How to make money from your Small Farm

May 6, 2022 | 0 comments

For most of us, owning an acre or two of land is a way of life and a chance to escape from the city life’s hustle and bustle and get our hands on dirt. It’s not always bad to have money, even if it’s only using it to improve your farm!

How to Make Money From a Small Farm or Plot of Land

Many believe that farmers live beautiful lives. If you’re a farmworker, you might think differently. You’re on the go all day long for small amounts of cash. You sometimes feel like you are a slave to your clients, and sometimes you question how long you’ll be able to go on. The weather is in your favor, and you feel as if you’re working for nothing.

While small-scale farmers may feel their lives aren’t perfect, I’m not able to think of a single farmer who would choose to move to urban life. How can you have the most from both? How do you make the most profit from your small-scale farm or even your homestead? It’s not necessary to limit your growth to just growing crops. By diversifying your business and being an entrepreneur, you can reap a more excellent production from your farm while maintaining the lifestyle you enjoy.

Farmers are an incredibly determined breed. With a bit of thought, you can transform your property into a profit maker and enjoy your time on your property again. Before beginning these tasks, some restrictions on both the federal and state levels must be considered.

Here are 27 suggestions that you can think about for getting the most value from your small-scale farm. Of course, some ideas are better than the others, based on your location, kind of farm, etc.

1. Grow Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms can be highly profitable. But, I suggest selecting the right kinds of mushrooms when you’re contemplating cultivation. More money can be made by increasing them for medicinal purposes or in those in the market for restaurants. Attempting to compete with the big box stores for the button, mushrooms aren’t an option unless the price or quality is superior. The type of mushroom you select to cultivate, you may pick some within just 15 weeks and get the potential for yields of up to 4 pounds per square foot.

This is my “go-to” book for everything that has to deal with cultivating mushrooms. If your understanding of mushrooms is limited to eating pizza, then this guide offers an informative and thorough review of the field of cultivation. It’s filled with helpful information to help novices and assist more experienced growers.

Other Tips

  • When harvesting is complete, call local eateries and request orders from them to make an easy sale.
  • Find a stall at a farmer’s market to expand your reach and increase sales.
  • Learn about the most effective methods for growing mushrooms.
  • Ensure you know local, state, and federal law if you intend to market it as a therapeutic and health aid.

2. Turn Your Field Into a Campsite

Mainly if you are in a city, some people are always looking for the perfect getaway or getting away from the town to enjoy a different view and get back in touch with the natural world. Many people are looking to do an electronic detox and get away from the world.

To convert your property (or the portion of it) to a campsite, you’ll need to put in a short shower and toilet for campers. Consult the local authorities for guidance regarding using the main sewer and drains or, if required, installing the toilet tank.

A few campsites are very basic and lack electrical outlets. Others offer electricity to campers to make use of. If you have a farm near an area of interest for tourists, there is an option to think about. The field or area you pick should be dry and level so that campers can effectively and safely put up their tents. Start small and invest any profits in upgrading the facilities at your campsite. Reinvesting your earnings can build a long-lasting enterprise without a significant initial expense.

Other Tips

  • Depending on your location, you may also have designated spaces for caravans and motor homes in this case of your site. To accommodate them, you’ll have to provide water and electricity.
  • You could consider opening a small store with essential products for your kitchen and toiletries even if you’re not in the town. The campers who don’t want to return to the city are likely to shop with you even if prices are higher than those at a grocery store.
  • Many people, particularly retired couples, reside in RVs for the duration of their lives. They usually spend some time at a campground in case they enjoy it.
  • Provide free Wi-Fi to your camping guests. Everybody wants to be active on the web 24 hours a day, even while camping. Access codes can be altered every week to stop people who aren’t camping from using the internet.
  • Everyone doesn’t want to get into dog poop. If you plan to permit campers to bring their dogs, make sure you have a separate area to serve as a toilet for dogs. This will keep dog owners as well as non-dog owners content.
  • The word of mouth marketing is free and is often the most effective type. Create a blog or website to promote your camping site. Invite your guests to post photos of their visit on social media sites.

