17 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms in 2022

Apr 26, 2022 | 0 comments

As parents know, juggling life’s responsibilities daily often makes them highly skilled at multitasking-especially during the pandemic.

The desire to build an income while still being available to children could be a factor in looking for jobs online that blends the demands of working parents and their families financial needs. Are you looking for work-from-home jobs for dads and moms that could be an excellent method to fulfill the requests of home and when it comes to a job?

According to a FlexJobs survey of parents who work, working flexibly is among the main factors contributing to a balanced work-life and could be life-changing. The FlexJobs database contains hundreds of work-from-home positions which allow parents to work from their home office.

If you’re seeking work for moms who stay at home, It is entirely possible to find the ideal match. As a mother, you already have many tasks.

The last thing you’d like to do is travel to work over and above everything else that makes your mom struggle. This is where finding the ideal job as a stay-at-home-home mom can be beneficial.

The great thing is that there are plenty of possibilities to pick from. If you can work hard and with determination, you’ll be able to find a job that can meet your timetable and income requirements. It means that you can be at home with your children while earning a profit.

jobs for stay at home moms

Today we’ll examine some of the opportunities for moms who stay at home. You might be surprised by the number of options you have!

17 Work-from-home Jobs for Dads and Moms

1. Customer Service Representative

Median Pay: $37,907

Customer service positions that work from home are in high demand. People who can answer calls, answer queries, offer customers assistance, and handle administrative tasks will be competent for this job. You’ll require a calm home office and the capacity to master and utilize software and technology.

Data Entry SpecialistMedian Pay: $35,833.

One of the most sought-after jobs available for stay-at-home parents and dads is jobs in data entry can be a highly flexible position that lets you manage your day-to-day routine while having children while they are sleeping or at school. Employers looking to hire data entry jobs typically require a vital keyboarding skill and keen attention to particulars, skills that many parents already have.

2. Recruiting Coordinator

Median Pay: $45,485

If you think you’d like to help others get to a new position, A job as a recruiter could be the perfect match. Recruiting coordinators generally assist HR professionals in a review of resumes, doing background checks, and assist in interviews, and in the process of integrating new employees.

3. Proofreader

Median Pay: $43,126

Proofreaders are typically very meticulous and can find the smallest of mistakes. When you’re a remote proofreader, you’ll be able to ensure consistency, verify formatting, verify the facts, examine grammar, and more.

4. Writer /Blogger

Median Pay: $48,732

Numerous online and print publications are interested in topics related to parenting. Utilize your experience as a parent to motivate you to earn a living writing. Contribute to a website focused on parents and social media sites or any other publication. You can also use your knowledge of financial management or your career as the base to contribute. Utilize your storytelling talents to make money!

5. Transcriptionist

Median Pay: $32,861

Transcription jobs for parents who stay at home are offered via remote, part-time, or flexible scheduling choices. A typical job for transcriptionists includes the transcription of written or audio content and reviewing reports, and rectifying mistakes. The majority of careers require typing speed of 75 WPM or more.

6. Virtual Assistant

Median Pay: $38,478

Virtual assistants provide support for administrative tasks for a group or individual. Managing social media and email and managing calendars, scheduling meetings, traveling, planning events, and conducting the research could be some of your responsibilities. Virtual assistants work entirely at home and are hired on a part-time and full-time schedule.

7. Online Teacher/Tutor

Median Pay: $43,476

The pursuit of education is likely to be a part of your routine. As parents, you’ve probably instructed your children to read, guided students on math problems, and taught them all of the life skills they need. Therefore, why not turn these skills into some money?

8. Accounting Clerk

Median Pay: $38,500

Accounting clerks usually manage financial documents and reconcile bank statements. They also create reports, handle transactions, and support the Accounting department. Data entry, bookkeeping, and word processing abilities are typically needed. Accounting clerks can often find remote positions, either full-time or even freelance.

9. Graphic Designer

Median Pay: $43,275

Visual and digital designers can get great jobs that allow the work to be completed entirely at home and, often, on a sluggish timetable. When you work in a graphic design profession, you may design advertisements or logos, create the appearance and feel of websites, or design leaflets, signage, or other materials for information. (learn more about the profession of a graphic designer)

10. Health Coach

Median Pay: $45,324

Many parents stay on homework hard at their fitness levels to remain in good shape. What better way to utilize those abilities and give them to other people? Remote participation in mental and physical health and fitness can be a fantastic method to assist others in living an active and healthy lifestyle while also ensuring your health goals are in good shape.

11. Marketing Specialist

Median Pay: $49,912

Marketing jobs come in many kinds, including Marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, content strategist, etc. You’ll have to market a product or service via branding and public relations in marketing.

12. Social Media Specialist

Median Pay: $41,945

Many parents are socially adept, sharing their children’s accomplishments and following their favorite influencers and brands, making this a perfect job at home for mothers and dads. As a social media professional, you could write content for your company’s social media platforms to increase its following and build communities. (learn more about how to become a social media director)

13. Travel Consultant

Median Pay: $40,520

Virtual travel jobs are numerous. In this field, you’ll handle arrangements for travel for a variety of customers, including airlines, cruise lines, resorts, excursions, or bookings. Some positions allow travel credits which could enable your family and you to travel. The best part is that this is a job that’s a stay-at-home option for moms, which could provide benefits to all the family!

14. Web Designer

Median Pay: $49,476

Web designers design the visuals on a site creating elements for navigation, making graphics, selecting the right colors and fonts, and utilizing HTML code. A minimum of previous experience or a portfolio is necessary. Web designers often work from their homes and get freelance or work-from-home opportunities.

15. Remote customer representative

Median Pay: $32,400

As a remote customer support rep, you’ll be able to earn anywhere from $10 to $17/hour. To succeed in this role, you’ll have to be able to communicate with clients pleasantly.

Some people calling in will be friendly to you. But you have to be able to handle their call easily.

16. Bookkeeper

Median Pay: $40.000

Bookkeepers assist business owners in managing their financial affairs day-to-day. You could be in charge of invoices or tracking a company’s income. You’ll have to be precise and competent to deal with a company’s financials.

17. Transcription

Median Pay: $58.000

It is possible to earn money by transcribing the audio to text. You’ll require an ability to comprehend confusing words and write them down neatly. I’ve tried this out, but it was not my preferred method of earning an income.

Be sure to be patient to complete this task. In the beginning, it could take you a long time to create a precise transcription. But you’ll get better over time.

Typically, you’ll be compensated based on the length of your audio-video. While there is a steep learning process, it may earn some decent cash if you’ve got a sense of this.