Mompreneur Quotes for Moms In Business

Apr 20, 2022


Are you a “mompreneur”? Whether you’re using the term or not, If you’re a mother who runs a business on your own, you fall into the mompreneur category. This means that you’re likely to have many different tasks. If you’ve worked to support yourself, take care of your kids, and are a good mom, you need a pat. Perhaps you could get some inspiration from these great mompreneur quotes!

Positive affirmations are also motivational for mothers in business. You can apply these mompreneur quotes to various situations you could confront in your professional life or home. Check out which ones resonate with you right now!

mompreneur quotes

Mompreneur quotes for time management.

I’m sure I’ve been there at certain times of my life. You’ve probably thought there wasn’t enough time in the day to do what you required to. Here are some mompreneur-related quotes to aid you in managing time.

“Allow your children to participate in the activities you engage with.” — Sandra Ohlin, founder of Kiwi Crate

Many mompreneurs, such as Sandra Ohlin, who founded Kiwi Crate, a subscription for children’s activities business Kiwi Crate, bring their children into their business. While not all companies can benefit from children’s aid, many entrepreneurs can offer their children an opportunity to get involved.


For example, your kids may have the ability to fill envelopes, try out products, arrange your office space for a work-from-home opportunity or even write copies for advertising. All of it is contingent on the kind of company you run and the age and capabilities of your children.

You may be amazed at how helpful your children’s help is and the lessons they’ll be learning throughout the process. (Like teaching them to earn money on their own!)

“You can be everything, but you cannot have everything. Take advantage of the different seasons in your life and career.” — Leah Busque, founder and executive chairperson of TaskRabbit

If you’re worried about managing your time, you may set priorities. Keep in mind that there will be times when you’ll have to be more focused on your business and perhaps be working overtime. In other seasons the kids may require more attention, and you may need to reduce your workload.


It’s not simple, but you might be more apt to manage your time more effectively if you take the time to think and reconsider the most important things today. Every mompreneur should establish her priorities (figure out what is most important) and then delegate or remove those that aren’t important.

Mompreneur quotes to deal with anxiety.

We’re all fearful. It’s tough to avoid worrying about what might happen to you if something terrible happens. As mompreneurs, we can’t sit and be numb, overwhelmed by anxiety. We must live our lives fully; therefore, here are some quotes from mompreneurs to help you conquer your fears.

“If you don’t do anything, then nothing happens.” — Laura Berg, founder of My Smart Hands

I am amazed by how simple this mompreneur’s motto is. It’s easy to see, but often when we are worried about the future, we forget that if we do nothing, nothing changes.

If you’re thinking of creating a business or scaling your company’s size, you’re probably wrestling with some anxiety. It’s normal to worry that you’ll put in the effort and not be able to prove it.

I believe it is helpful to be aware of the risk you’ll take when you don’t take action. Inaction means that you can’t move forward toward your objectives. However, even if you try and make a mistake, you’ll learn something.


Start saving money now for the start of your business. Start small, with the time each week to your goals. The important thing here is to take action to avoid wasting your time, only to regret later wasting your opportunity.

You are asking, “What do I do if you fall?” Oh my darling, what if I fly?” – Erin Hanson

Maybe you’ve seen this kind of poem printed on an artistically printed design to hang in your office. This quote is full of wisdom for mothers working in the business. If you embark on something new or untested in your business, you might be afraid of failure.

Many of us are overwhelmed by the fear of failure. We don’t want to slip to the ground and cause a mess. However, it’s essential to remember that we have tremendous potential while there’s a chance of failing or falling.


There is more to you than you think. While the road to success isn’t likely to be easy and smooth, Don’t let anxiety about the unknown stop you from trying to get what you want.

“Don’t let perfection become the enemy of the good.” — Voltaire and other sources

Voltaire is frequently associated with this phrase. While many versions of this saying are being circulated around the globe today, the message remains identical. It helps me not get caught up in small details which may not matter.

Sometimes, mompreneurs require a test if it’s better than settling for something that isn’t perfect. If we focus on making every aspect perfect, we may take too long to think about the idea. We can become unsure, which can hinder the progress we make and hinder our achievement. This is true in your business and your home life.

It’s hard to imagine not having this time with your family each day. Perhaps, for instance, you are juggling business demands and family, and you cannot manage to have a family meal every evening. However, you might be able to enjoy family meals three times each week. That’s more than nothing.

If you’re in business, there’s a chance that you’ll be required to launch your initial product before you feel it’s done. This could provide valuable insights that you can utilize to enhance your next service or product.

mompreneur’s quotes that will help you stay focused on your goal

As a mother and a business executive, it isn’t easy to succeed without a clear and defined goal. Spend some time thinking about your life and work goals, and then use these mompreneur quotes to remind yourself to be focused on your plan.

“Protect your goals and your goals, ideas, and plans.” — Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx

Sara Blakely, who founded the billion-dollar business Spanx, began with an idea and $5,000. She’s made it public that she kept the view from her family and friends at the beginning of creating her company.

Blakely was aware that if she spoke to people close to her about her business idea, they’d be critical of the concept and create doubts in her head. They’d have wanted to keep her safe from defeat and disappointment. She had to guard her business since it was brand new and fragile.

You might be in a similar situation in your business. It can take a long time to get a small-sized company off the ground, and perhaps your family members might not be the best ones to help you start.

