Monthly Salary of YouTubers with Over One Million Subscribers in 2022

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In the last 15 years, Youtube has grown into a major media company. It is now a contemporary online media platform that hosts different audio-visual media. It has evolved into an enormous source of significant daily earnings.

According to a publication from, YouTube has more than 30 million users per day and is home to more than 500 hours of video uploaded each minute.

Google purchased youtube in 2016 and is placed at no. 2 worldwide for traffic to websites per Alexa. The platform has more than 2,400 channels, with some of them having more than 1 million users.

YouTube continues to grow into a comprehensive platform and an excellent source for making money even while you sleep. It will be a shocker for you to learn how much you can earn monthly as a YouTuber. This article is designed to give you a glimpse into the salaries of YouTubers.

If you’re committed and determined to become YouTube’s most successful person, It is possible to wait some time since this article may belong. However, it will provide you with everything you must be aware of to become an influential YouTuber for the year ahead.


What is it to be A Youtuber?

The term Youtuber refers to any person who creates video-based audio content for YouTube for users who might be interested in the range.

The audio-visual content available on YouTube can be enjoyable educational, informative, or entertaining.

The primary goal of starting the Youtube channel was to build brand recognition and value that can later turn into an income-generating strategy.

Sincerely, many people have made their fortunes by owning a YouTube channel. In the following paragraphs, you’ll be taught how to begin the YouTube channel of your choice and the amount you could earn each month.

How Do I Make Money On Youtube?

There are a lot of ways to earn money through Youtube. It all boils down to quality content and an abundance of traffic. However, you need to satisfy the following eligibility requirements before being admitted to Youtube’s partnership program.

Different ways to earn money through the YouTube Partners Program

Youtube lets you choose which kind of video you want to create. Although, you are restricted to the genres for educational or entertaining videos.

However, YouTube reserves the right to examine your content regarding quality, censorship, and range in general. They also hold the responsibility of doing what is suitable for their users, creators, and advertisers.

  • Revenue from advertising: You can earn money on YouTube with ad revenues from the overlay, display, and video advertisements.
  • Memberships in channels: The members receive monthly installments in exchange for benefits that you provide.
  • Shelf for merchandise: Your customers can browse and purchase brand-name merchandise displayed on your pages for watchers.
  • Super Chat and Super-Stickers: You and your customers pay to have your messages highlighted within chat channels.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue Receive the benefit of the YouTube Premium subscriber’s monthly subscription when they stream your videos.

The eligibility criteria are required for the YouTube partnership program.


Ad revenue

At minimum 18 years old or have a guardian over 18 years old that can manage your payments through AdSense.Create content compliant with the requirements of our guidelines for content that is friendly to advertisers. guidelines.

Channel memberships

You must be at least 18 years old. More than 3000 subscribers

Merchandise shelf

You must be at minimum 18 years old and have over 10,000 customers

Super Chat & Super Stickers

Must be of at minimum the age of 18 old in a region or country that has Super Chat is accessible

YouTube Premium revenue

Create content to be watched by a person who is a Premium YouTube subscriber

Can I earn money on Youtube without making Videos?

Yes, you can earn money from Youtube without having to create videos. While videos are the only source of content for Youtube, Youtube stars can still earn money from their channels without needing to make weekly new videos.

One method for achieving this is republish famous and popular videos on your YouTube channel. Think about the following before deciding on the video you want to republish to your YouTube channel.

  • Choose videos in popular categories, e.g., Video games, highlights from sports, and fitness websites.
  • Republish videos with a large number of views
  • Click on the creative common within the filters section on your channel. This allows your video to show in search results for videos you can share.
  • Optimizes keywords in Google trends with relatively high searches and a moderate difficulty level.
  • Using your optimized keywords brings traffic to your website.

Who are the wealthiest YouTubers for 2022?

