How To Make Money With Digital Art | 13 Best Ways In 2022

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In the past, artists relied primarily on art exhibits or visitors who visited their galleries before being able to generate sales.

Incredibly, advances in technology have given many opportunities for designers to present their work in front of potential buyers and increase sales.

So, in this post, I’ll give you how to earn plenty of money from online art in the coming paragraphs.

The days are over when artists could not earn income from their work. This is not the case in the current digital age, as technology constantly evolves to allow artists to showcase their work and make a lot of money.

make money with digital arts

Also, suppose you’re into digital art but aren’t making as much money from your artwork. In that case, This article will provide the most effective ways to make a considerable profit from artwork created digitally.

What’s Digital Art?

Digital art can be described as the art of media and online platforms.

A few of these digital artworks comprise creating characters used for games on video, making animated videos for advertising purposes creating 3-D animations to feature film production, and enhancing images for publication with Photoshop or other programs.

On the other hand, one could use digital art to imitate various traditional art forms, like using digital software to improve simple lines for a children’s book.

Digital art could be used to create artwork and print it with a 3-D printer.

What is an artist in digital media perform?

Digital artists utilize the software on computers to bring art to life. Most digital artists work for the entertainment industry, bringing stories to life through motion-picture animation, video games, and even mobile applications.

Digital artists can also assist companies in creating visuals for their websites or creating videos that explain their products and help their customers to comprehend how to utilize their products.

However, digital artists’ services are utilized within traditional printed media. Digital artists are employed to improve the photos in fashion magazines to make them appear flawless.

How much do digital artists make?

The salary range will vary depending on specific elements like qualifications, education, certifications, other capabilities, and years spent in the field. In the United States, the average wage of Digital Artists is $57,183. The pay of Digital Artists ranges between $48,567 and $66,450, respectively.

how to Make Money with Digital Art

If you’re into digital art and are seeking ways to earn a lot of income in this field, The suggestions below will be the ideal direction to reach your goals:

  • Use Instagram to do your work
  • Online art classes or face-to-face
  • Sell your work on E-commerce platforms
  • Request grants or competitions
  • Sell wall art
  • Other merchandise can be sold using your artwork
  • Request commissions for original work
  • Create an online art journal and blog about it
  • Sell artwork on Etsy
  • Sell digital art on Creative Market
  • Market canvas paintings on Saatchi Art
  • Teach art using YouTube
  • Sell at an art show or conventions

Utilize Instagram to sell your work companies use a social media platform such as Instagram for advertising their products. It has opened the way for those who love art and artists across the globe to network to do business.

But, it is impossible to sell enough if your Instagram followers aren’t significant. This means that you need to establish a solid following base.

Suppose you are planning to sell your digital art on Instagram. In that case, You should begin by publishing high-quality pictures of your artworks on Instagram. Choose a transparent background and then take photos of your work for high-quality images.

Please write short but exciting content about your work and then publish it. Select a hashtag (keywords) that will best describe your work when posting your photos. Be sure to share your work regularly.

1. Organize Art Classes

If you are a teacher, you will have no issues finding people who will benefit from your teaching. First, you’ll need to decide if you would like to pursue face-to-face or online education.

Face-to-face instruction: Depending on your area of expertise, you could choose to hold a single-day workshop on painting for kids or high school graduates, or even adults living in your area. You could also organize an art exhibit with other artists joining in. Additionally, you can arrange small and interactive art workshops for parties and corporate events.

Online teaching: In this case, you can provide online courses to many people, but this can be not easy. You can also make your online system available in material and offer it for sale. This can lessen the pressure of online instruction and make you a lot of money throughout.

If you want to sell your course materials online, select platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. You could also offer your course materials through your website. An alternative is to start a YouTube channel on which you give tutorials to your viewers.

2. Sell vector designs on e-commerce platforms.

Suppose you’re an artist with the ability to do graphic design effectively. In that case, you could use an e-commerce platform such as Sellfy to sell plans in vector.

Here, you can offer different kinds of digital artwork, such as logo designs, illustrations, Icon packs, and character designs.

With these platforms, you can sell eBooks, music knitting patterns, and other items to people who require them.

3. Request grants and competitions

There are many artist-related grants and competitions. They are mostly given by non-profit organizations that aim to help young artists and encourage cultural awareness.

If you’re beginning in the field and require money, you can search on the internet for grants for artists and contests for artists. When you locate one criterion, you must verify eligibility and apply. This could be an excellent chance to show your talents and earn cash prizes.

It is also possible to get information about artist grants and competitions by keeping track of the handles on social media that artists use.

4. Sell wall art

Professionals were working in the field of art, marketing high-quality prints of work to make a lot of money. If you’re an artist, you could turn your work into posters of high quality through:

  • Utilizing professional scanning or photography to digitalize the work.
  • Make posters that can be printed using Adobe Illustrator or any other graphic design software.