Be mindful of whom you have your goals and aspirations to keep your concentration on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

“Great businesses aren’t so amazing because they make a lot of money. They make a lot of money because they’re awesome.” Julie Hanna, President of the Board of Kiva

If you’ve not heard of Kiva, Here’s a brief overview: Kiva is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to apply for micro-loans that regular people then fund. This means that Julie Hanna knows what she’s talking about! Making a difference in the lives of a small-business owners is Kiva’s goal.

There is a reason to be in your personal life, as also working, therefore be aware that you’re able to be successful in all areas of your life. This quote is a beautiful reminder that the best chance to succeed is to give 100% to your job and do it well.

“When you’re with people who believe in a shared goal, everything is possible.” — Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO

Even though it could appear that everyone you know isn’t enthusiastic about their work, plenty of people can work with enthusiasm. If you’re starting your own business, you should focus on bringing the most qualified people on your team to guide and guide you in the future.

There is no need to create an empire of coffee like Starbucks. Whatever your passion is in your company, concentrate on the things that will help you reach your objectives. Keep in mind that finding high-quality employees will make all the difference.

Mompreneur quotes for managing failure.

One of the biggest fears for mothers in the business world is failing. We’re likely to fall short at one time or at a different point. We may even fail multiple times per day! Take note of these mompreneur quotations about failure as a blessing and view your failures as opportunities.

“Take haphazardly.” — Melissa Stewart, founder of She Owns It

What if you could stop thinking about perfecting your goals and instead focus on completing your task? We often get caught up in achieving perfection because we take up too many hours and miss opportunities.

As authors often have to draft multiple drafts, which undergo extensive editing processes, mompreneurs must be willing to accept things with a bit of error.

“You can’t let your failures define you. It is important to learn from your mistakes.” — Barack Obama

The 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, knows that failure is often an integral component of the success of a business. The most important quality we can develop as moms and businesswomen is inevitable failure.

Mompreneurs can be successful by embracing failures as they occur and responding in positive ways. I don’t particularly appreciate failing, and I’m betting you don’t. But, I’ve learned more from my failures than I have from my quick wins and success.

The lessons learned from failure can help you know what you should not do the next time. It can also help you remain humble and remind you that you’re not the perfect person.

“The failures, setbacks, or miscalculations we’ve put away from our children’s path are the experiences that help them learn to be resilient, resourceful, and innovative citizens of the world.” Jessica Lahey The Gift of Failure, the book by Jessica Lahey. “The Gift of Failing”

Nowadays, Being a mompreneur, it is difficult to recall how vital failing is. As adults, we have to be willing to fail. But, not only that, we should let our children die to help them learn to rebound.

I’m sure I’ve tried to shield my children from the pain and disappointment of failure; however, that can be harmful. I want my children to understand how to acknowledge their mistakes and admit to their mistakes. They must learn to do things the second, third, and even fourth following an error.

Mompreneur quotes about the potential of success.

Every mom in business dreams of being successful. Success may be different for various people; however, everyone wants to achieve success. Take a look at these mompreneur quotes about success and the best way to get there!

“Successful people do things that unsuccessful people aren’t ready to be. Don’t think it would be simpler; wish you were more successful.” Jim Rohn

It’s a reality of life that, generally, to achieve your desired results, you need to work hard and accomplish difficult things. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing your best even if you’ve failed; however, you must persevere and take on the demanding tasks.

Rohn’s quote will remind you of the importance of a consistent effort every day, ultimately leading to achievement. Success can mean that your child will be able to handle all of her chores, pay for her expenses, and create a company worth six figures; remember that sometimes the most difficult tasks could make it happen.

“I am a creditor of my success to listening attentively to the best advice, only to go away then and do exactly the opposite.” — G.K. Chesterton

I’ve included the quotation to provide an ounce of fun because although we are aware that we must look for sound advice, however, there are times when we must avoid it.

You can decide for yourself, as you are the one who knows your child best You can try their suggestions or come up with your method. Maybe you look up a few acquaintances’ views on how to handle an issue with discipline in your children. They all believe that you’re confident will only cause more problems.

Like Sara Blakely knew her family could give her advice to give up and quit pursuing her dreams, today, we also need to be aware of the direction we consider. Be mindful of not just who you can ask for advice and the time you ask. You should be prepared to defy suggestions if you believe in your dreams.

“Success can be described as the fruit of the ability to think.” — Benjamin Disraeli

The former British premier Benjamin Disraeli is credited with this quote. It’s a beautiful reminder that sometimes, it is necessary to step beyond your comfort zone to reach your goals.

Audacity is an ability to take bold risks or the “confident and courageous characteristic.” In pursuing any business success, a great deal of risk-taking and confidence may be essential.

It doesn’t need to be a burden to take on excessive financial obligations to begin your venture. (In fact, you should try to stay clear of that whenever you are able! )

It can be challenging to attain; however, don’t be scared to risk your life to get there. Instead, you can be bold by trying to imagine bigger than your friends and family might advise you to do. You can persevere even in the face of failures and continue to try even after you’ve failed.

Utilize these quotes from mompreneurs to boost your motivation!

Hey, mompreneurs–you’re doing fantastic! Anyone managing a family, raising kids, and taking on an entrepreneurial job will have lots of work (and likely a lack of sleep).

Be confident and believe that you’re doing better than you think. Consider any of these mompreneur quotations most appropriate to your situation, and let them inspire and guide you.