alternative.
  • Electronic contract delivery
  • discount for multi-policy
  • The top 10 insurance companies based on annual premium


  • There isn’t an online account.
  • Only papers are offered without digital alternatives.
  • life insurance plan which isn’t renewable for a more significant period in time (Term 25 and 30)

2. Best Insurance for Financial Strength: Canada Life

Canada Life is a member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies, including its subsidiary, the Great-West Life Assurance Company. With $396 billion in assets and an A+ rating for financial strength by A.M. Best, Canada Life is among the safest life insurance companies in the United States.

Canada Life is the first national life insurance company in Canada, established in 1847. Canada Life’s massive capitalization and various insurance options make it a popular choice for millions of Canadian customers who purchase life insurance and companies.

The term life insurance policy is accessible through the company’s insurance offerings, which comprise various policy types for term insurance that are customized to meet customers’ specific needs and financial positions.

Canada Life offers a range of term insurance plans, including a policy that converts to term, fixed-term non-renewable insurance, and additional optional policy riders to suit your specific requirements.


  • Select a term duration between 5 and 50 years. Choose the length you want for your client.
  • Both joint and single coverages are accessible to riders.
  • It is possible to convert it into an irrevocable Canada Life insurance policy.


  • A minimum of $100,000 in coverage or $500 in annual premiums is necessary.
  • You can log into your online account using your My Digital ID app on Android and iOS devices.

3. Best Insurance for Stability: Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins can be described as one of the largest banks in Canada and has often been named one of the most secure banks in the world. Financial institutions.

For immediate needs such as life insurance, mortgage protection, or even educating your children, it is possible to select among a variety of short-term life insurance plans provided by Desjardins. Based on industry standards, this product has many expected benefits and features.


  • offers a range of additional riders and services, which allow you to customize your primary insurance coverage to your requirements
  • You could get full coverage through one provider, with an extensive selection of critical illnesses coverage and disability insurance. Life insurance that lasts forever.
  • It’s not uncommon for one insurance policy to cover all family members.
  • Capability to convert shorter-term items into more long-term ones.
  • Offers discounts on a variety of approaches. You could save the most money if you have multiple policies taken out during the coverage period.
  • You have internet access.


  • Alternatives to competition are available with a lower cost for life insurance. There are just four options that you can choose from, and this is a tentative plan.
  • As a default, the firm provides policies on paper; however digital copies can be obtained at the request of your advisor.

4. Best Insurance for Personalization: Empire Life

The term-life insurance solution offered by the Solution Series offered by Empire Life Insurance provides 10, 20, and 30-year term life insurance coverage for an insurance product that is permanent up to 100. The Solution series is flexible and cost-effective protection offered for renewal until 100 years old.

In contrast to a multi-year insurance plan, Empire Life gives yearly renewal terms (ART); the life insurance coverage you purchase will renew each year instead of continuing for several years.

Empire Life Insurance term life insurance comes with a wide selection of options and allows you to modify the policy to suit your individual needs.


  • Offers users one of the broadest diverse coverage options available in Canada
  • The possibility of exchanging shorter-term period policies (annually renewable and for ten years) to purchase more extensive Empire Life term insurance (20-year and 30-year options for coverage)
  • Instant approval possible
  • The electronic contract is a possibility.
  • The premiums for HTML0 are highly competitive.
  • Complete offering of riders for insurance
  • Values in cash are accessible as part of the Solution 100 policy (rather unique for time-based policies)
  • Online account access


  • Options with a limited time limit
  • 499,999 represents the top annual coverage level that is renewable.

5. Best Insurance for Families: Equitable Life

One of Canada’s largest mutual corporations is Equitable Life of Canada. The company offers a wide range of low-cost life insurance solutions for permanent and term life insurance markets. For basic coverage for life insurance with a term, the company provides 20-, 10-year, and 65-year coverage. There are many types of insurance policies that cover different needs, from basic security for the security of families’ finances to protection for business owners of large and small companies.

