How To Make Money Online As A Computer Science Student

Mar 5, 2022


If you are studying computer science, you may be wondering how to make money online as a computer science student. Life can be challenging as a student, and you may need extra money to see you through your studies. It is time for you to take action and start to earn the additional income that you deserve. I will discuss six ways to make money online as a computer science student in this post. After reading, you should decide which is the best method for you and go for it.

computer science students

Become a Freelance WordPress Expert

 Millions of businesses and individuals use WordPress to create their websites and add content.

Although WordPress is a very reliable platform, people can still have problems with it. Some issues can render their website unavailable, which they want to avoid at all costs. So when you enter the picture as the hero, this will save the day.

You can also create helpful WordPress plugins to enhance site appeal and performance and sell them for a reasonable price if you know PHP code.


Become a user experience tester.

Every business hopes their website gives excellent information, hits their goals, and—oh yeah—makes money. But if something isn’t working, the company needs to know why, and many of them call on user experience testers to give feedback.

Are you good at knowing if a website is user-friendly just by spending a few minutes scanning the webpage? Companies like UserTesting or TryMyUI will pay you for your feedback. Most of them boast that you’ll get $10 for each 20-minute test you complete!


If you’re online a lot and enjoy writing, consider blogging. It might take some real work to get it started, but if you can find a unique niche, you can make money from it through Google Adsense and AmazonAssociate’s affiliate program.


You can also get potential advertisers through affiliate program aggregators like Advertisers who will pay to put ads on your site or give you free stuff to review may begin to come on board when your blog becomes popular.


If you have a skill you know other students or residents may need or may be interested in, advertise for a small workshop or one-day seminar at an affordable price.

There are so many topics you can teach about. It could be writing, cooking, acting, web design, knitting, weight training, car repair, etc. If it goes well, word-of-mouth advertising may boost your attendance and profits in no time.

Type for Cash

Gone are the days of rooms full of typists tip-tapping away. There’s no longer a need for such services because most people are half-decent typists themselves. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a need for experiences and better than decent typists. Thanks to the internet, it’s now a job you can do anywhere. You don’t need lots of equipment, and the only requirement is that you complete assignments on time. Another benefit is that you can start making money instantly, whenever you’ve free time, or make it into a full-time career. A range of typing jobs is available. It might be lectures, dictation, phone messages, conference calls, workshops, podcasts, interviews, webinars, or videos. Fast typing speeds are a requirement and accuracy and stenography equipment.

Become a Freelance Programmer

There will always be businesses and organizations looking for talented freelancers that can provide their coding expertise to complete a project for them. Most companies do not want to hire a full-time programmer, so they look for freelancers to solve their problems.


You can create a profile on and and submit proposals for coding projects. To be successful with these websites, you need to have good reviews of your services. You need to price your proposals reasonably low when you are just starting to get your first couple of projects and reviews.