3. Farm Snails for Profit

It is necessary to provide snails with shelter, vegetation, and food to raise snails. The method you choose to use will depend on the circumstances. Sure, farmers utilize outdoor pens that are open. Others employ nets to keep them inside. I’ve also observed them being grown commercially using polytunnels. Above, you will see the video of an individual who has turned it into a successful business in Africa. She believes that snails are perfect livestock to raise because they aren’t odorous or make noise.

Before you invest in the structures that will house them, begin small and create a market for them. If you notice increasing demand, you can increase the number of homes by expanding the housing available.

4. Organize a Swap Meet

If you own a small piece of land that is squatter, think about taking advantage of it on weekends for a big swap meeting. People are drawn to wander through fields to look for the next bargain.

The vendors should be charged a modest cost, perhaps $7 per vehicle and 15 dollars per vehicle (depending on your location and the demand). If you keep it up, the side hustle can turn into a profitable daytime business that can be moved to a different location each season. If you live in an area, it is possible to have the swap meet throughout the year.

You should ensure space to park off-road for people looking to purchase. Street signs or an advertisement in the local paper will have buyers to your area to look for bargains. Advertising won’t be needed after the swap meet (car auction in the UK) is recognized when your client list grows.

  • To begin this venture, you will need to make a small capital investment; however, it requires organizing skills to make suppliers interested.

5. Start a Bed and Breakfast

If you have rooms that aren’t being used or a barn that could be transformed into spaces, you could consider setting up bed and breakfast. It is among the most sought-after ways to make more cash through your farming operation. Urban dwellers are eager to see a little of life on a farm. They enjoy seeing the animals and perhaps assist with farm chores. It’s a fun experience for both adults as well as youngsters.

The amount of accommodation you provide can differ following the kind of customer you hope to draw. If you rent to a (reputable) firm, it is more likely that you will be paid on time and regularly. Offering basic sleeping rooms for youth can bring in additional cash. When your property is in an area that needs a lot of workers, even if it’s only seasonal, you can lease the rooms to a business.

Companies like Airbnb provide a simple way to lease rooms to guests. Their website is easy to navigate, and many people have been able to trust the service. It could be used together with your website that promotes the availability of your accommodation. When your property is close to an area for cycling or hiking trails or a well-known tourist attraction, you can benefit by renting rooms. Be sure to include close-by interests or activities on your website or advertising.

Contact your insurance company to determine whether a policy change is required.

6. Rent Space for Meetings or Gatherings

Do you have a barn that could easily be converted into open space? Think about renting it out for various gatherings like business gatherings, weddings, or even an exercise space like step classes. Advertise in local newspapers or the bulletin boards of supermarkets in your local area.

Companies and individuals search for venues where they can hold meetings. This can earn you cash during the daytime, evenings, and weekends. Parking is always a benefit.

Based on the degree of development you wish to make, you can offer tables, chairs, exercise equipment, and other equipment. It is advisable to keep the food items available with refreshments since they could be a great source of income.

7. Rent Your Field to Metal Detecting Clubs or Allow Metal Detectors to Scan Your Land

Between plantings, it is possible to let metal detectors scan your property. They could uncover a bounty that is half of yours if you owned the property.

You can also place metallic objects in your yard and rent them to metal detecting clubs. The members of such clubs are constantly seeking locations to practice and develop their abilities. Please find your nearest metal detector club to inquire about the requirements they need.

Remember that refreshments, even a glass of water from an icebox or inside the trunk of your car, can bring in extra money. Simple things like an insulated thermos flask with hot coffee in the cold winter morning keep the entire group content and excited to get back.

8. Raise Tilapia or Other Kinds of Fish

Fish farming, such as tilapia, is a profitable venture. To raise tilapia, you’ll have to live in a region where the temperature of the water is around 20 degrees Celsius (68degF). If the temperature is less than this, you might need to warm the water, which will be costly. Fish will be able to thrive in cooler temperatures, but growth rates are slower.

Based on the size of fish fry (young freshwater fish) you purchase, the fish will be ready in about six months, based on the size you plan to market your fish for. This is just one of the ways that my husband and I earn money from our farm in Brazil.