Ryan, an 8-year-old reviewer of toys and toys to other children, is among the most successful YouTube stars of 2022. He is worth more than $26 million and has more than 23.3 million YouTube subscribers. Other YouTubers who will be wealthy in 2022 are:

  • Jake Paul earns $11.5 million and more than 19.7 million.
  • Markiplier is averaging $13 million and more than 25.7 million.
  • Logan Paul earns $14.5 million and more than 20.1 million.
  • VanossGaming makes $15.5 million, with more than 24 million players.
  • PewDiePie makes $15.5 million and has more than 10 million viewers.

What are the prerequisites to being a YouTuber?

In addition to the requirement to qualify for the Youtube Partner program requirements, there aren’t any specific requirements for becoming a YouTube.

But, if you are looking to make it big, it is best to follow the same path that successful people take.

You will receive the right equipment and training to be a successful Youtuber.

Online Training to Become a Youtube star

There isn’t a prescribed training required to become YouTuber. You can, however, choose to view the most successful YouTube videos from Youtube stars about what they did to get started and the way they developed.

Additionally, you’ll need a basic understanding of succeeding as a YouTuber. The skills you need include:

  • Creativity
  • Editing
  • Persistence
  • Be entertaining
  • Brand yourself
  • Collaboration with other channels
  • Be innovative
  • Be organized
  • You must have a strong work ethic.
  • Be ambitious
  • Be authentic

Equipment needed to become a Youtuber

Alongside the basics and online education, you’ll need the following tools to become an influential Youtuber to become Youtuber.

  • The camera is the essential equipment you need to be an influential YouTuber.
  • The user will require an external microphone to record high-quality audio that compliments your video.
  • Gimbal Stabilizer, Tripod They are fantastic devices for stabilizing your photos and videos.
  • Lights It is said that you require lighting to alter the atmosphere and even out the brightness of your setting
  • Videos Editing Software Adobe Premiere Elements 18 is generally a popular option for video editors.
  • Laptop

How do I become a Youtuber using a phone?

You can indeed become a YouTube by using your phone. What is essential on YouTube is the quality of your content is how innovative are they? Do they attract traffic to your site and earn money for you?

If you are, you should record the moment and edit it thoroughly before uploading it to youtube.

You may require phones with excellent camera performance for high-quality work comparable to those captured using Camcorders and DSL. You can also use selfie sticks with excellent editing software.

What does it cost to be a YouTuber in 2022?

It can cost between $300 and $500 to start and establish a YouTube channel. The cost is to buy the equipment needed to create high-quality quality content.

If you own an expensive camera and access an external microphone and editing software, you can save more money than the figure above.

Although they can be expensive, you must choose a good quality one that can last for a long time and provide excellent content that will make you an influential YouTuber.

How Much Do YouTubers Earn In 2022?

In general, the amount you earn as a YouTuber in the coming year will depend on the strategies for monetization you use. This article previously discussed the various methods to make money from YouTube.

It is recommended that you use all streams to boost your overall revenue from YouTube. For instance, you could earn a set amount of money from donations, affiliate links, and many other Youtube Partner programs.

Answering relevant questions such as how much Youtubers make can assist you in deciding if this is the ideal job online for you.

In simple terms, it’s possible to earn up to $26 million just like Ryan or as low as $100 per month. Whatever way you decide to earn, you’ll require the audience to help you achieve it. The following plot will outline the significance of 1 million views for YouTubers.

What do I gain If I Have 1 million subscribers?

This article previously showed that no matter how you earn money on Youtube, the Money will flow wherever you have traffic. A YouTuber with at minimum 1 million subscribers earns around $60,000 annually. One million YouTube subscribers’ monthly income is contingent on the methods employed.

That’s why 1 million views are more revenue for YouTubers. For instance, at the very least, 1 million users can look up their products or services.

This will undoubtedly increase the chances of selling their products more quickly and to a broader audience. More than 70 percent of their audience could purchase their products if they offer services.

Additionally, their ad revenue will increase because they will put more ads on the channel to reach 1 million viewers. One million subscribers’ monthly income can differ between individuals.

