How To Build & Start A Shopify Pets Store?

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Pet owners understand how essential their pets are to them. This is why they don’t begrudge buying the top products for their adorable pets.

While the business of pets isn’t as stable as every other business, the conviction of feeding their pets can be a great starting point for establishing a pet shop. It’s hard to miss this opportunity if you’re equally fond of pets and related products. It is likely the benefits of having pets. Having a dog can benefit people emotionally as well as physically. The fuzzy balls can reduce stress, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and make you more active. Therefore, more and more people are adding another pet to their home and looking for new, high-quality pet products.

How To Build & Start A Shopify Pets Store

But, opening a Shopify pet store requires more than the chance. Each successful Shopify store began with a flurry of questions regarding what items to offer, where to locate customers and the best manufacturers to source from. What will set your shop apart is a solid plan and the determination to address the challenges.

If you take the right strategy and understand the pet industry, it’s much easier to start or build the process of creating a Shopify pet-related store. It’s not an easy task, but here is a guide to assist. I will discuss topics such as starting an online pet store using Shopify and business ideas and some excellent examples from the internet.

What is a Shopify pet store?

In 2018, overall pet products sales amounted to 44% billion across Europe, while that of the US pet industry was $72 billion in the year 2019. With increasing numbers of owners of various kinds of pets at home, there’s no reason to be surprised that the animal business also grew in the number of businesses.

With eCommerce changing, it’s much easier than ever to sell products online. A pet store online offers a variety of pet-related items, including food, clothing, toys, pets themselves. Some stores offer pet grooming services, such as spas, health checks, etc.

However, Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform with more than one million customers worldwide. Every seller can create an online store on the Shopify platform starting at 29 dollars per month. With Shopify, the store’s owners can quickly build a storefront using beautiful themes and generous storage, customer service, and management of products. Shopify customers also have access to an extensive app store that includes additional tools for accounting, marketing sales, productivity, and more.

A Shopify pet shop is an internet-based shop built on Shopify that focuses on offering products related to pets. I’ve seen a variety of businesses that have delved into niches and achieved great success. Let’s look at the common kinds in the pet store.

Different type of Stores for pets

Since pet owners take great care to care for their pets, your shop can meet the needs of all of their furry friends, such as grooming, food, and even fashion. You will indeed be amazed at how pet owners ensure that their pets receive everything they require and above.

The different types of pet stores include:

Pet food store

One of the basic requirements of pets is food. You should start with the food category. It is most likely the most significant income-generating niche, as all pet owners require this. They want to ensure that their pets get the proper nutrients and protein intake, and so several brands have developed fantastic packaged foods for various kinds of animals. Therefore, you can sell pet food from any brand to make money or concentrate on a particular type of pet.

There are foods such as dry kibbles, wet food, puppies food, diets for prescription bakery, milk replacements, and much more for dogs. You can also provide food for birds, cats, fishes, hamsters, monkeys, squirrels, reptiles, guinea pigs, and even weird animals like tigers or lions.

Pet living style store

The next chance for online stores is to offer pet-friendly living and other necessities for the most comfortable living space. The dog might require an enclosure and a leash; However, now it is possible to provide beds, towels, toys, beds, and more. There are a lot of things you can offer for sale.

Here’s a list of things you can sell in a pet-living type store

  • Beds
  • Towels
  • Blankets and sheets
  • Travel crates
  • Toys
  • Chairs and sofas
  • Collars
  • Muzzles
  • Leashes
  • Litter boxes

Pet fashion store

Pets can explore fashion trends, too. And pet owners are proud of their pets when they see how gorgeous their pets look. There are a variety of fashion and clothing items you can offer for your pet, including:

  • Clothes
  • Hats
  • Clothing warm
  • Shoes
  • Backpack
  • Costumes (think of Halloween)
  • container backpack (for transporting one of the owners)

Pet grooming/spa store

It is when pet owners are more attentive to their pets as if they were real children. When you have an online store for your pet, you will be able to sell a variety of grooming items with massive margins. There are a variety of products to select from, including:

  • Bath and shower accessories
  • Conditioners, shampoos, and soaps
  • Deodorizers
  • Brushes
  • Hair removal and rollers
  • Combs
  • Dematting tools
  • Wipes
  • Nail cutters
  • Washing devices
  • Moisturizers
  • Skincare liquids

And pretty much everything that makes a pet look beautiful. Selling products for grooming and spa is a good idea.