9. Let People Fish on Your Lake

If you own a lake or have the ability to construct them, you can create public fishery lakes. There are generally two kinds of lakes: The first is a catch and release system, which is only for the enjoyment of fishing. The client pays as they enter the premises and remain there for the whole day. This can be added to camping, as was mentioned previously.

The most profitable option is either. The other is fishing and paying. They take the fish that are then weighed and then paid for. It is essential, of course, to fill your lakes and make sure you have restrooms and parking facilities nearby.

Other Tips

  • If there were food and drinks for sale, you’d be making money from these since not everyone brings their food or beverages.
  • You can also operate small bait and lure shop on your premises to accommodate those who visit.
  • You could consider renting reels and rods for people who visit for the day.
  • Create a particular barbecue area for picnics with BBQ facilities.

10. Raise Worms

Think about raising worms and selling them as bait for fishing shops. Worms can be cultivated in bins, tubs, or barrels. You can be harvesting your crops in only 90 days. It’s not only the worms that matter because the soil left by worms is full of casings and is one of the highest sources of nutrients for your garden.

The soil can provide an additional source of income as compost for the garden. It’s not just an easy and low-maintenance means of making more money on your farm, but it’s also green and opens up your farm to a new type of client.

11. Breed Dogs

It’s a controversial subject. I am sure that many feel that I should not include it since there are shelters for animals that are filled with dogs in many countries in search of an appropriate home. There are still those who are looking for specific breeds with pedigrees. I’m not advocating something like a “puppy mill. “

You might consider breeding small or unique dogs, as the investment return will be higher. Large dogs, naturally, are more expensive to take care of.

Other Tips

  • It is essential to ensure that your kennels are explicitly designed and that you’ve accounted for the expense of vet expenses.
  • This isn’t a quick money scheme. Breeding dogs is a challenge and has a high beginning cost. However, it can be profitable and rewarding.

12. Raise Specialist Breeds of Animals (e.g., Ostriches)

There are usually many products you can offer from one animal. If space is available, you might consider raising”niche” market animals. One of them could be the following.

  • Guinea fowl It is possible to offer guinea fowl meat feathers, eggs, feathers, and even young.
  • Quail It is possible to provide immature quail eggs and meat.
  • Rabbit: There is the possibility of offering rabbit meat, pet, and fur.
  • Emu/Ostrich: It is possible to sell ostrich meat, Emu oil, feathers, and eggs.
  • Goat It is possible to sell goat’s meat, milk, butter, cheese, young, and hair.
  • Llama: You can sell llama wool. Young llamas. They also provide security to groups of sheep.
  • The deer It is possible to sell meat and fur or antlers.

13. Grow Dual Crops

Depending on what you’re cultivating, you might be capable of planting two crops in a row, which will save your space. We’ve planted coconut trees placed five meters apart on our farm, and in between, we have planted crops like beans and zucchini (courgette), and cucumbers.

Since we already have irrigation to water coconuts with their deeper roots, we can use the space for a larger yield. The earnings from the previous crop will be used to pay for the electricity needed to help water the coconuts.

Various crop varieties are suitable to cultivate together, allowing you to get higher yields from the same space and water.

14. Sell Farm By-products

There are a lot of by-products from farms that are in operation, as well as some that are resolvable. Here are some ideas:

  • Feathers: If there are feathered companions on your farm, whether wild or domesticated, consider selling or collecting feathers. Folks love including feathers in craft projects like making jewelry, hats, and other accessories.
  • Manure: If you keep animals, you know that waste is excellent for gardening. It is possible to bag and sell manure to the public or small gardens.
  • Wood If you’re a feller, it could be sold as firewood or in smaller wood pieces for sorting.

15. Win Farm Equipment

Even though we’re discussing earning money from your farm, don’t forget the adage that “A cent saved can be an earned penny.” In that light, take a look at participating in sweepstakes. Due to the influx of people farming from home or owning small urban farms, businesses offer prizes beneficial to farmers, from chicken incubators to books to tractors.

I had a website where I posted sweepstakes, contests, and other competitions that could be registered online. There are sweepstakes open to all regions and all over the world.

