10 Great Reddit Personal Finance Communities To Join

Apr 8, 2022


The world is more diverse on Reddit private finance than just r/wallstreetbets. Follow me as I present the top 10 Reddit private finance groups where you will find rational, healthy discussions on saving, investing, and other topics.

great reddit personal finance communities

Top 10 Reddit Personal Finance Communities

1. r/personalfinance: 

With more than 14 million members, r/personalfinance is among Reddit’s most significant personal finance communities. Most threads fall into one of the following categories:

  • auto
  • planning
  • employment
  • housing
  • credit
  • debt
  • investing
  • retirement
  • budgeting
  • insurance
  • taxes
  • saving

Also, you’ll find discussions about all personal finance subjects you can think of on the subreddit r/personalfinance. Moderators of the subreddit maintain an extensive website that provides valuable tips for all age groups.

The consensus is that the r/personalfinance forum is fiscally prudent. You won’t see anyone discussing day trading meme stocks or holding Bitcoin.


Excellent r/personalfinance threads for you to begin with

  • If you’ve been scammed by a bank, online firm, or insurance company, you can get the money you paid back. (Read)
  • I created a spreadsheet for those who aren’t sure what to do with their budget. (Read)
  • Do not discuss your salary expectations during the meeting. (Read)
  • It would cost your employer more to offer you an increase. (Read)
  • It would not be a deal if you did not intend to purchase the item in the first instance. (Read)

2. r/investing

The members of r/investing mainly discuss market trends in the stock market and seek advice on portfolio management. Moderators provide books and other sources for investors at different levels of expertise.

Regarding the risk tolerance of r/investing, it’s pretty balanced compared to other Reddit financial communities. However, discussions on dangerous strategies such as leveraged trading do not work on this subreddit. However, you’ll hear arguments on picking specific stocks. It’s rare to see this kind of discussion on r/personalfinance.

Great investment threads for r/investing to begin with

  • If you bought $399 worth of Apple stock instead of the first iPod stock could be worth $62,000. (Read)
  • The emotional involvement of a person has never been this intense. It is essential to understand the risks that are involved. (Read)
  • Suppose you’re looking to learn how to trade, not listen to the people who have all of their gains in the last year. They aren’t aware of the subject matter they’re discussing. (Read)
  • I’m no longer selecting stocks. I am now using ETFs. (Read)
  • An account of the Dot Com bubble, ways to make money exit strategies, and capital vs. money. (Read)

3. r/FinancialPlanning

If you’re searching for a Reddit financial community for personal finances made up of people who enjoy planning, visit the r/FinancialPlanning subreddit. The 249,000 members on this subreddit aid each other in thinking through the critical financial decisions related to retirement, homeownership, and much more. Members also frequently share their successes from good financial planning.


Since financial planning is an individual issue and subject to a wide range of opinions, you’ll see a variety of perspectives and methods in r/FinancialPlanning.

Excellent r/FinancialPlanning threads for you to begin with

  • A simple reminder of its importance. (Read)
  • Capital gains Explained. (Read)
  • Why do such a large number of Americans live beyond their budgets? (Read)
  • Thanks to everyone who is encouraging saving to have an emergency savings account. (Read)
  • A short story on “pay yourself first.” (Read)

4. r/StockMarket

The subreddit r/StockMarket also has a theme of investing. The site’s 1.8 million members concentrate on market analysis comments, memes, and commentary.

The typical member of r/StockMarket is a reckless investor. Posts that discuss more conservative investing strategies are not very popular in the subreddit.

Fantastic threads for r/StockMarket to begin with

  • Stock market trading is straightforward. (Read)
  • I looked at 9,000+ trades performed by U.S. Senators during the past two years and then benchmarked them against the S&P 500. (Read)
  • It is a long-term investment. (Read)
  • How can you spot bad stocks? (Read)
  • How do you read a candlestick? (Read)

5. r/financialindependence

r/financialindependence is a subreddit with 969,000 members interested in achieving financial independence. Topics vary from personal stories about financial success to concerns about how you can be financially independent.

Members come from a variety of financial backgrounds and philosophical philosophies. Part of what makes r/financialindependence interesting is seeing how everyone handles their unique circumstances while working towards financial independence.


Great r/financialindependence threads to start with

  • What can you do when you make more than six-figure sums? (Read)
  • If you earn a good income, it’s all about lifestyle changes. (Read)
  • Officially retired at the age of 27 (Read)
  • I’m the lady who wanted to leave my finance job to join Starbucks (Read)
  • Rich is having a passive income higher than what you’ve burnt. (Read)

6. r/Fire

R/Fire is a subreddit specifically for retirement early and financial independence (FI/RE) campaigns. If you’re not familiar, the FI/RE movement argues for investing aggressively to ensure that you can retire early (many supporters are in their 30s). ).

