How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Mar 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Shopping online has seen an enormous increase in sales over the last year, with the help of social media channels such as Facebook.

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell items from your online store or looking to clear out things at home. Knowing how to sell your products on Facebook Marketplace can be an excellent way to sell your products and earn some extra money.

What’s the deal with selling in the Facebook Marketplace, and how can you start? We’ll explore that in the following article.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that connects sellers to potential buyers in their region. On Facebook Marketplace, you can buy, sell, or trade goods with other local community members. You can also offer worldwide shipping for items within specific categories if you’re a US-based retailer. Shipping products allow sellers to reach out to customers across the country and not only in their area.

Facebook Marketplace sets itself apart by providing ratings and public profiles for sellers and buyers. Buyers can apply filters to the location, category, and cost to find sellers according to the products they’re interested in. The ratings can help both parties feel more confident regarding their transactions.

Contrary to other marketplaces, Facebook allows local sellers to sell without charges. Sellers who sell nationwide have to pay 5% of the total value of transactions that Facebook considers bartering costs.

The advantages of selling your products or services through the Facebook Marketplace

There are a lot of reasons to get on Facebook Marketplace.

The most notable benefit is that you’ll be able to get more customers in touch with you faster. According to the Q1 report of Facebook, Facebook Marketplace has more than one billion users and close to three billion people across the entire site.

With this vast reach, you could have your product or service noticed by ]’\many people. The kind of traffic you can get could take months to create for your site and social channels by themselves.

Because Facebook is an established platform, customers’ trust will be extended to you. You’ll be more confident in purchasing a product knowing Facebook supports it. Additionally, because the sales procedure is easy, there’s a greater chance that people will buy the item right away.

Categories on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has various categories. This means that vendors of every kind can sell their goods.

The principal areas of Facebook Marketplace comprise:

  • Vehicles
  • Accessories and clothing
  • Electronics
  • Hobbies
  • Family
  • Classifieds
  • Home & garden
  • Entertainment
  • Housing
  • Jobs
  • Free stuff
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys & games
  • Pet supplies

If you’re a boutique proprietor, a distributor of toys, or a real estate agent, you can find a category in the Facebook Marketplace.

Create your name known within a specific area. Offer detailed descriptions of your products, upload high-quality images of your products, and address customers’ queries about the quality of your merchandise. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to become a reputable seller and establish a good reputation on the Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace rules

Your listings should be compliant with the Facebook Marketplace regulations.

According to Facebook’s commerce policies:

  • It is never advisable to make a list of restricted products (such as vouchers and adult-oriented items such as events, animals, and electronic media)
  • Your listing should not violate the intellectual property rights of a third-party
  • Your product must be an actual product (not an idea, meme news, service, or)

In the pandemic, Facebook also offered additional tips regarding safe selling. If you are a seller on Facebook Marketplace, it is required to send items to customers within three days after selling. This involves following the local health and safety rules, cleaning the products before making them available for sale, and arranging the products that will be delivered.

How do I sell on the Facebook Marketplace?

Making sales through Facebook Marketplace is easy. Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Log in to your business or personal Facebook Account (or create an account from scratch).
  2. Find Look for Facebook Marketplace icon, which appears to be an open-air storefront. On desktop, it’s on the top right of your display. On mobile devices, it’s at the lower right.
  3. Select “+ Create new listing” or click the Sell button, based on whether you’re on either mobile or desktop.
  4. Select your listing types such as Vehicle, Items, home, job, or vehicle.
  5. Please fill in the details on your listing. Here are some tips:
  6. Include at least ten photos of the product. Please make sure they are clear, not blurry, and with adequate illumination and the ability to view the smallest detail.
  7. Name the item. Make clear, so buyers know what you’re selling upon the name.
  8. Give a thorough description of the product. Provide measurements, the materials used, and any other information you’re considering when purchasing something. If you notice damage or wear, take note of it. Do not try to cover up any imperfections; otherwise, you’ll be in difficulties later.
  9. You might want to consider promoting your page using Facebook Ads. It’s necessary to pay for standard expenses for advertising.
  10. Verify your location and scheduled delivery if you’d like.
  11. Select the best place to promote your listing, such as publically through the Marketplace or within specific groups.
  12. Press the publish button, and you’re good to go!

Once your listing is up and running, keep an eye on messages from interested buyers. We suggest installing your Facebook Messenger app on your phone to receive news notifications. With Messenger, you’ll also be able to respond to questions fast, increasing the chances of selling.

