Tips To Reduce Your Dry Cleaning Costs

May 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Dry cleaning costs a considerable amount of money and takes much time due to the numerous pickups and drop-offs. Mainly if you own tons of “dry clean only” clothing that you constantly send to the cleaning service, it’s also one of those costs that are easy to forget about.

Consider what you could do using your money saved on dry cleaning expenses! From boosting your emergency savings account to putting more money into saving for a goal to paying off more of your debts, and on! Here are a few suggestions to cut down on dry cleaning visits, or even skip them altogether (yes, you can do it) and save money.

Consider a DIY dry cleaning kit. A home dry cleaning kit is less than what it will cost for you to bring your clothing to dry cleaning, which is around 85 percent less. If your clothes are just a little dirty or require some refreshers, you can try the home dry-cleaning kit to save dollars. Dryel and Woolite are both highly rated dry cleaning kits that you can use at home.

1. Differentiate between “dry clean” and “dry cleaned only.”

Did you know it is true that “dry clean” and “dry clean only” are two different things? If a piece of clothing is labeled “dry clean,” the item is only a recommendation; it’s not a requirement to have the item dry-cleaned. The clothing item can be placed in the washer or hand washed.

“Dry clean only,” in contrast, is a sign that the garment should be dry cleaned because of what the material is made of. Learn the difference, and make sure you sort your clothes to reduce the cost of dry cleaning!

2. Be aware of your fabrics and learn how to care for them.

If you’ve got a clear concept of the materials that your clothes are made of, you’ll be able to care for your clothes. Materials like cashmere, wool, and silk require special attention; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean the only method to maintain them is through dry cleaning.

Depending on the fabric, gentle washing using mild detergents and drying with air can maintain them in good condition. Therefore, before heading to the cleaners, make sure you look up Google to find out how you can take care of your fabrics at home and stay clear of the cleaners.

3. Utilize the product to remove wrinkles or steamer

Sometimes, applying iron to delicate fabrics can cause them to break, so dry cleaning is a way to prevent potential catastrophes. A better option to take care of your clothing is to apply a wrinkle-releaser after washing it at home and a high steamer to get rid of wrinkles.

Both are less abrasive and damaging than steamers or ironing. Both options will make your clothes appear as if they’re new from the racks of your favorite clothing stores.

4. Spot clean stains ASAP.

Dry cleaning products cannot remove certain stains. If you notice clean staining on your clothing when they appear, it is possible to eliminate the color yourself. This could extend the life of your clothes before when you need to go to the cleaning service. By quickly tackling stains, you will reduce dry cleaning costs and avoid further damage to your clothes.

Use those “dry and clean” clothing more than once between cleanings up; you could do it! Apply a light coat of some non-staining delicate fabric freshener, then run your steamer through them, and then your clothes are clean and fresh! In addition, wearing your clothes over and over can save you cash on dry cleaning; however, you’ll also get the best value per wear. Consider this advice since celebrities also avoid washing clothes to keep their clothes in good condition.

5. Locate a lower-priced dry-cleaner

If nothing else works and you’re left dry clean your clothes or cannot abandon dry cleaning completely, why not search for a less expensive cleaner? Many dry cleaners provide discounts at certain times of the week or according to your usage, and therefore, shop around to find out what’s available.

6. Practice minimalist fashion

Another way to cut down on dry cleaning expenses is to design an outfit that is a capsule and follow a minimalist style. You can replace or decrease your items that you only dry clean with budget-friendly clothes. The addition of classic pieces to your wardrobe that are never out of fashion will streamline your closet and decrease costs. Do not worry; you can still look fashionable without breaking the bank!

Final Thoughts

Making the most of every opportunity to cut costs and leading a budget-friendly lifestyle will aid in saving money more quickly. It may not appear to be a lot. However, it will add a lot over time. If you can save $50 each month on dry-cleaning expenses, that’s about $600 over a year! You could save for a luxurious item you’ve always wanted to have or even a holiday.