How To Start A Custom Phone Case Business In 7 Steps

Mar 18, 2022


There’s never been an ideal time to begin an enterprise in the field of phone cases.

It is estimated that the US market for accessories for mobile phones (like case covers and screens) is expected to reach an estimated amount of $75.62 billion in 2026. Find your share of this market segment, and you can make a hugely profitable company without a significant cost of investment.

Smartphones have become a global phenomenon. The majority of us carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go, even to the bathroom. As devices become more valuable, users require reliable security to protect their investments.

How To Start A Custom Phone Case Business In 7 Steps

A phone case also provides peace of mind and an opportunity for customers to show off their individual personal styles. These items can also be a great source for entrepreneurs to make money. You can sell phone cases online or offline, customize them with print-on-demand services, or even drop ship them without spending an arm and a leg.


Let’s look at the basic steps required to begin your business.

What Do You Need to Start a Phone Case Business?

The first thing that any business owner requires when starting a business is a well-planned strategy. There are numerous kinds of cases available to suit different types of phones. Be sure to know the options before making your designs. If you’re considering printing or customizing your cases, you should consider options such as:

  • Gel cases: These slim gel cases are simple to customize using a variety of styles. These include additional grip areas making it easier to hold your phone. Gel cases are inexpensive and adaptable for various styles.
  • Cases for bumpers: These cases generally have an extra layer of protection to protect the sides and edges of your smartphone. They could have a complete gel section that covers the back of the phone or wrap around the phone to protect it from being damaged.
  • Cases for wallets: For users who want to safeguard their screen and phone simultaneously, cases for wallets protect every aspect of the phone and protect against scratches. They are typically made of leather that can be customized.
  • Hard cases: These cases can be attached to phones and can help protect your phone from the effects of damage. They’re ideal for keeping your phone in top condition and can last longer than other rubber and gel options. They can also be personalized.
  • Special cases: These cases come with unique features, including shock-proofing, built-in charging systems, and even wood-carved designs. The majority of these cases are priced higher. However, they are extremely appealing to buyers.

Do not forget to think about the types of phones you’d like to design for. There’s an abundance of phones available on the market right now. Therefore, it’s unlikely to make cases that will suit every model right away. In the ideal scenario, you’ll need first to select the most popular phones that are popular with your intended market.


Tools such as Keywords Everywhere can aid in tracking the volume of searches for certain types of phones so that you are aware of where to start.

How to Make a Phone Case Business: 7 Steps to Launch

Although starting your own business may seem intimidating initially, the ever-changing technological world makes it more accessible than you’d imagine. When you’ve decided on the type of cases you’ll create and the kinds of phones you’ll target, It’s time to begin making a plan to start your journey. Here are the essentials you’ll require to begin an enterprise out of a phone case:

1. Find a Gap in The Market

The most successful businesses are those that result from identifying a gap in the market and establishing a plan to fill the gap. Many companies sell phone cases but selecting a niche that you can focus on will enable you to build an iconic and competitive brand.

Be aware that a niche will mean that you’ll have fewer businesses to compete with to make your business stand out. Concentrating on a specific niche such as “eco-friendly” customers will also aid in directing your business processes by determining what products you’ll be using and which suppliers you’ll cooperate with.

A narrow focus can increase your rank on Google since you can focus on particular terms that make the most sense to your target audience. How do you identify an opportunity?


Start by:

  • Checking out Google Trends: Tools like Google Trends will help you identify the most popular products relevant to your business, such as “wooden” phone cases or “personalized” phone cases. It is also a great tool to find out the phone models your customers are the most interested in.
  • Analyzing competitor trends: Looking out your competitors will reveal which groups are already being targeted, and those who require more options. For instance, you may find that there aren’t any competitors providing phone cases specifically designed for teachers, moms, or professionals.
  • Talk to your customers: Consider speaking to those who are part of your market. Conducting surveys on forums and other social media groups could help you gather valuable information on your possible market.
  • Look up influencers: Go to social media to see which kinds of cases get the most interest. Platforms such as Instagram are great places to look at several of the more beautiful phones cases available in the present.

2. Design Some Phone Cases

Once your business plan is in place, you can now design beautiful phone cases. This is the part that is fun that lets you explore various styles. You can make your mockups with Photoshop or look up the mockup generators offered by print-on-demand (POD) businesses. They let you see how your design will appear on different mobile phones.

Make sure you are aware of your options before when you begin printing since some printers only print with specific techniques or cover only a specific portion on the back of your case. You can also create your phone cases with:

  • Utilizing customer-generated designs: Do you have an active social media presence? Let your fans upload pictures and designs that you can print onto a personalized phone case.
  • Utilizing freelancers: There are a lot of freelance artists on the internet who can design phone cases for you. Most of them are affordable and make cases for various clients.
  • Inquiring about an artist: Search for artists on forums for creativity and sites such as Dribbble. Look for those who are willing to collaborate on a longer-term basis. You could also hire designers on a contract or have them design complete ranges for you.

It’s helpful to have a wide range of choices for your clients to select from before launching your phone case brand. Do not start your business by selling just one or two cases.