Paying buyers

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t have an integrated system for local payments, so you’ll need to communicate directly with the purchaser to finish the transaction.

It is possible to collect the payment in cash or through an electronic payment system that guarantees transaction security, such as Venmo, PayPal, or Wise. Include the payment method and details about a pick-up in the product’s description to help buyers save time and facilitate easy transactions for your company.

Note: A well-known Facebook Marketplace scam is for buyers to provide an unauthentic receipt for payment after you’ve requested payment. Check your account before sending the item to ensure you aren’t losing money.

Tips for boosting your Facebook Marketplace sales

In addition to optimizing your Marketplace listing and listing, there are other ways to boost the number of sales you make through Facebook Marketplace. Let’s look at some of the most sophisticated selling strategies to help you reach more customers.

Set a competitive price

Before setting your price:

  1. Look through similar listings to determine what other sellers would like to pay.
  2. Examine and compare prices to other sellers.
  3. Set a fair price to ensure your products sell quickly.

It is essential to make sure your prices aren’t too excessive (or excessively low) in comparison to the current market price.

What’s the most reasonable cost? It’s contingent what the state of your product. You may request a more expensive cost if it’s brand superior or newer than similar items. If the thing is second-hand or missing an item or is priced lower than comparable listings will help you make an impression on the Marketplace.

Pro tip: Buyers from marketplaces will always attempt to knock some cash off. Therefore, you must consider that. The best general rule is to start with the lowest price you’re willing to accept and increase it by 20%-30 percent. This will give you more flexibility to bargain.

Take great photos

Images are the mainstay in Marketplace listings. Good quality photos make it easier for buyers to purchase as soon as possible to see what the items appear like. Make sure that your images are clean, sharp, and straightforward. Photographing in natural light is an excellent method to ensure a precise image with good color.

It is also important to capture photos from various angles to provide a comprehensive image to potential buyers. Take several close-ups of any damaged area or part to make sure that everything is visible. If your pictures are like the real thing, they are more likely to purchase it.

Search Tags

There’s a “tag” box beneath each FB Marketplace listing form. Be sure you fill it out with the words buyers may type into the search box to find your listing. For example, If your listing is for an old necklace, you should include tags such as “antique,” “jewelry,” “vintage,” and the list goes on.

You can add as many as 20 search tag tags in an advertisement. This makes it buyers easier to pinpoint precisely what they’re looking for.

Offer local delivery

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t offer a fulfillment service. Therefore most exchanges of products require face-to-face meetings. Many customers aren’t keen on showing on the spot to pick up things, particularly when they’re more oversized items, like furniture that weighs a lot.

You could consider providing the delivery service locally within a reasonable distance for your business, and you’ll draw more attention to your website.

Renew your listings

If your product was on the market for seven days but hasn’t been sold, you may renew the listing. You can move your item back to the top of the results list by doing this. It can be done by selecting “Your Account”> “Your Listings” on your Marketplace dashboard.

Find the item you want to purchase and select the three-dot icon in the thumbnail for the listing. Select the option to renew your listing by selecting the menu. Repeat the steps for all your outdated listings to increase the visibility of your stock.

Increase your sales by using Marketplace.

Suppose you’re looking to expand your store’s client base, offer some handcrafted products, or eliminate items that are no longer needed. In that case, Facebook Marketplace can be an ideal option to sell quickly and efficiently.

Make sure you are putting a smile on your listings by using top-quality images and honest, precise descriptions. In this way, you’ll reduce any back-and-forth between people asking questions and the possibility that a buyer is unhappy with the purchase.

Facebook is a remarkably powerful platform. Thousands of businesses and people profit from using that ability to sell their goods.

Now is your turn.

Facebook Marketplace FAQ

How much will it cost to advertise through Facebook Marketplace?

There is no charge for selling your items locally. But, you’ll have to pay the selling fee of 5% for all shipments or a flat rate of $0.40 for shipments that are less than $8. If you’re selling something for $5, you’ll pay at least $0.40 for the transaction since that’s the minimum fee for transactions that are less than the threshold of $8.

How can I promote your product or service through Facebook Marketplace?

It is possible to use the Ads Manager tool to create an advertisement paid to Facebook Marketplace. Design your ad, create the daily budget, and choose an auto-placement. Facebook will display your advertising in the Marketplace, Audience Network, Instagram, Messenger, and News Feed. The label for sponsored ads appears on the ad to keep things open to Marketplace users.