Best Pet Insurance Companies in USA

May 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Pet insurance can pay for medical expenses for your pet. Many policies will cover up to 90 % of vet costs. The percentage of coverage differs by the insurance company and your personal preferences. Furthermore, specific procedures and services are excluded from insurance. You could also hit lifetime or annual payment limits in some policies, meaning that particular bills aren’t covered.

It’s not easy to find a comprehensive insurance plan for your cat or dog with a reasonable monthly cost.

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The most reputable pet insurance providers provide generous accident and illness protection, flexible premiums, deductibles, and clear conditions. Additionally, they offer discount rates when having multiple pets insured, some preventive coverage, and riders that add on for extra security. To aid you in reducing the process, here’s a checklist of the best pet insurance companies tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Top pet insurance firms

1. Best for Alternative Therapies: Healthy Paws

The reason we picked Healthy Paws: Many insurance companies do not cover the use of alternative therapies in their coverage; however, Healthy Paws covers treatments like hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and physical therapy, as well as massage therapy, and laser therapy, as long as they are approved and administered by an authorized veterinarian.


  • There are no per-incident, annual, or lifetime cap
  • Quick claim processing
  • Provides alternative therapies for conditions that have been diagnosed.
  • Direct payments available under certain conditions


  • Hip dysplasia is not covered. insurance for dogs who are enrolled for six years or more
  • One policy provided
  • There is no coverage for prescription drugs
  • Options for coverage for older pets
  • Office exams aren’t covered.

Healthy Paws has a single insurance policy covering illness and accidents for dogs and cats. There are no per-incident, lifetime, or annual benefit caps, and you can select the deductible from $100 to $500.

Healthy Paws provides quick claim processing using its mobile app, typically processing claims within two days. The company also provides an option for direct payment in place of reimbursement if you cannot afford the initial expense of a vet.

Healthy Paws is ideal for pets who have been enrolling. At the same time, they’re still young because the options for coverage or reimbursements are limited for older pets.

2. Best for Hereditary and Congenital Conditions: ASPCA

We picked ASPCA. We chose ASPCA as the top pet insurance policy for congenital or hereditary ailments because it doesn’t deny coverage for these diseases when you enroll your pet. You can have your pet fully protected quickly due to the short waiting period of 14 days.


  • A standout option for congenital and hereditary diseases
  • No upper age limit to enroll.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that can be treated are covered for 180 days after diagnosis.
  • It covers stem cell therapy as well as microchipping.


  • Claims processing can be up to thirty days
  • Monthly payments are subject to an additional transaction cost
  • The website isn’t user-friendly

The American Society to Prevent Cruelty for Animals (ASPCA) provides accident-only and illness and accident preventive care for cats and dogs. However, riders can also get insurance for their horses only in specific states.

The premium rates offered by ASPCA are among the lowest. The organization has more flexibility with specific policy guidelines than its counterparts in the industry.

In contrast to other policies that place an age limit for coverage for congenital or hereditary diseases, ASPCA guarantees coverage regardless of your pet’s age, so long as the condition isn’t diagnosed before enrollment. Furthermore, pre-existing illnesses that can be treated are covered as long as your pet’s symptom-free status is at least 180 days. Other companies could make you keep your pet for up to one year.

The insurer is also not up to par, requiring a lengthy claim processing time. Pet care can be expensive, and waiting for 30 days to receive reimbursement from insurance isn’t a compelling reason to sell when insurers process claims within a matter of days.

3. Best for Unlimited Coverage: Spot

What we liked about spot We chose the location because it serves pet owners who seek coverage that provides the peace of mind that comes with their pet’s health even if they decide to pay minimal or no co-payments, and the small deductible tend to increase prices of any insurance regardless of the provider. A spot is also an excellent option for older pets, as there’s no age limit for the coverage.


  • Deductible starting at $100
  • Unlimited coverage for the year.
  • Offers alternative therapies, like hydrotherapy and acupuncture
  • No upper age limit


  • Higher-than-average premiums for young pets
  • Coverage for knees and ligaments is limited (bilateral policy on condition)
  • No customer service on weekends availability

The spot allows you to provide the most coverage possible for your pet. It’s one of the firms that offer policies with complete (100 percent) coverage, meaning you’re not responsible for the cost of co-paying charges. Furthermore, the company provides an affordable ($100) deductible option that further cuts your out-of-pocket expenses for medical care.

