Can You Use A Check With An Old Address?

Apr 17, 2022


In the past five years, I’ve relocated four times. Therefore, when I write a check, as unlikely as it is, my current address will not match the address in the document. Naturally, I was thinking. After a bit of study, here’s what I found out.

Is it okay to use a check that has an old address? If the check is issued with the correct routing number, you can use a statement with an older address. Account banks can use it to make money from your checking account and treat it legitimate. However, checking your checks with a current address is always advisable.

If you are looking to remain on the safer side, I suggest checking every time you change to a new address. If you’re in a bind and you need to make the check from an old address, it may be able to work.

Can You Use A Check With An Old Address

How To Order New Checks

The most convenient way to purchase new checks is to contact your bank. You can buy them online. However, when you are more relaxed, you could walk into the bank and let the teller make the checks.


The bank can update your address and everything else you require. As I have observed, the banks will deliver the checks to your door within 7-10 working days. If mailing a check to your current address leaves you feeling uncomfortable, many banks will let you send the bills directly to the bank. So, you’ll take your new checks from the bank.

Pro Tip: When attempting to purchase checks from your bank, ask them to reduce the cost of checking out with new ones. Banks that have excellent customer service might decide to offer this in exchange for your business that is long-term. However, you’ll need to inquire about it. My bank has provided this two times for me, and it’s an excellent small treat.

3 Excellent Places to Get New Checks (Other than your bank)

If I’m honest, buying checks can be an odd idea. You are paying for something that is used to pay for. In any case, they were pretty expensive. If your bank doesn’t pay for the new checks, you must be aware of several alternatives.

1. Walmart Checks


Our research revealed that ordering Checks at Walmart was the lowest cost alternative. This is logical, considering this is Walmart’s whole business model. They also offer to order checks in small amounts, which are great for those who only write one or two bills each year.

When writing this article, you can purchase one check pack (150 checks) at Walmart Checks for around $8. This is the most popular option for buying bills. You do not want to shell out the entire amount of your check. You won’t have enough money left to spend on anything else if you do. Right?

2. The Mail Receives The Mail

As we can tell, Checks In The Mail are among the major players in online check ordering. They have a good reputation on the internet, and you have many options. We strongly suggest “checking” the site when you require new checks. Bad Pun? Anyway, I enjoyed it.

As of the writing time of this post, it is possible to purchase an entire check pad (25 checks) through Checks In The Mail for about $7. They’re likely to offer a sale. However, they also have many promotions, so I suggest you wait until the weekend before a holiday if you want to purchase checks.

3. Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange is another excellent alternative to purchasing checks online. They offer a variety of statements and also provide competitive rates. They also run extensive holiday promotions. You are, therefore, likely to find a fantastic bargain on the cost of a box of checks in December if you wait until the end of December to place an order for new bills.


As of writing this article, you can purchase a cash box through Bradford Exchange for as low as $6.49 for one pack (100 Checks).

Good Alternatives To Personal Checks

If writing a check to an old address makes you anxious and you don’t have enough time to wait for new checks to arrive, There’s a solution. You can visit your bank and purchase money orders or a cashier’s check.

Sometimes, these two items are combined with “certified cash.” However, they’re an official check from your bank to assure the recipient that funds are readily available to be withdrawn.


While this type of payment will require an appointment with your bank branch, it may be preferable to purchase new checks if you only make two or three checks per year. For instance, if you move to a brand new home, the checks will typically need the first month’s rent on moving in. If that’s the sole check you write during the year, it’s foolish to pay for checks. Additionally, frequently, they’ll require approved funds to be issued, and personal checks won’t be an alternative.

Do Old Checks Expire?

To ensure security and ease of use, if the payee is waiting too long to deposit the check or withdraw it for cash, it could expire. In general, personal checks expire six months after the date it’s been issued. But, this period will vary according to the person who is paying, particularly for government checks.

This is, however, only applicable to written checks. This leads me to another query.

Are unwritten checkbooks void? If the bank account number and routing number of a check remain linked to an active checking account, Unwritten checks won’t expire. The only way it is possible for a check’s expiration is once it has been completed by the date of issue.

How To Dispose Of Old Checks

Suppose you decide to close your account with a checking institution or choose to eliminate checks with an incorrect address. In that case, you may be wondering what to do with the checks. Since checks are an extremely delicate connection to your financial well-being and financial security, it’s an unwise decision to discard them.

Do you want to save them for the remainder of your existence? Do you want to burn them? Do you soak them in Ink?

What can you do to dispose of old checks? The best way to dispose of old bills is to cut them into shreds. However, if you don’t have access to shredders, you can instead cut them into smaller pieces using scissors. To ensure your security, You should separate the checks that have been shredded into various garbage bags to dispose of the shredded bills at different times.

Now, if the thought of shredding old checks is making you feel anxious, consider taking them to your bank and asking them to dispose of your bills. Many banks will gladly take care of this and will likely have a shredder in their arsenal.

Do Checks Need An Address?

The fact is that checks don’t require an address. It’s possible to buy bills with no address. This is an efficient option for those who frequently move and don’t wish to purchase new checks each when you move. However, some individuals and merchants may require an address to be printed on your bill. In this case, you should send it directly to them.

How To Correct A Mistake On A Check

There will be a time when writing an official check you’ll make an error. It doesn’t matter if you mistype the date, write the incorrect amount, or write the review to the wrong person or organization. It is possible to rectify these errors.

All you need is to draw a line across the error, then write your correction just to the left of the error and then make sure you sign your initials beside the discipline. This will let the bank know that the mistake was not yours and that you favor the correction.