If you happen to be awarded a prize that isn’t something you want to use or sell, you may offer it for sale.

16. Give Talks and Demonstrations

The money you earn doesn’t necessarily require farming. Many make their money speaking about farming practices. Community centers, schools, and public places always require speakers. Most of these organizations charge. The bigger the group will pay more. If you’re a confident speaker and have a good rapport with your audience, this is a route that you ought to think about. Some topics to consider include:

  • Bee Keeping
  • Growing vegetables or flowers
  • Natural pest control
  • Organizing a farmers market.
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Jam making

This is merely a list of topics that you can talk about. The talks could be held at your farm, or you might have to travel to the venue. It’s not necessary to be an expert in the field. However, you must be engaging, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about your subject.

Sure of these subjects can be demonstrated, while others require videos and slides.

Numerous groups require speakers. It is essential to reach out to the business owners and chambers of commerce or perhaps your library. Start networking, and if you don’t feel comfortable, begin with smaller groups and talk at no cost until you are satisfied with the spotlight. Once you’ve started receiving feedback and understand your subject in advance, it is time to offer a fee for your talks.

17. Rent Your Land for an Antenna, Turbines, or Solar Panels

Think about renting a piece of your property to public or private companies that install turbines, antennas, and solar arrays.

Cellular Antennas

Are you able to determine if your land is in good shape? This could give you the extra income you’ve been seeking. It would help if you considered contacting cell phone or internet companies to determine whether an antenna can be installed at your residence. While they can pay handsomely but you might be worried about the possibility of cancer-causing issues. Conduct some research and discover which areas are considered safe.

Wind Turbines

Are you in a sweltering region? Are there turbines nearby? You might also think about the possibility of purchasing wind turbines. A farm close to us has dunes, which don’t have the right conditions to grow anything. However, the owner has wind turbines owned by Koreans and is making money while doing nothing. We also have people in the UK that have wind turbines within their field. They continue to cultivate but earn more through the turbines.

Solar Panels

Another option is to put solar panels onto your property connected to the grid of the national grid. This is highly well-liked across Spain and gains momentum in other countries with sunny weather. It is possible to not only get free electricity, however, the company which provides electricity could even pay you! What’s that got to do with an excellent idea to earn money!

18. Sell Seeds and Plants Over the Internet

If you have unusual or unique varieties of fruit, flowers, or vegetables, you might want to consider selling your seeds. Many people are enslaved to what the commercial ‘home gardens’ seed firms offer, but there’s much more to choose from. This has been a trend in recent times due to the concern about crops grown with genes that have been modified and GM seeds. Heirloom seeds, also known as seeds passed down or “natural seeds, ” have dramatically increased sales.

You can sell your seed on eBay or similar sites in your region. Be sure to snap a picture of it at its best, as it is much more likely to sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s a giant pumpkin or a delicate flower; keen gardeners always search for new varieties.

Other Tips

  • While seeds can be traded on the internet, however, one thing you aren’t allowed to do is to send them overseas. Some laws are strictly enforced in certain countries regarding sending plant seeds to another country. If you’re selling your product on the web, make the buyer aware that they are responsible for researching rules before making an order.
  • Include planting instructions in the package: when you should plant, where to plant, what type of soil it prefers, etc. The package should include all the information you typically find on the side of the packet. Please write it down, print it, and send it alongside the seed packet. This will ensure that the customer is satisfied and happy; customers will return to you for future purchases. They are also your most excellent advertisement. If you go beyond your customers’ expectations, they’ll leave glowing reviews for you. This will help increase the value of your business.

19. Publish Articles Online

In addition to farming, you can also write about your farming practices. It’s easy to publish your work online on various sites for free. If you are persistent, you may be able to earn cash from writing articles on multiple topics that you select.

Writing online isn’t a make-rich-quick scheme; however, as with everything you invest in, the better gain from it. My experience is that it is a good fit well with my current lifestyle on the farm and offers an additional source of income passively.