With one million users on YouTube, “how much do YouTubers earn” will get more intriguing answers.

What is the price YouTube pays to get 1 million views?

On average, YouTube offers $1.50 $3 and up to Youtubers for every 100 views. According to the above figures, one million viewers on Youtube could mean that a YouTuber can earn anything from $3000 to $7000.

In short, the amount of traffic you receive and the time your viewers stay watching your video affects the amount of your 1 million YouTube subscribers’ revenue each month. The monthly Salary for YouTubers can depend on the number of viewers and views.

How Can You Calculate Earnings On YouTube?

In general, YouTubers earn 55% of the money that advertisers pay. Therefore, Youtubers make Money from advertisements placed on every new video uploaded to their channel.

In reality, if an advertiser charges an average of $7.60 CPM, a Youtuber with 1000 views of a video earns 55% x $7.60, which equals $4.18. To determine the 1 million subscribers’ YouTube earnings per month, follow the same formula from above.

But, there’s software that will aid you in changing your YouTube views into Money. These are referred to as YouTube Converters for Views into Money. The monthly salary of YouTubers is calculated by this calculation method.

You can choose to use the one provided through YouTube and download it. Estimated Youtube Money Calculator by Social Blade.

How does Youtube send my Money?

YouTube will transfer Money to Your Adsense account. Money is typically an accumulation of Money made through advertising revenue.

You will be paid through the account of your AdSense account for adverts that are placed through your channels. At the end of each month, if your balance is more than $100, you will receive a check the following month. But, you might need to verify your address through Google after you earn 10 dollars.

Steps to becoming YouTuber

In essence, anyone can be YouTuber. To become a YouTuber beginning from scratch, take these steps below:

  • Choose a Niche
  • Set Your Channel Goal
  • Idea Brainstorming Content
  • Find an Equipment Set for Recording Equipment
  • Create and optimize the channel
  • Become a YouTuber
  • Be Consistent and Patient
  • Enhance your Search Engine Optimization
  • Stay up to current with the latest developments
  • Promote your channel’s presence on different platforms
  • Stay up on the latest trends
  • Monetize your Channel

1. Choose a Niche

To be successful as a Youtuber, you should choose a field you are interested in. Because it’s only your passion that drives you to stay consistent and successful, you should pick a niche that matches your interest.

Selecting your niche does not mean you have to choose it independently. Therefore, you can use other ideas related to your particular place.

For example, if you select a fashion and lifestyle subject, you could have subcategories centered on living an active lifestyle and having fun even with the smallest budget.

The most common way to choose a niche is to help you understand your potential target audience and determine how to establish yourself as an authority in your field. The best place will potentially increase the number of Money YouTubers earns each month.

2. Set Your Channel Goal

The next step in becoming a YouTuber is to set clear objectives for the Youtube channel. The first step is to select a particular segment of viewers, then sketch out the goals you plan to accomplish.

Your goal for your channel should clearly outline what you plan to achieve. For example, the purpose of your channel may be ” help 200 persons shed weight by 2022 through practical suggestions “.

Since it is an exact number and explicit goal, you will be able to track your progress towards reaching your target quickly.

3. Create Content Brainstorming Ideas

Once you’ve clearly defined your channel’s goal, You should then create content ideas that can aid you in achieving this goal.

Conducting thorough research will aid in identifying subjects to discuss in your blog. Listen attentively to other Vloggers within your field to determine what you’d prefer to do differently. Apply this to your ideas for video with a dash of class.

If you’re committed to becoming a YouTuber who is victorious, You should have more than 40 ideas for content that are clearly explained in order of their sequence. It should last for 40 weeks if you upload only one post per week or for a month if you publish content daily.

4. Purchase an Equipment Set for Recording Equipment

There are many Vloggers across every field around the globe today. Therefore, you could be in danger of failing as a YouTuber when you begin with poorly recorded videos.

Allows you to access your recording equipment. If they’re not performing well enough, It is crucial to invest to get better ones.