Pet health store

The next major market is the sale of health-related pet products. Pets nowadays are subject to numerous dangers from their environment and their genetic ailments. Owners are cautious about their pets, so their health is a top concern. Here are some items for your health that your store could sell.

  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Dental care products
  • Flea, Lice, Tick control products
  • Health powders
  • Nail care products
  • Spray
  • Vet tables
  • Massage oils
  • Ear cleaning kits
  • Minerals

As you can see, there are various options to consider selling pet products, with hundreds of companies with millions of items already bought. You can choose any area or even more to launch the process of creating your very own Shopify shop for pets. This could be determined by your resources and preferred breeds of pets, as well as the interests of your pet. It can be difficult, so let’s look at how you can build an online store in the following section.

How do you build/launch the creation of a Shopify pet store?

The process of running an eCommerce store is both exciting and scary simultaneously. However, if you begin with the proper preparation, it isn’t anything to worry about. When creating or launching an online Shopify pet store, there are many elements to consider. Here is the best way to begin:

1. Deciding on your business model

The business model you choose may seem like a lot of work to determine initially; however, having the right approach from the beginning can make a difference in the end. It is possible to consult an expert for guidance on your business’s models from the possibilities of:

  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Corporation
  • LLC

The majority of businesses that use Shopify are Sole proprietors or partnerships; however, the platform can offer features to larger corporations. If your company’s model is an LLC or Corporation, you would likely be required tax obligations. However, as sole owner, the personal assets you own can be confiscated if you cannot meet your obligations.

If you’re an entrepreneur of medium or small size, it is not necessary to fret about a lot initially. All you need is a strong business plan to begin, and it comes with a lot of value if you require financial help. The business plan should outline your company’s goals and explain how it will be promoted as well as ideas for promotion and advertising and the market for selling products.

The plan will include the potential competition as well as prospective customers. It will also have the number of employees you’d like to recruit and the financial requirements required to begin. It’s only a paper document for now, and we’ll dig more profound during the following step.

2. Choose your pet product types.

Pet stores online are known for their wide selection of products, which means you don’t need to categorize your business into a specific segment at this point. Based on the categories of pet stores listed above, it is possible to determine what products to offer. Review your business plan and other resources and personal interests to help you decide.

When choosing the products you will offer, it is essential to consider your market’s needs and study competitors to determine what items they’re currently selling successfully.

3 Find product suppliers

If you’ve selected the item you want to purchase, The following step will be to identify the vendors of your Shopify pet store. There are three methods of finding suppliers for your pet store:

  • Online marketplaces: Huge online marketplaces such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba offer a variety of suppliers from all over the globe. Some may be local and efficient, but sure are located overseas, with more affordable rates. Based on your budget, You can reach out to suppliers to negotiate an arrangement. Be aware when working overseas as not all suppliers are reliable.
  • Directories: Directories on the internet like Pet Food Industry and Salehoo can provide fantastic suppliers. Through these directories, you can locate the most reliable suppliers near your location and at the cost of signing up.
  • Dropshipping: Many new eCommerce shops find this to be an effective and cost-effective method to begin, particularly for those with low budgets. Dropshipping is convenient for both buyers and sellers. Dropshipping allows your items are delivered directly to customers through third-party vendors.

Naturally, you can make your pet products in your home and then sell them to customers, but be sure to follow all requirements.

4. Create a brand name for your business.

It’s challenging to think of an appealing and unique company name appealing to potential customers. There are plenty of Shopify names for businesses you can utilize, with a lot of them being cost-free. You should think of several options since you’ll need to research and find out whether the name is used. Remember to register your company name both offline and online.

