Self Credit Builder Review 2022

Apr 20, 2022


Self, known previously as Self Lender, is a business that provides two different products targeted to assist customers with poor or no credit. The products are available and robust online and mobile services for managing accounts. The company’s most popular offering, Credit Builder Account, allows customers to get an unsecured credit card and an accounting certificate (CD) that matures when they’ve paid off their debts. The company also provides credit cards for credit building.

What must you be aware of regarding a Self credit builder loan?

Self, also referred to as Self Lender, was an online lender that provides credit-building loans that aid people in building financial credit while saving money. Self offers its credit-builder loan for those with “a fair or very poor FICO(r) rating (below 670) ).”

A credit-builder loan is a loan that usually ranges from $300 to $1,000, as per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Self’s credit-builder loan ranges from $520 to $1,663.

You can apply for a Self credit-builder credit directly through the website. The loan money will be transferred to you when the loan is paid. Instead of getting the sum within a couple of days, you can make monthly installments towards your account to repay the amount you’ve been accepted for.


Self lets you select among four choices for monthly payments, including $25, $35, $48, or $150. Additionally, you can choose the loan period between 12 and 24 to repay the loan. The company will put the money into a certificate of deposit, the CD, or the certificate of deposit; then, you’ll receive the money after paying the total amount.

Can help build credit

Self will report on-time payments to the three main consumer credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and this makes the credit-builder loan a great option to increase your credit score, provided you pay punctually as well as incomplete. Self claims that this loan is suitable for those with a fair to poor credit score. If you’ve had difficulty obtaining an ordinary loan or credit card, this one might be the right choice.

Save money

Opening credit-builder accounts can be an excellent option for those struggling with saving cash. Self will store your payment into an insured CD by the FDIC till your entire loan amount has been reached.


This could help you create an emergency fund or save up for future financial goals later.

Make sure to pay the balance or shut the account before it is due.

There is the option to close or pay off the account earlier, and you’ll pay the maximum amount of $5 if you choose to do this. Self will also record the loan as being late-paid to the credit bureaus, which can help avoid having a delinquent account if you are unable to pay.

Interest and fees

Self requires a non-refundable $9 administration cost to set up the account.

If you wish to make monthly loan payments using debit cards, you’ll need to pay an amount of $0.30 plus a 2.99 percent convenience fee for each transaction.

Remember that you’ll also have to pay an interest rate on your loan even though you’ll not get the funds until your account is fully paid off.


A closer look at self credit-builder loans

  • Eligibility: It is necessary to be 18 years old and an active Permanent U.S. resident or U.S. citizen to qualify.
  • History of your banking: The history of your banking Self claims it does not deny applicants solely based on credit scores; however, it does collaborate with ChexSystems to determine a person’s eligibility by studying their banking history.
  • There is no hard inquiry Self does not conduct a hard inquiry into your credit score, so applying for credit won’t harm your credit score.
  • National availability: Self’s credit-building loan is available nationwide in all 50 states.

What does the cost of the Self credit-builder account cost?

If you want to use their credit-builder account, they charge a once-off non-refundable administrative charge of $9. You then can decide the amount you’d like to spend each month to help you rebuild your credit. For instance, you could start by paying as little as $25 per month and allow you to save $520 over 24 months.

If you are trying to get credit more quickly, several options are available to pay as little as $35, $48, or $150 each month for a 12-month term loan. This will result in a more significant credit-building loan. Check out additional examples of the product in the following image. Check www. self. Inc/pricing to get the most current pricing options.

Should I apply for self-builder credit loans?

A self credit-builder mortgage could be an option for you to improve your credit score. The development of positive credit history can help you attain some of your financial goals in the future, like applying for auto loans or purchasing an investment property.


In contrast to secured credit cards, There’s no upfront fee necessary to apply for the Self credit-builder loan. Instead, you’ll select the plan of payment that works most for you and continue to make monthly installments until you’ve paid back the total amount.

There are a few points to be aware of when taking a self’s credit-building loan. If you consistently fail to make your payments monthly, your loan could affect your credit score. Your repayments are reported to three major credit bureaus for consumers.

Be sure to select a monthly amount that is sensible for you financially. Self lets you pick between monthly installments of $35, $25, $48, and $150.

If you’re seeking to save money, a credit builder’s loan isn’t the best option since you’ll be paying interest on the loan amount. Therefore, you should consider an account with a high yield or CD instead.

What is the best way to use self?

Suppose you’re interested in applying for a credit builder’s loan. In that case, it is possible to begin the application process via self’s website by creating an account. Here are some details you need to be aware of before applying.

  • ChexSystems reports. You’ll need a banking account or debit card, or Prepaid card for payment. You must be at least 18 years old. You must also be an active Permanent U.S. resident or U.S. citizen.
  • Self does not have any limitations on income. However, you could be denied if you’ve got unfavorable marks or marks on the report.

Things to Look For

Self is a legitimate credit-building business that has assisted many people with very little credit. However, this doesn’t mean its services do not have a few drawbacks.

Although using credit-building products from a company such as yourself is almost certain to increase your credit score and credit history, the exact effects will vary depending on the individual. However, this is not unexpected since there aren’t all individuals in the same situation concerning their credit.

However, for all the advantages that Self can provide, the interest rates on loans could be pretty high. Though this might not be a big surprise since clients of self generally have poor credit, the APRs be relatively high and have a substantial impact.

What self compares against Security-enabled credit Cards

Alongside credit-building loans, secured credit cards may aid you in repairing or building your credit rating of yours. They are called “secured” because your credit limit is generally supported by a deposit made with the credit card issuer before your card issuer. This helps protect your credit card company if you fail to pay your balance.

However, a self’s Credit Builder Account stands out quite slightly compared to secured cards. Self doesn’t require a deposit before the time your account is activated, unlike secured card issuers who do. This Self Visa(r) Credit Card does not require an initial deposit. It allows you to use the funds you’ve earned within the Credit Builder Account as security. These advantages could be highly advantageous for those with poor credit scores since they might not have the money to finance a secured card.

Self’s APRs are generally lower than those of most secured credit cards in terms of the interest rate. Most of the time, the APRs for purchases on secured credit cards are at least 20. However, self’s current rates are closer to 15 percent. However, this shouldn’t be unexpected since card issuers are merely trying to shield themselves from the risk of being in a more dangerous situation.

Are you unsure if a self credit-builder loan is right for you? Check out the following Self Credit Builder alternatives.

  • MoneyLion: MoneyLion offers credit-builder loans up to $1,000 with a lower interest rate than self. You’ll need to pay each month a $19.99 cost to join the company to access these loans.
  • Earnin: Earnin is an application that allows certain workers to access their paychecks. It could be a great alternative if you’re more worried about quick access to cash rather than creating credit.


Self provides those with poor credit scores with an excellent opportunity to boost their credit score and lifestyle. Being able to open an account to build credit without paying an advance cash deposit is an appealing benefit. At the same time, the APRs for Self can be somewhat high when you manage your budget correctly. Avoiding additional fees will allow you to recover the bulk of your cash after your CD account has been fully paid off.