They can also mix life insurance for single and multi-life into one policy and allow family members to take advantage of coverage in the same policy with lower premiums.

The Equal product range offered by Equitable permits the user to combine and mix different terms into a single life insurance plan, which allows “laddering,” or the possibility of paying for coverage only in need.


  • Other riders could add to the insurance. They will cover costs for tests in the lab, anesthetics, and therapy sessions.
  • Even if you’re carrying a life insurance plan that is short-term that you can convert to an extensive selection of long-term insurance plans by Equitable
  • Clients who are preferred can be eligible for immediate EquiLiving critical illness insurance.
  • Combining an infant term rider could create an entire family plan.
  • Log in to an account online.


  • The format is only available in limited terms. available
  • The only distinction between this application and the typical policy program is that it does not contain an electronic policy.
  • Different rates are offered for middle-range policies.
  • Limited-term offerings

6. Best Insurance for Giving Back: Foresters Financial

The phrase “term life insurance” signifies an available term insurance policy. The name implies that it can be converted to permanent life insurance policies without needing medical underwriting. If you decide to swap an existing fixed-term insurance policy for a new fixed-term one with longer terms, it will reimburse any outstanding premiums to your current policy. This is a great solution to deal with the changing financial needs and additional riders for life insurance for children, assurance, accidental death benefits, and the waiver of monthly premiums and extended-term insurance.


  • Multiple terms of coverage can be found.
  • Convertible to Foresters is the suite of permanent life insurance policies and offers both participating and non-participating choices.
  • Unique community membership benefits


  • Term products cost more than comparable products from the same industry.
  • Policy information isn’t accessible on the internet.
  • The paper policy only, no digital

7. Best Insurance for Quick Issue Options: Humania

Humana’s most popular Hugo Life Insurance plan, “Humania,” aims to process your application within the shortest time possible, using minor requirements. The program is online-based and completely paper-free.

Hugo is available with several terms and up to 30 years in total. A fixed-price term policy is also offered until age 80 and an option for converting terms of up to 100 years old. In just 45 minutes, most policies are covered (more than 70% of all policies), and many are completed within 15 minutes or less.


  • Term insurance options pricing competitive
  • There is a wide range of coverage options available.
  • The ability to extend coverage throughout time
  • Quick and straightforward options for fulfillment are available.
  • E-policies or digital is one of the few Canadian life insurance providers that offer an electronic policy.
  • For those suffering from moderate to severe health issues that require or prefer to stay away from conventional medicines, non-medical solutions are readily available.
  • For people with standard physical health and good overall health, automatic approbation is granted for critical health conditions, and debt disability insurance is offered.


  • Healthier clients don’t prefer pricing; however, Hugo products are usually affordable compared to other brands.
  • Coverage is restricted up to the age of 80 in most instances. Conversion is available at 65 years old.
  • There isn’t any method to access the policy’s details on the internet.

8. Best Insurance for Flexibility: Industrial Alliance

Pick-A Term is the most distinctive characteristic of the Industrial Alliance (iA) term life insurance that comes with various options for customization. It lets customers design their insurance coverage between 10 and 40 years based on their individual needs and financial situation.

Pick-A-Term lets people join their life insurance policies to the time they have outstanding debts or be able to align it with the duration of financial support that their dependents need.


  • Highly adaptable, you can design your coverage.
  • There aren’t a lot of examples on the market for this type of choice.
  • Level and decreasing options
  • The disability riders is an option type of insurance that has to be paid out in addition to your regular insurance for your car. If used in combination with a drop-in option, it is an attractive mortgage protection policy.
  • Simple and assured services are available through Access Life.
  • Online access to your account
  • The underwriting for our company may differ from the underwriting of other insurance providers.


  • There are no digital guidelines for applicants. they’ll be provided with a paper
  • There are cheaper alternatives to traditional term insurance.