The prices of spots are higher than what is typical for pet owners with young children, even though there is no higher age limit to insure young animals. This can make it an ideal option if your pet’s owners are old. But that if you choose one or both, a co-payment that is low and an affordable deductible could increase the cost of the policy.

4. Best for Puppies and Kittens: Pumpkin

We chose Pumpkin as the top insurance policy for pets, both kittens and puppies, since it provides both comprehensive insurance and non-insurance preventive options specifically designed for young pets at an affordable price.


  • No upper age limit
  • Coverage for prescription food
  • The short (14-day) waiting time for all conditions includes hip dysplasia and knee pain.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limitations on coverage range start at $10k for dog owners or $7k for cats to unlimited options


  • No customizable reimbursement levels
  • Deductible options are limited ($100 up to $500, meaning they are likely to cost more)

Pumpkin provides affordable plans that include the option of adding preventative health care packages for children, pets, and cats that aren’t covered in the standard program. For instance, the company’s boxes for puppy preventive care consist of a wellness check every year, a cost, four vaccines for puppies, and one annual fecal test.

Pumpkin will also reimburse the cost of four vaccinations your puppy might have had before becoming covered by the preventive plan and cover testing for parasites in labs. This add-one called Pumpkin Preventive Essentials is not available in all states.

5. Best for Reimbursement Options: Figo

We chose Figo. Figo is the most reliable pet insurance reimbursement option since pet owners can select the option of 100% reimbursement and eliminate co-payments. We chose Figo because most competitors provide the possibility of a 90% or more reimbursement.


  • Up to 100% reimbursement
  • No upper age enrollment limit
  • Low-deductible options
  • Free 24/7 vet helpline
  • Three-day waiting period for injuries and 14 days for illness


  • No coverage for hereditary diseases if the pet is registered after two years.
  • Six-month waiting period for knee injuries as well as orthopedic conditions.
  • Does not cover preventative health treatment

FIGO gives pet owners the possibility of reducing their cost to 0% due to the 100% reimbursement option. (As generally, the lowest amount of co-payments that other providers offer is 10 percent.) Figo does not impose annual limits either; however, they have a lifetime limit – which is the amount it will pay for the entire life of your animal.

Prepare to spend more than average premiums to get policies that have a 0% co-pay and unlimited payout benefits, or both. The other major drawbacks of Figo include limitations on coverage for hereditary conditions and the lack of rider choices. Pet owners can buy additional coverage to cover the cost of a vet’s exam; however, not for preventative treatment or health.

It’s Pet Cloud app features comprehensive support via mobile. Through the app, you can connect with a licensed veterinarian and keep track of your pet’s insurance papers and pay for your pet’s insurance, in addition to other things.

6. Best for Older Pets: Embrace

We chose Embrace because elderly pets should not be left without protection from insurance when they require it the most. We chose Embrace as the top pet insurance policy for older pets since it offers complete coverage to animals under 14 years of age and offers an accident-only range for pets that are 15 years old or older.


  • Maximum upper age limit for enrollment
  • Yearly diminishing deductible
  • It Covers curable pre-existing conditions
  • High-annual reimbursement limit option


  • Only covers cats and dogs
  • There are no unlimited benefits options
  • Health benefits for the limited
  • It is not accessible in Canada and US territories.

Embrace will provide insurance for illness and accidents for pets up to 15 years old. This isn’t a huge deal because most insurance companies don’t cover pets ten years old or more or any other way. After 15 years, you can buy insurance, but only for injuries.

Embrace does not offer the benefits of wellness as an additional policy. The pet owner can join Wellness Rewards. Health Rewards plan and contribute an amount specific to pay for costs for preventative care. Ensuring that the annual contribution aligns with the amount you expect to receive from preventive care is essential because unutilized funds cannot roll over into the following year.

Another advantage of Embrace, the pet insurance policy, is decreasing the deductibles. If you don’t get an amount for reimbursement of claims, Embrace will reduce your annual deductible by $50.

All policies include a 30-day guarantee for money-back or a pro-rated refund if you’ve claimed within the period.

7. Best for Treatment of Mobility Issues: Pet’s Best

We chose Pets Best: Pets Best offers a variety of choices for coverage and deductibles and offers insurance for pets as young as seven weeks. It’s also among the few insurance companies covering wheelchairs and prosthetic devices.


  • Pets start as young as seven weeks without an upper age limit.
  • Direct payments available
  • Prosthetic device coverage and wheelchairs
  • A wide selection of deducts


  • Parasite treatments not covered
  • Upgrades to the policy are not available until the renewal date
  • Bilateral exclusions are in effect

The Pets Best provides insurance policies for illness and accidents. It sells a variety of health plans to take care of your pet’s needs for routine treatment.