20. Rent Your Land for Special Events Like Weddings and Parties

Think about renting your farm to use as a wedding or unique event venue. The idea of having your wedding in a barn or farm is quite well-known nowadays, and people are always looking for stunning places for events or wedding ceremonies.

The amount of involvement you have could be as large or as low as possible. You can have marquees with chairs and tables, or the party coordinator could handle this. You could also serve the food yourself or allow the catering to be outsourced.

Other Tips

  • If you’re thinking of renting out your wedding venue, You’ll need to make sure that you have dressing rooms and bathrooms which are comfortable and clean, particularly for bridal parties.
  • It may be fun to rent your barn for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations, depending on your location.

21. Rent Out Bee Hives

There’s been a significant decrease in bees because of colony collapse disorder (CCD). It’s unclear what is causing the decline, and there are many theories on the cause; however, the most important thing to remember is that there’s a massive demand for these small wonders of nature. Bees are in high need for many reasons, not just because of their honey but also their capacity to produce pollen.

If you have hives and can take them to fields to pollinate, You can anticipate making $136 for every beehive you supply. Based on data from the article “Bee-economics and the leap in pollination fees” (UC Davis). ).

22. Open Your Farm to the Public

Numerous successful farms are open to the public, offering a safe setting for both children and adults to observe animals and their crops up close. Every person is charged at admission, and some families even make the most of a day. Some farmers earn more money through agrotourism than through farming.

Although most visitors visit on weekends or during school holidays, many schools are fond of taking their students out for excursions to local farms.

Other Tips

  • Offering refreshments or light meals could make even more money for your farming operation.
  • You can also sell feed pellets to animals so that kids can feed goats, chickens, and other animals.
  • Consider starting a petting zoo.
  • Construct a corn maze.
  • You can also provide workshops or classes on farming or create different goods like cheeses, meats, and other food items.

23. Offer Parking for Bus Companies

Do you reside near an industrial zone that takes workers to their work? Are you in a location that has parking in short availability? If so, you may gain from providing an open, dry surface for cars or buses to park.

It is possible to construct an unassuming kiosk that houses the worker who will take the money from customers who pay on the spot all day long. If the parking is reserved for buses, for instance, or buses, the cash will go directly into your account, avoiding employing a person.

24. Offer Motorhome, Boat, and Trailer Storage

As many suburban and urban zones limit the number of vehicles homeowners can park on their property, you might want to consider providing a trailer, motor home, or boat storage. If you own an open and level field and are willing to invest cash to make it safe, this could be a lucrative cash-making opportunity.

Other Tips

  • It is also possible to have a space where they can wash their cars.
  • You can pay them each month or every year.
  • Consult with your lawyer and your insurance company. It may be possible to get your customers to sign a release form releasing your company from liability in damage or loss.

25. Offer Space for a Private Airstrip or Heliport

Do you have enough space on your farm to build an airstrip or a Heliport? Do you reside in an area with the need for it?

I’m located 65km from an international airport; however, a local man has an airstrip located at his house. He permits many people to use the airstrip and gets very well paid.

Numerous prominent companies send their representatives to this area and drop them off at this tiny airstrip. This puts them just several minutes away from where they’re supposed to be.

Other Tips

  • Also, think about the potential for a private airport aimed at skydivers. Suppose you reside in an area that is large and open. In that case, it is possible to consider this idea, as you have appropriate approvals from the aviation board and the local government.
  • You can also offer airport parking and other aircraft.

26. Grow Flowers to Sell

Growing flowers might seem like a strange option if you’ve previously cultivated crops like potatoes, wheat, and sugar beets. Consider the many ways to grow flowers:

  • Flowering flowers for florists (cut)
  • Flowers to nursery establishments (potted and ready to resell)
  • Direct sales of flowers to the general public.
  • The sale of dried flowers for crafts and art
  • Sell dried flowers for potpourri/confetti.

Flower gardens can significantly improve the yield of your property.

27. Make Farming Videos

You might think that creating videos on farming isn’t likely to be a big hit and get lots of viewers, but you’re incorrect. People enjoy watching videos that showcase a different and exciting way of life. No matter what you’re doing isn’t going in the right direction, your viewers will be cheering on you.