If you’re done with your work and are looking to sell it, you can begin by:

  • You can leave the printing for the purchaser by selling your artwork through an online platform such as Sellfy.
  • Utilizing any print-on-demand websites that print and deliver the artworks digitally to buyers.
  • Sending your artwork to your social media followers. You could also opt to set up an online shop on Facebook.
  • Make your shop by registering an account on Etsy. It is one of the most popular global platforms for selling art.
  • You can use your website to market photos.

5. Make other products using your artwork.

Another way to earn money from digital art is to market other items that incorporate your artwork by using print-on-demand or dropping shipping services. This service takes care of the packaging, printing, branding, and delivery of your work to clients.

Print-on-demand printing services such as Society6, Zazzle, and Printful to accomplish this goal. You could use your artwork to sell items including Wedding Invitations, decorations for parties, greeting cards (Christmas and Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and more. ), Planners, journals, diary T-shirts, hoodies, children’s clothing, pillowcases and towels, phone cases, and mugs, and other gifts or souvenirs.

6. Get commissions to create original work.

Businesses make use of commissions to attract clients and boost sales. This is an excellent strategy from which young artists can benefit.

If you start offering commissions on your goods, your customers may also help you promote your company to prospective customers. Additionally, you can spread awareness about your commission by using Artfinder, Artists&Clients, and ArtCorgi, along with Art Please.

If you don’t know which commission to pay and what amount you should charge to sell your work, you can get information from other similar artists.

7. Sell artwork through Etsy.

Sellfy isn’t the only platform on that artists can sell their art. A different platform is Etsy. The platform gives artists the chance to showcase their work to a larger public, thus expanding the possibilities that they can grow their business.

In addition, research shows that Etsy has created the opportunity for sellers of all kinds to earn an ongoing income. The products sellers can offer on Etsy include accessories and jewelry, including clothing, wall décor, clothes, visual arts, antiques, and collectibles.

8. Sell digital art on Creative Market

Unlike Etsy, which allows you to sell physical and non-physical products, Creative Market offers a platform to sell digital artwork exclusively. Creative Market helps artists find potential buyers.

The products you can offer via Creative Market include WordPress themes, clip art, stock photography, templates, Fonts, pre-made blogs, Business, and business logos, branding kits, Illustrations, Lightroom presets and.

The issue Creative Market has is that it only accepts U.S dollars. This could be a problem for any company that isn’t legally registered within the United States. In addition, the platform is charged 40% of every sale of a product.

9.  Market canvas paintings on Saatchi Art

If you’ve got the talent to create paintings on canvas, you could create high-quality artworks that you can sell to clients who want to display pictures in their homes.

An online platform that allows you to generate many sales of your canvas art is Saatchi Art. It is possible to begin by registering on Saatchi Art and then following the platform by sharing your work on your social media sites. After a customer has purchased the item, you’ll be sent an email confirming the sale.

Once you have confirmed the sale, wrap the artwork to ship and print the paperwork to send, and then deliver it to the courier for delivery directly to the purchaser. Be aware that Saatchi is charged a 30% commission for each sale.

10. Teaching art through YouTube

Another excellent way to earn money through digital art is by instructing your followers to follow you on YouTube. YouTube is one of the best platforms to promote your work.

You can accomplish this by creating videos with the help of your smartphone or video camera. Make sure you have sufficient lighting and a great background before making your videos.

Then, you can post the video lessons to Your YouTube account for followers to view and learn from. When posting, ensure that you include relevant keywords to explain the contents and are compatible with the keywords people are searching for.

11. Sell at art shows events, conventions, or festivals.

You can also market your art by interacting with the right people. Many people like selling and buying on the internet. Offline methods are an excellent option to sell your artwork if you’re an artist. Most people would rather see any product they’d like to purchase.

Professionals in the field of art artists can market their works in person by looking up an upcoming art show or event in their region. These festivals provide a platform for artists to display their talents and draw the attention of buyers.

 To encourage potential buyers to purchase, always carry an official business card that bears your name, logo, and a few art pieces when you go to a festival or art exhibit.

12. Own an art blog and post on 

Setting up an art blog to share images of your artwork for potential buyers to look at and purchase. When you create your website, you could also use the platform to provide online courses for your website users.

Are you confused about how you can do this? If yes, then make short videos that provide details on how to create artworks.

It is essential to regularly display your artworks through your blogs, write about your experience, and explain how customers can place orders on anything they want.

However, it is possible that you could earn money through the digital art you post on your blog by promoting advertising, affiliate marketing, and reviews that you have commissioned and encouraging additional products.


Suppose you’re an aspiring digital artist or professional in your area. In that case, there are many methods you can employ to earn a lot of cash.

Don’t solely rely on the traditional displaying of your work to sell and buy face-to-face. Be aware that the majority of companies are now digital.

The article identified and explained various methods that will aid you in promoting yourself and, at the same time, drive massive sales.