3. Build Your Brand

A brand is your identity or image as a company. This can be conveyed by creating distinctive logos and colors for your business and an appealing packaging strategy, website, etc. Branding helps your business become more memorable for your target customers and helps set your company apart from others. You must are:

  • The distinctive brand logo that will distinguish your business apart from competitors
  • Attractive images like branding photographs, Animations, brand photography videos, illustrations, etc.
  • A color palette to communicate the personality and identity of your business – make sure you are aware of the psychological aspects of colors before creating the palette.
  • Copywriting and content to show your unique voice.
  • An identifier and mission that consumers can recall
  • An objective or set of characteristics to aid in identifying you to your customers

It is helpful to study your competitors of yours to determine what kind of brand they’ve tried to create. Note what you enjoy and dislike about the brands you’re considering and utilize the online resources to create your own. Shopify is one example. It has a video maker and logo maker.

4. Choose a Sourcing Strategy

It’s now time to find an inventory supplier for your business. There are many alternatives available, for example:

Collaboration with an industry

It’s not difficult to find an affordable wholesaler online on Handshake and other marketplaces. You can look here for all types of phone cases for various devices. You’ll need to buy in large quantities, which means you will need to store hundreds of patients at a time. However, you will reduce your expenses by doing this.

Using print on demand

Print-on-demand services are the best option to quickly add your designs to the products and then deliver them directly to customers. Print on demand lets you select a provider for your design on your phone cases, and then those companies design the items for you.

Are you looking to launch with your very own Print On Demand business? Register for a free trial on Shopify and create your ideal shop. Today is the day.

Drop shipping

Dropshipping is among the most cost-effective ways to purchase phones cases for your company. Dropshipping services provide you with a variety of phone accessories to pick from and save you the hassle of managing your inventory. Choose a manufacturer that produces the type of product you’re looking for, and they’ll deliver the phone cases directly to your customers.

Are you confused between the two options? Learn more about how print on demand compares with drop shipping to choose the most appropriate sourcing method for your company.

5. Price Your Cases

The right price for a product is one of the most challenging parts of creating your business around phone cases. If the price you charge is excessive, it could make customers switch to competitors. But, a very low price could indicate that you’re using inferior materials.

The price you select should reflect your designs’ top quality while remaining affordable for the target market. Check out your competition for the first time to determine what fees they’re charging. Think about aspects that could influence the price you charge, like the length of time required to create the products you’re looking to sell and the number of resources you’ll need to employ.

After you have recouped the cost for the production of the product by the price, you’ll need to consider how much profit you’d like to earn. Take a look at these pricing strategies for additional guidance.

6. Build Your Online Store

In addition to making phone cases, designing your online store is among the most exciting things you’ll accomplish when starting your own business. There are many great ways to sell online. However, it’s best, to begin with, a builder for stores that is well-known and simple to use, such as Shopify.

When you’re creating your website, be sure you upload everything that affects how people view your company. Create an engaging description of your products, post gorgeous images of your products, and design impressive landing pages. Other items to think about include:

  • Contact and About pages to increase the credibility of the site
  • Checkout pages that offer multiple payment options
  • Legal information such as privacy policies, the terms of conditions
  • An article or news page to provide content marketing
  • Pop-ups and slide-ins are used for sharing special offers with customers

Shopify offers a wide range of great features, so you can begin developing your website. You can choose from a variety of stunning eCommerce themes for your site to be sure that your website will appear attractive.

7. Promote Your Phone Case Brand

It’s finally time to begin bringing customers to your company.

The promotion of your phone’s brand is crucial to gaining the most loyal customers is possible. Some strategies for advertising can cost you a lot of money, whereas others are less expensive. You can, for instance, make content and publish it on social networks without spending the money. You can explore:

  • Marketing via email can help you convert your leads to customers by sending regular communications. Be sure that your customers are signed up for your emails.
  • Influencer marketing allows you to promote your products by referring customers to people you already trust. This will establish your brand’s reputation and draw in new customers.
  • The social-media marketing industry uses paid and unpaid advertising campaigns to allow you to reach certain people, like teens who are interested in phone cases based on movies.

PPC campaigned, including Facebook Ads, Facebook ads, and paid Instagram campaigns. All can help in attracting more attention. Be aware that many marketing campaigns will take a while to be repaid.

Summary: How to Start a Custom Phone Case Business in 2021

Here you go -the complete steps to start an enterprise phone case.

Be aware that it will require time and effort (lots of these) to be profitable in this field.

Although the margins on standard phone cases are slim, you can offer yours at a premium cost by customizing them in distinctive ways, according to the tastes of your target audience. These tools and the services that we’ve mentioned can give you the power you require to create a collection of cases for your phone that will shine.

In short, These are the complete steps required to launch the custom phone case for your business:

  1. Find an opportunity for market
  2. Design custom phone cases
  3. Develop your brand
  4. Select a method to get your cases
  5. Choose a price point
  6. Build your online phone case store
  7. Promote your business

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided on the best way to start the exciting journey of building a smartphone case brand is waiting for you. All you need to do is to make the first step.