It costs around $500 to purchase an excellent camera set and lighting equipment, external microphones, tripod stabilizers, and sound editing software. It’s an investment you should consider. It is possible to scroll down to find out how much you could make as a Youtuber who is successful.

5. Become a YouTuber

After you have recording equipment and content ideas, it is time to make a channel on YouTube. After that, you can optimize it for your particular niche before uploading the first of your videos.

If you’ve got an account on YouTube with a video and you’ve made yourself a YouTube celebrity. But, the only way to determine if you’ll succeed as a YouTuber is through your actions following.

A Guide on How to Become a Successful Youtuber

A traditional African adage states, “there isn’t much work to become rich, then maintaining the wealth.”

Now that you are YouTube’s star. To succeed and earn more money per month when you become a YouTuber, follow the steps below:

6. Be Consistent and Patient

What will define you or change you on this journey will depend on your dedication. In the past, it was clearly said that you must select a field that is in alignment with your interest.

In the long term, it is essential to be in line with your content schedule and your niche. If your content plan states that you post content weekly, you should publish content each week. It is possible to indicate in your video the date when the next video will be up for upload to keep viewers waiting.

7. Enhance your Search Engine Optimization

Whatever great your content is without any viewers, they’re unimportant, Particularly if you plan to make money as a YouTuber. One way to accomplish this is to create organic traffic to your channel by optimizing it to rank in search results.

For every video you upload, you must improve the keyword search to be the first choice on YouTube for people searching. It is essential to be high-quality. However, the search results can generate traffic that could turn into Money.

8. Promote your channel’s presence on different platforms

Apart from organic search, it is possible to promote your website via other platforms to increase visitors. It is recommended to develop a social media platform and then runs ads to get your message to your intended users.

It is essential to view your YouTube channel as a part of your community. You must then do everything within your power to help it expand.

9. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

To stay relevant to your target audience, you need to create popular content within your field. If they don’t, they’ll take it to a different place.

Thus, constant research will help you find relevant topics within your niche, particularly the most popular ones. You can discuss them in your next video to maintain the interest of your viewers.

10. Monetize your Channel

You can now apply for the YouTube Partners Program to monetize your channel. You must take into consideration the eligibility criteria before applying. This is the first step in determining the salary for a month of YouTubers

After your application has been approved and you receive your Adsense account, you must concentrate on increasing the number of views per video from the lowest you could get to as high as you can.

Additionally, you can offer products on your channel or publish sponsored videos to make more Money as YouTuber. Whatever method you decide to use to earn money through your channel, you must remember that Money is flowing towards traffic.

Make Money by gaining traffic. As a YouTuber, the more traffic you get will earn you more money, so take advantage of more traffic.

How to Become an acclaimed Youtuber as a Child

In the beginning, you must pick something you are enthusiastic about. The most popular Youtuber of 2022 is Ryan, an 8-year-old boy. This means that you can become YouTube even when you’re a kid.

Choose a topic that you’re not bored of discussing. Find a niche and follow the steps above to learn ways to be a YouTube superstar.

How Can I Be famous on Youtube?

Being famous on YouTube is a sign of more traffic, meaning more revenue. To become famous on Youtube, you must follow the following steps:

  • Be an Expert in Your Niche
  • Create a captivating personal profile
  • Let the world know exactly what you are doing and well
  • Invite others to join your channel
  • Create a welcome video that explains to viewers what they can expect.
  • Make use of some hacks to your technology
  • Promote your videos
  • Watch and subscribe to different Youtube Channels
  • Run ads for your YouTube Channel
  • Make it a frequent topic of debate to create traffic
  • Participate in community development and service
  • Collaboration with YouTube stars
  • Make Great Videos


The number of YouTubers who earn a decent amount of money through YouTube is steadily increasing.

The growth of your YouTube channel to one million views demands to be dedicated, consistent, and focused, especially when you plan to earn money from it.

You, too, can be a YouTube star by adhering to the rules and guidelines.