Most insurance companies require your pet to be eight weeks old before joining; however, Pets Best will insure pets as young as seven weeks. There’s no upper age limit either, and you can get insurance for older pets.

Insurance companies don’t necessarily cover treatment for mobility problems; however, Pets Best provides coverage for wheelchairs and prosthetic devices if prescribed by a doctor to treat an injury or health issue.

If your pet has been previously diagnosed with a medical condition that affected one side of its body, such as eyes with cataracts or hip dysplasia, an luxating patella Pets Best won’t cover the situation when it involves the opposite side. It’s classified as a pre-existing condition. But, Pets Best does have exclusions for both sides.

8. Best for Fast Claims Processing: Lemonade

We picked Lemonade The reason we chose Lemonade is because of its innovative AI-powered processing that promises to process claims quickly through the application. The possibility of directing an element of the company’s profits to an organization that you choose could attract pet owners.


  • Quick claims processing in less than weeks using a mobile app
  • Discounts for multiple times, which includes the possibility of bundling homeowners insurance with or for insuring pets of various owners and making one annual payment
  • Part of the money is donated to animal-related charities.


  • Only is available only in the 36 US states.
  • Limited information available online
  • Do not submit more than a year’s medical information for 12 months before the exam.
  • Rates are partially based on credit scores.
  • No 30-day “free look” period

Lemonade provides a comprehensive health and accident policy and the option to extend coverage by the preventative care rider, which covers annual checks, vaccinations, and screening for heartworms and parasites. Additionally, a separate rider is available to cover vet examination charges and alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

Lemonade also makes donations of excess premium payments to charitable organizations chosen by the policyholders. Lemonade is currently offered in 36 states; however, you can sign-up to receive updates via its website.

9. Best for Direct Payment to Vets: Trupanion

We picked Trupanion. The majority of pet owners must pay their vet bills before receiving reimbursement. With Trupanion’s direct-pay software, your vet can claim the spot and receive the payment in minutes. You won’t need to take a cent out of your pocket.


  • The company provides vets with direct payment directly
  • No limit on payouts for any benefit (per incident, month, or even lifetime)
  • Free 30 days of coverage with the shelters, breeders, or vets
  • Lifetime per condition deductibles
  • Enrollment is available in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia


  • High premium rates
  • Per-condition deductible
  • No preventive care coverage
  • No multi-pet discounts
  • Only one option for a plan

Trupanion provides an insurance plan that is single for both dogs and cats. Apart from the standard benefits such as surgeries, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, and prescription medication, it covers other treatments, dental diseases, prosthetic devices, and prescription food.

If your vet uses Trupanion’s direct payments software, you do not have to file claims; Trupanion will pay the veterinarian directly. The policyholders need not fret about costly upfront payments or filing reimbursement claims. These are typical for the majority of the insurance for pets.

Trupanion doesn’t have the affordability or flexibility – the premiums are very high, and there’s only one policy choice. But, the insurance coverage is extensive. Suppose you can afford more tips than the average. In that case, your pet will be able to get a reimbursement of 90% for all eligible claims. There are no limits on the amount of money you can pay per event, year, or even your entire life.

10. Best for Exotic Pets: Nationwide

We chose Nationwide. We chose Nationwide as the top pet insurance policy for exotic pets due to its complete insurance coverage for all kinds of unconventional pets. Pet owners can rest assured that most of their costs for these pets will be covered through a trusted insurance company.


  • Protection for exotic pet animals such as birds
  • People who have other Nationwide policies can save 5percent on pet insurance coverage
  • Visit any certified vet, specialist, or emergency care service provider anywhere around the globe.
  • Free 24/7 vet helpline
  • Low 50% reimbursement option


  • Only one ($250) tax-deductible option is available
  • Upper age limit on enrollment
  • Important information on exclusions and coverage is difficult to locate.
  • Restricts reimbursement allowed for regular

Nationwide is the sole pet insurance provider of its size that provides the Avian or Exotic Pet plan. Most reptiles, birds, and small mammals are protected, including goats and pot-bellied porks. (However, any animal that isn’t explicitly listed as a subject on the Nationwide website isn’t considered eligible, including those classified as endangered or venomous species. )

Nationwide offers three accident and illness policies and two wellness plans for those pets. Exotic pet owners should contact 844-244-3691 for an estimate or join. Still, cat and dog insurance is easily accessible through the Nationwide website.