9. Best Insurance for Digital Innovation: Manulife

Manulife is Canada’s largest life insurance provider on the planet and one of the largest life insurance companies. Although size doesn’t always indicate excellence, Manulife’s dedication to leading the way in innovative insurance technology means their product is among the top in Canada.

Surfer’s life insurance is accessible across Canada through a tiny number of Canadian life insurance companies that offer the option of electronic delivery. The underwriting process at Surfer utilizes predictive analytics to allow up to two million dollars of life insurance every year without the requirement to undergo a medical underwriting.


  • Offers an entirely electronic, digital fulfillment
  • When the person insured suffers from a fatal illness and is diagnosed with a deadly disease, they might be eligible to receive a cash advance.
  • The items that are shorter-term (Term 10, Term 20) are exchangeable for solutions that last longer (Term 65)
  • An optional feature that permits you to extend the length of your plan within five years of the date of its creation. It’s offered on specific long-term life plans.


  • Also, plans for long-term use.
  • The premium price is higher than comparable life insurance products for the term of sale.

10. Best Value For Money: RBC Insurance

RBC Insurance provides a top-notch term life insurance policy that’s inexpensive and top of the line. Customers can choose various term durations and coverage amounts, which allows the flexibility to tailor their insurance according to their individual needs.


  • The cost premiums of low-cost life insurance are usually among the most competitive options in the industry.
  • This gives you the protection of as much as $25,000,000 in the event of a claim.
  • The lengths of terms and the amounts of coverage are highly adaptable.
  • A unique pick-a-term feature that lets applicants define the duration of their protection (or the number of years)
  • The ladder method could be designed in a range of ways (only cover the life insurance you need and lower your overall cost)
  • Riders: Design your riders for yourself and your loved ones
  • The life insurance policy is renewable for the length of the contract, though at a higher premium following the period.
  • Coverage under $1,000,000, by completing only 10 questions


  • RBC Insurance is the most well-liked choice for those seeking insurance in Canada and is available only to Canadian permanent residents and citizens of Canada. The products are not available to those with temporary residency status, such as those with a student or employee level in Canada.
  • You receive the paper policy regardless of your option for an electronic approach.

11. Best Insurance For Combo Coverage: SSQ

The most well-known term plan available from SSQ Life Insurance is the Term Plus product, which includes life insurance, innovative pre-existing condition protections, and flexible features that will guard against the most serious dangers. The Term Plus is a comprehensive plan that combines health insurance with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), dental coverage, and an optional catastrophic or chronic disease plan.


  • No other provider offers an Extreme Disability Benefit built-in on the marketplace.
  • The option of a plan to cover critical illnesses and monthly disability benefits provides a comprehensive financial protection program.
  • Dismemberment, accidental death, and children’s term coverage are available options.
  • Rates start at $250,000.
  • Online services, as well as account access, are both possible.


  • Only a paper-based policy was available. There are no digital policies to purchase.
  • A longer time for approval of insurance policies

12. Best Insurance For In-Person Purchase: Sun Life Financial

Sun Life’s primary products are sold only offline via face-to-face interactions with their vast advisors to financial matters and distributors.

Basic features and additional protections are generally comparable to those available, but their costs could be higher.


  • Additional benefits The policy can be customized with various riders for you and your family members.
  • Certain competing products can be upgraded to 70 or 71; however, not all.
  • You can tailor the policy to include a complete set of long-term choices (whole life and universal life, universal) and, therefore, be more costly.
  • There are various life insurance options you could think about, from medical life insurance to non-medical.
  • For anyone legally residing within Canada, Sun Life Go provides coverage of $1 million.


  • (Only four) Plans for the long-term are also available
  • You aren’t able to choose your own coverage time like other companies.
  • The price of life insurance for the long-term duration is significantly higher than similar life insurance policies for the term.
  • No digital policies, Only paper policies
  • The application has to be signed using a pen.
  • Health conditions that have been diagnosed before the time will be subject to a more thorough underwriting process.