Ho to Convert Visa Gift Cards to Cash

May 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Have you received a new set of Visa gift cards celebrating the most current date of birth or holiday?

While gift cards are fun and exciting, having several cards can be a hassle if you’d rather have cash.

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There are numerous options. There is often an option to change Visa gift cards into cash or trade them in for something you’d prefer.

The complete guide we provide covers a variety of choices; you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Converting Visa gift cards into cash

While it is possible to change Visa gift cards into cash in certain situations, other options provide an alternate method of gaining access to your balance on your gift card.

How do you make money from the Visa gift card?

There are 12 different ways to sell Visa gift cards. You can choose which one is most suitable for your requirements.

Use your PayPal Wallet

One of the easiest methods for converting Visa gift cards into cash using PayPal.

Although many of us use Paypal to make secure online purchases, PayPal also allows users to add a prepaid credit card to their PayPal wallets. This can include a Visa gift card.

After you have added the Visa donation to your PayPal wallet, you will be able to use the funds to buy the items you desire from any store that accepts PayPal transactions.

You can also transfer the funds to your debit card linked to you or even assign money to your family members or pay for the services of someone else.

I’ve utilized the balance on my PayPal balance to purchase the Air B&B through the Paying for services or goods option.

How do I get cash from a Visa gift card via PayPal?

To link the Visa gift card in your PayPal Wallet, Follow these steps (on your desktop);

  • Log into your PayPal account
  • Choose”Wallet” from the “Wallet” tab from the menu bar.
  • Choose the “Link an account” option
  • Enter your gift card information
  • Click “Link Card”

The same steps apply to mobile phones. Choose from the Wallet option from the hamburger dropdown menu.

Although Visa gift cards are used without issue in a physical store, you must register the card to avoid problems when adding it to an online account.

Registration of the gift card can be simple as calling the customer service phone number listed on the back of your Visa gift card.

Use your Venmo

With more than 50 million customers by 2020, Venmo is top on the list of options for Millennials.

With little or no cost fees (depending on the nature of the purchase), Venmo also allows users to convert Visa gift cards into cash.

Add your credit-debit card into Your Venmo account and then transfer the money into your account at a bank.

The money will reach your bank within one and three days, and there’s no charge for this type of transaction.

To enable the transfer of the Visa gift card into your Venmo account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Venmo application on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the Menu Bar and choose ” Settings.”
  3. Select “Payment Methods”
  4. Tap on ” Add a Bank or Card”
  5. Enter your card’s details and select “add the card into your existing credit card.”
  6. Pay your bills using the help of your Visa Gift Card

Payments for bills made with credit card Visa gift card will technically be able to work with service providers who accept Visa credit cards.

After reviewing various forums, some users had issues trying to make payments using a credit card.

The most effective method is to reach out directly to Customer Service to inquire if they can help make the payment.

A consumer contacted AT&T through their forum for community members; AT&T assured that using the Visa gift card to pay for their bill is not an issue.

Suppose you’re interested in buying gas using the gift card you received. In that case, you need to remember that gas stations put an authorization hold on credit cards, similar to any Visa gift card.

A pre-authorization can create a problem when the balance of your gift card isn’t enough to cover its cost in addition to the gasoline.

Take a trip to the store and tell the cashier that you wish to use a Visa gift card to avoid this problem. Also, let them know the amount of gas you’d like to buy.

Purchase a money order using your Visa gift card.

Specific locations such as Western Union and Walmart allow customers to buy money orders using their Visa gift cards.

Since money orders are treated the same way as checks, you may later transfer money orders into your checking or savings account.

You must endorse the reverse of the money order and present a valid ID in the event of depositing through a teller.

Certain banks and Credit Unions such as Chase, Citibank, TD Bank, and Alliant Credit Union even allow the deposit of money orders on mobile devices via their mobile applications.

You can sell the value of your Visa gift cards using an application.

The majority of people use websites to take their gift cards off. Raise is still a favorite choice to purchase gift cards at up to 85 percent of their worth.

But, as of the date of writing, for the purchase of Visa gift cards, Raise has partnered with Prepaid2Cash.

However, don’t worry; you’ll still be able to liquidate Visa gift cards using the Prepaid2Cash application, accessible for Android and iOS clients.

It is possible to make more profit using Prepaid2Cash because they will pay 92 percent of your balance, compared to Raise’s 85 percent.

Convert Visa gift card into cash on a site

Convert Visa gift cards by using either the CardCash website or the application.

The Raise platform displays your gift cards on sale on their website; CardCash will buy them directly from your account.

The most crucial distinction is that you won’t need to wait for someone else to buy your gift card. This means that you will receive cash more quickly.

Card Cash will reimburse as much as 92% of the amount of the card.

Sell your Visa gift card to other people.

You could always try selling the Visa gift card to another person.

It is my first step to ask my close family or friends if they’ve any planned purchases.

They may be willing to buy my credit card, but I typically get the absolute value of the card.

If you have to search elsewhere, there are a few options: Facebook Marketplace, Local Facebook groups that are local to you, Kijiji, Varagsale, and Craigslist.

When you offer gift cards to strangers, it is best to be prepared to get less than the card’s value.

There should be a reason for them to take the risk of buying the Visa gift card directly from you rather than buying one from a retailer.

In addition, purchasing from someone else is difficult for them. There are also the added risks of buying an unopened Visa gift card directly from the merchant.

However, there always is a market for people who want to purchase, sell or exchange gift cards.

Use them as gifts

Whether they were gifted or earned Visa gift cards by using an app such as Swagbucks, you can still give your gift cards to people.

It is easy to give them to colleagues, friends, or family members with an upcoming birthday or special occasion.

Why not transfer the gift certificate to someone else who would appreciate it.

If I am aware of an upcoming purchase of a gift, I save the Visa gift cards that I have in my wallet to help with the purchase.

It also helps me avoid my trip to the supermarket.

You can sell your card at a GiftCardBin partner place.

GiftCardBin concentrates on buying gifts that are not needed and has over 600 partner stores across the US.

You can visit their site and type in your state, city, or zip code to locate the nearest location.

The payouts for them range from 60 to 70%, depending on the amount of your card, the merchant, and other elements.

Resell and buy products using cards from your Visa gift card

A trendy side business is reselling products for profit.

Although you might not be looking for a part-time side job, You can try this technique for a brief duration.

My husband and I like to sell items for profit in our house. It’s an excellent method to earn extra cash.

While he is focused on gaming equipment and video gaming, I am confined to wedding veils and accessories.

Suppose you’re not interested in purchasing items from abroad. In that case, you can simplify things by looking at the sale sections on the internet and in stores for Walmart and Target and your nearest thrift shop.

Before buying anything, conduct an eBay search to determine that, in general, you are paying the cost of the item.

Ensure you include the transaction cost, as shipping charges can be passed along to buyers.