Financial Tips For Moving From Sydney To Brisbane

May 5, 2022


Moving from Sydney to Brisbane is a recently well-known trend.

It is logical given the ever-increasing cost of living in Sydney. Brisbane was named among the 25 top liveable cities around the globe in Monocle Magazine in 2017, and moving to Brisbane could put more money into your pocket.

In analyzing both of these markets, Brisbane’s cheaper housing market in Brisbane is a standout as a method of saving money and allows individuals to be able to build their homes wherever they’d like. In addition, the cost associated with living in Brisbane is considerably less expensive.

The following tips will highlight and explain how the switch between Sydney to Brisbane can save you money while also allowing you to explore ways to reinvest your savings to meet the financial objectives you have set for yourself.


Costs of Moving From Sydney To Brisbane

There are many costs involved in the move between Sydney and Brisbane. The costs typically comprise cleaning costs and storage, transportation, and any other fees that you could pay. The price for shifting from Sydney up to Brisbane can be $2630.

Other aspects to consider are the number of people in your household if you have pets and any additional housing costs like hotels that could be incurred.

But, these expenses can be quickly recouped through the savings you’ll experience in Brisbane and the cost of housing and general cost of living.

Differentialities in the prices of property Between Sydney in Queensland and Brisbane


The median price for a house in Sydney is a staggering $996,000. The median price for a home in Brisbane is more affordable at $512,000. It’s an increase of 64% in fees for housing.

If you previously owned property in Sydney, buying an investment property could be an option. This could be highly beneficial in the future when you plan to retire.

However, if you live in Sydney, homeownership is a possibility in Brisbane, in which you can locate a mortgage option that is suitable for your requirements.

Overall the differences between the two housing markets are staggering. Sydney’s rising housing costs result in many taking on mortgages with high-interest rates. This makes finding an affordable, high-quality rental option challenging to find.

These aren’t a problem in Brisbane, and the housing market reflects the city’s quality and affordability.


Variations in the cost of living in Sydney, Brisbane, and Brisbane

The cost of living in Brisbane is also less than in Sydney.

When you relocate to Brisbane, you’ll be able to see consumer prices that are lower by 12 and food costs that are 5% less, and a 7percent increase in your purchasing power for consumers.

When evaluating the different living costs, You should also consider any changes in the salary in your field that could differ from region to region.


There are several big companies located in Brisbane in the tech, banking, and other business sectors seeking to grow and expand their operations in the region.

Although the wages aren’t comparable to those offered in Sydney, it’s essential to look at the cost of living to ensure you’re making an informed financial choice.

If you’re making a movie as a component of the work you perform, enquiring about a relocation package might be worth it since employers are often willing to assist when selling your home or helping in the process of moving.

It is also necessary to determine how you will deal with the potential to take-off time during the relocation process, which could take anything from one or two days to a couple of weeks.

Although these general decreases guarantee that you’ll enjoy a more excellent quality of life in Brisbane, They also allow funds to be used to manage wealth or other investment options.

The savings that you’ll experience by living in Brisbane allows you to pursue aggressively simultaneously your short-term and longer-term goals.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting vs. owning

If you’re making a move, it’s an important decision to take that could significantly impact your finances today and in the future.

Many people believe that owning a home is the most beneficial decision, but this isn’t always the case.

The My Wealth Solutions, we analyze each in detail when providing suggestions, and sometimes it’s beneficial to rent out.

Stability or Flexibility

Before making this decision, the essential concern to address is whether you’re searching for durability or flexibility.

While having a house is an excellent way to ensure stability, it’s an asset that is not liquid, meaning it could make it challenging to trade and depends on how the housing market performs.

It could be impacting you in your move if you are a homeowner and are yet to sell your home within Sydney.

In the meantime, if you can make a move, it’s crucial to be aware of the possibility of paying for multiple mortgages as an extra cost during moving.

Renting is, however, a source of the flexibility you need based on lease agreements, which houses do not and could be more suitable to your present situation.

There are other costs for homeowners that renters are not. This includes fees like Homeowner’s Association dues, property taxes, recycling and garbage services, various homeowners insurance, and the interest charged on mortgages.

These costs can add up, so evaluating your present situation, monthly income, and budget is essential before putting money into homeownership.

Financial Predictability of Renting

Financial stability is a further advantage of renting.

According to the lease agreement and the renter’s insurance, your costs are fixed. For instance, you will not have to shoulder the expenses of a leaky pipeline that causes flooding to floors or ceilings. Your landlord is responsible for these costs.

However, homeowners are responsible for the various extra costs associated with the maintenance of their homes. These can range from simple tasks like yard maintenance to higher-cost expenses like roofing and plumbing.

In analyzing Brisbane’s real estate market, there is one point to note: it’s an area that is growing.

So it is believed that it’s good to invest in the house you want because you’ll profit from the value of your home.

Some costs come with this, such as an increase in property tax. Furthermore, the market may not be growing as you’d like, which could limit the return you earn on your investments.

Fitting With Your Lifestyle

Homeownership isn’t a decision to be taken solely by thinking of it as a way to invest but also by considering how it could affect your lifestyle.

However, while your circumstances are constantly changing, there’s a consistent trend on the market.

The price of living between Sydney and Brisbane is enormous. Making the change if it is compatible with your life is a sensible choice that will allow you to save money and increase the leverage of your financial resources. It could also assist you in achieving realizing your goals and desires in the future, such as owning a business, homeownership, or retirement plans, as well as investments.

What Can You Do With your savings?

The move from Sydney to Brisbane allows you to increase your savings by utilizing a variety of avenues.

This means that you’ll enjoy more financial flexibility and the option of using your newfound savings in various directions.

My Wealth Solutions is skilled in developing plans that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our approach is hands-on, and we’ll work with you, over the phone or in person, to develop a strategy focused on your requirements. Our highly customized financial planning procedures are specific to your needs and expectations.

Create and Grow Your Wealth

One of the most compelling reasons to relocate to Brisbane is that it will free up funds to invest in wealth creation. Deciding to concentrate on creating wealth now can result in very positive outcomes.

My Wealth Solutions My Wealth Solutions offers various services, including financial planning and financial advice, Wealth management and creation, retirement planning and investment advice, tax planning, and superannuation. We’re equipped to meet your financial needs and maximize the benefits of moving to Sydney from Australia to Brisbane.

A Move Well Worth Making

In the end, Brisbane is one of the most desirable cities to relocate to, not just in Australia but all over the world. If doing this will benefit you and your wallet, the decision is easy to make.

You save millions of dollars. You will also be better positioned to build wealth and fulfill your financial goals, whether purchasing a home, business ownership or building your investment portfolio.