5. Start your Shopify pets store.

Starting your Shopify store is the final stage of building/starting an online Shopify pet store. The essential points to bear in mind are:

a. Claim your domain name

There is no right and wrong way to select your company’s name, and the same goes for your domain’s name. It could be anything, but you’ll want your name to be remembered in the future customer’s mind. If you sign up with Shopify, You can purchase the domain name before or after establishing an online business.

A brand that is already in existence, such as Pet Playgroundz, has definitely received certain benefits from having a proper domain name. A name that represents your area of expertise will allow customers to remember your company’s name quickly.

b. Create the categories for stores

Based on your type of business and offerings, how you organize your product categories will allow customers to shop with greater ease. Many pet stores sell items for different kinds of animals. Therefore the term “animals” is logically the primary category. It is easy to design your categories using Shopify’s store editor and then include products in each sub-category.

c. Develop a marketing strategy for your pet’s pet business

Marketing may seem like a completely different world for some, but it’s an integral part of the marketing strategy of an online pet store. It is essential to be aware of when you are making a marketing strategy:

  • Competitors: Knowing your competitors can be beneficial when deciding on the right marketing strategy. If you look at how they market their products and stores, you can figure out how to attain more significant results in a short period. Fundamental analysis of competitors’ keywords can help you determine the most relevant keywords to your store’s online and designs strategies to optimize your store for SEO or Paid Marketing.
  • Blogging Blogs are a fantastic method of driving visitors to your pets shop and delivering excellent results for niche markets. Pet owners love to learn how to care for their pets, and it’s a great idea to produce content that is relevant and draws new customers. Content that is relevant on different platforms can also help promote your store’s products. In addition, linking is essential to ensure your website’s ranking on search results, such as Google.
  • SEO and paid ads SEO and paid advertising is the most effective method to get better organic results from search. This helps you establish an advantage. You will get more visitors from organic sources and boost sales. Numerous Free Shopify SEO tools and apps can help you achieve these outcomes quicker. Optimizing your category and product pages can give you more exposure, but it may take some time. Additionally, you can use paid advertisements to increase visibility for your business. It’s easier and faster to get traffic flowing quickly; however, it can be pretty expensive.

The best strategy for marketing for your business requires you to experiment with new techniques, test them and then adapt them to your needs. The process of marketing is a continuous, constantly changing process. What is effective today might not be the same tomorrow. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to be aware of changes and revise your strategy every once in a few months.

d. Launch and design an attractive pet store

With Shopify, you can quickly choose a pre-made theme and create a professional design for your store for pets. You can choose from 73 themes available in Shopify’s Shopify Themes Store, many of which are customizable, making more than 100 themes to choose from. If you’re uncertain about what you should do, you can hire a professional to design your online store. Pick someone with years of experience creating the Shopify store.

Learn more about How to Select Themes for Shopify that Sell?

Your website must be simple to navigate and comprehend. It should also have interactive and visual elements and also throughout the information. Customer testimonials are an effective tool for promotion. Your online store also serves as the portal for your Facebook and Twitter accounts and newsletter and contact details.

If you are satisfied with the outcome, you can launch your Shopify pet store. After that, implement the marketing strategy to begin promoting your brand’s image to your target customers. Confirm that you’ve set up the basic principles of ordering processing, like online payment options and shipping methods and automatic confirmation email messages.

Ideas for pet stores on Shopify

Shopify’s pet stores are available in all shapes and sizes, some cater to dog and cat owners, and others focus on specific pets such as arthropods. The trick is to identify an excellent market to sustain a steady customer base and differentiate your business. Here are a few Shopify pet store ideas I would recommend:

Homemade pet treats to store.

If you enjoy making pet food and treats, making a homemade pet treats store is an excellent opportunity to perfect your craft. As pet owners become more conscious of their health, there are plenty of chances to provide healthier food for those who want choices.

You can offer treats that have particular dietary restrictions. You can also sell functional food products, for example, bones that can be used to brush dogs’ teeth. Kibble can be sold with dry food, soft and chewy treats, and numerous others. Since these products are consumed, it’s crucial to study the ingredients and vouch for the product’s safety.