The topics in r/Fire range from personal stories of triumph to discussions on attaining FI/RE in various circumstances.

Excellent r/Fire threads to start

  • Don’t be discouraged by the young people who appear to be doing better than you. (Read)
  • Tenants caused my FIRE adventure to be ruined. Warning! (Read)
  • Former addict turned the tables. I just crossed the first time I’ve made $100k (Read)
  • What I did to go from making $24k per year to $225k within six years (Read)
  • You’ll get bored. (Read)

7. r/careerguidance

R/careerguidance is a subreddit that has 410,000 members who are trying to maximize their careers. Posts cover everything from managing relationships at work to ensuring that you’re getting paid fairly.


Excellent r/careerguidance threads to begin with

  • Can we all agree to make gaps in resume standard normal? (Read)
  • Does anyone else experience anxiety in the face of LinkedIn? (Read)
  • Am I naive to think I desire more balance between work and family instead of slogging my way to success? (Read)
  • Do you feel inadequate within the first six months at a brand start-up? (Read)
  • Pay rises of 120% or a new career? (Read

8. r/ynab

The subreddit r/ynab has been devoted to the well-known budgeting tool. It’s called You Need a Budget (YNAB). It’s more than just a place for promoting the device, however. R/Ynab’s members are engaged in general budgeting discussions that you’ll be able to use regardless of how you manage your financial affairs.

Excellent threads on r/ynab to begin with

  • I crossed $1 million net worth this morning. (Read)
  • After nine years, I’m now a YNAB millionaire. (Read)
  • After ten years of carrying over credit card debt, I paid off my last debt. (Read)
  • Have you observed YNAB as compared to Dave Ramsey? (Read)
  • I said “no” to my children. (Read)

9. r/RealEstate

If you’re thinking of buying real property (either to live in as an investment or as a primary dwelling for investment reasons), Join the r/RealEstate\ subreddit. It’s a subreddit where people discuss everything about purchasing and selling a property.

The majority of topics fall under the following categories:

  • buying a house
  • selling a house
  • house hacking
  • becoming a real estate agent
  • mortgages

Fantastic threads for r/RealEstate to begin with

  • Epiphany in an insane marketplace (Read)
  • How we found our dream house in this particular market (Read)
  • The housing market is crazy and not sustainable. (Read)
  • An exercise to prevent setting yourself up to be a failure when you are an aspiring buyer in a market that is competitive (Read)
  • We were able to dodge the bullet. Always take all examinations. (Read)

10. r/CryptoCurrency

The last Reddit personal finance group I recommend you check out is the r/CryptoCurrency community. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken the world of finance in the previous several years. The r/Crypto Currency forum is excellent to learn more about this technology and investors investing with enthusiasm.

The threads on r/CryptoCurrency vary from cautionary tales about failed projects to heated arguments over whether cryptocurrency is a financial future.

Fantastic r/CryptoCurrency threads for you to begin with

  • There’s a story about a child that put 500 into meme coins and earned $100k, but I don’t know about the hundreds of people who have put in $1,000 and get $0.10. (Read)
  • What are the best ways to earn crypto every day? (Read)
  • I’ve retired because of the crypto. (Read)
  • There is a good chance that cryptocurrency will never be adopted by most people. (Read)
  • The coin isn’t pumping because it’s a fantastic idea. It’s pumping because it’s in the midst of a bull market. (Read)

Strategies For Navigating The Maze of Reddit Personal Finance

After posting several great subreddits on personal finance, Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your time perusing these sites.

1. Find views from both sides of any debate.

Each subreddit is biased in the same way. If you’re not vigilant, you could be tempted to accept the central doctrine of the subreddit that you’re spending the most time on. Beware of this by looking for various opinions.

A simple method to identify dissenting opinions is to search for threads and comments with a very low (or perhaps negative) upvote count.

2. Be aware that Reddit isn’t a replacement for genuine financial advice.

However clever someone may appear on Reddit, Don’t solely rely on their opinions in making crucial financial decisions. You must always consult with an accredited professional to ensure that their advice is right for you.

Remember this when you are more proficient in managing your finances. A good piece of advice from an external observer is valuable.

3. Be familiar with every new subreddit before you ask questions.

One of the most common dislikes that users can find on Reddit is that new users fail to conduct essential due diligence before launching threads. These can be avoided and increase the likelihood of engaging in meaningful conversations by knowing the subreddit’s subject and the type of questions that have been asked before submitting.

4. Don’t get into the tussles.

Engaging in an online debate is a common mistake. These are particularly relevant to money. Everyone feels strongly about money since it’s an intimate subject. So, you’ll never persuade yourself to look at things the way you want them to. If something makes you feel uncomfortable on Reddit, remove it from the site and go on with your life.


I hope this article has provided you with a few ideas for Reddit financial communities for personal use that are worth looking at. To find more personal finance-related content take a look at my other posts here.