Niche pet apparel store

If you’re willing to take on the challenge of designing the most stylish products for your pets, then pet clothing is a fun industry to explore. Pet clothes have become more fashionable over time, with plenty of clothing, shirts, and accessories specifically made for different kinds of animals.

It is also a great place to discover new niches. You’ll find that some people are very particular about their pet’s style preference compared to their own. There are numerous areas for experimentation and creativity. You can also consider dropshipping to see if it works and identify the best products. Perhaps you can create a Shopify pet store that offers tuxedos and lizards’ costumes. Who knows!?

Sitting and walking for a pets service store.

If you’re considering creating the idea of a Shopify pet store, there’s an excellent chance that you are a fan of pets. You love walking with your dog around to meet new people or exercise to earn a little extra money. Services-based businesses such as spas and pet sitting have seen excellent results in just the last few years.

This type of shop is perfect for social entrepreneurs who constantly seek to build greater customer relationships. By maintaining positive customer relations, You can establish trust and gain many loyal customers who desire you to take reasonable care of their pets. A drawback is that you can only serve this in one location until you have more money to build further branches.

The best Shopify pet store examples

The Shopify store owners aren’t adept at identifying new markets and monetizing these. A unique pet store with unique selling points can provide more personality than any retail store, placing it in a position to draw new customers. In this regard, this list of top Shopify pets store examples can be a source of inspiration:

TeddyBob Pet Supplies

TeddyBob is a Canadian retailer which offers all sorts of necessities for cat and dog owners. The customers will discover their categories straightforwardly to navigate even though they offer everything from heating pads to litter bins. Although they have a wide selection, they do an excellent job narrowing down their area of focus and removing the confusion.

This is due to the modern and elegant style offered by Shopify. The store uses the custom Boost theme available in The Shopify Themes Store at the cost of $180. In addition to the color variations, TeddyBob tends to have only a handful of options for each category. This is because customers are less likely to spend time looking around and make their choice faster, leading to greater sales.

Barking Babies

Vancouver-based Shopify pet shop Barking Babies provides services on spa boutiques, kennel and puppy training, and spa facilities. The offerings included nearly everything you could imagine, emphasizing dogs’ health and the social aspect.

Another thing one can take away about Barking Babies’ brand’s commitment to community and friendship. This is especially beneficial to build brand loyalty and encourage returning customers. A large portion of the website’s content is focused on the importance of dog-friendly socialization that is directly relevant to pet owners. They want the best life for their furry friends, so Barking Babies looks like the best place to join.

The Dog Bakery

California-based Shopify pet store located in California. The Dog Bakery sells cookies, biscuits, chewy food, chewy treats, and cakes custom-designed for all types of pets. Pet owners appreciate showing their gratitude to their furry friends and so giving them personalized cakes and unique events are not something that should be a surprise.

The Dog Bakery’s brand is simple and effective. With an easy-to-remember name, the shop will be remembered in the mind of consumers when they are looking for an establishment to pamper their beloved dogs and girls. Customers can also purchase collars, leashes, and other toys at the store in addition to cookies and cakes. The store also has a custom theme which is not offered in the theme store, making it stand out.

Final tips

Here are a few more ways to create a successful Shopify pet store:

  • Begin locally Participating in local communities is an excellent method to build relationships with prospective clients and get to know the pet owners more. The importance of trust is vital in this field, which is why it is essential to have a social network.
  • Learn about SEO and blogging, and email. The potential for massive and sustained traffic is high when you use blogs and SEO. A well-written article can lead visitors for months or even several years later. Emails are an effective way to build friendships with dog owners, and an app such as AVADA Email Marketing can assist you in automatizing the process.
  • Participate in pet-related gatherings and conventions: Interacting with experts in the pet business can help you improve your capabilities and make connections. This is especially beneficial for those who sell in an area of specialization.

This is it! Pet owners are always looking for valuable services to make their pets safer and more comfortable. Do not be afraid to open your own Shopify pet store right now by following the tips that follow! With the tools you have, you can start an enduring and successful pet-related business. Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to post your pet store suggestions in the comments section.