10 Legit Ways to Sell Feet Pics Online

May 22, 2022


While it might seem odd, selling feet pictures online can be highly profitable. While people search for better ways to earn cash online and make themselves stand out, knowing how to sell photos of feet for money could allow you access to an industry that is booming.

It’s not difficult to see some underlying meanings here, and those opinions aren’t necessarily untrue. However, it’s worth reading more about this before completely dismissing it.

There are incredibly safe and completely legitimate platforms created exclusively to connect sellers and buyers in this region. You can also make the entire transaction private from beginning to end, which is ideal to ensure your security while earning substantial cash in this area.

How to make money selling feet pictures online.


If you’re searching for the top site to sell your feet pictures online and seek the most efficient and secure website to purchase and sell photos of feet, FeetFinder is the best place to go.


Many people have made money on this site and kept their personal information safe and safe. This is since pictures are blurred until the buyer decides to view the images.

You’re selling photos of feet here and becoming a model for hire. The first step is to sign up for an account. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to upload your pictures.

In addition to the pictures you share with the public, customers can also request a custom-designed photo that allows you to increase the price.


With Feetfinder, the money is safe. If a customer pays for more than $30, You can ask for your funds to be deposited in your account. The payout is made weekly.


As the name suggests, Instafeet is all about selling pictures of feet on the internet. Instant is an unofficial social platform which means it is the best location to sell your food pictures on the internet.

Your photos will be visible only to your subscribers, not the general public. This creates Instafeet as an ideal platform for those who value privacy.

What is Instant?

Instant is a relatively new website that lets people buy and sell foot photos. The users pay, on average, under $10 per month to the people who offer these images. Uploaders get paid according to the number of users they’ve called.

Instant is among the best popular websites in the field of selling images of feet online for quick cash.


New users must create a seller profile to begin posting pictures and be 18 or older. Interested customers can sign up to the account you have made and purchase your foot pictures.

It’s an exclusive social network that means your photos are not visible to the general public and exclusively to users, making it a secure platform for those who value privacy.

How to make money selling feet photos on Instafeet

Create a profile and confirm your identity to start using Instafeet. Then, you will share photos to gain subscribers who will pay more for images. If you have more customers can get, the more you’ll get paid.


The price range is between $5-$100 per photo. If, for instance, your average is four members, you could earn more than $70 per day with one image.

When you sign-up for free, you’ll be provided with an individual profile link that allows you to advertise yourself through other platforms if you want to.

It is also essential to keep the fact that there could be a long waiting period for approval since the process can take anywhere from one to three weeks due to many applicants because Instafeet is a well-known website.

Is Instafeet safe?

Instant is highly secure. They also handle all payments, so you don’t have to worry about your banking data becoming compromised due to a user. Your profile is visible only to those who have subscribed to your profile. This means it’s not accessible to everyone on the internet.

In looking through Instafeet reviews on the internet, It’s important to note that some sporadic complaints from individuals claiming their identities were discovered by their Instafeet account. It’s still tricky to figure out what transpired and how it was dealt with. Also, this is a tiny minority due to the majority of Instafeet reviews being favorable.

Therefore If you follow the way Instafeet functions (and remember some of the suggestions below on how to sell feet pictures without getting scammed), You’ll likely discover that Instafeet is safe and reliable.

How much does Instafeet make?

Instant will take 10 percent of your earnings as a commission. In other words, if you charge $20 per image and six of your customers opt to sign up, then the total profits would be around $120. Instant will pay you $12, which means your income is $108.

Creating an attractive profile will help you bring traffic to your page and encourage visitors to sign up.

And with the top earners on Instafeet earning upwards of $500 per day, There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do the same!

On your site

A great alternative to having complete control over the selling process for your photos of feet is to set up your site for doing this.

It’s effortless to accomplish this. You can achieve it within less than 20 minutes, even if there is no technical knowledge! Follow the steps below on setting up an online presence.

Then, you’ll be able to establish a storefront on your website so that visitors can purchase photos directly from your site, whether it’s at a set price or subscription model. Because it’s your site, you decide on the terms.

It also benefits from eliminating the middleman, meaning you don’t need to pay commissions as other sites require.

In addition, you’ll discover that you can use your website to sell foot pictures together with the other options in this list. For instance, you could draw customers to your site via Instagram and then direct customers to your website for the actual purchase.


Fortify is a different platform exclusively dedicated to aiding people in buying and selling feet pictures.

The way it works is that you join as a seller and then create your profile. Buyers can then go to Feetify and browse profiles that appeal to them, using the platform built on the model of subscriptions.

Your profile should be appealing to attract the attention of potential customers. Additionally, a feature on your profile permits users to interact with your customers, allowing you to establish relationships with your clients.

Is Feetify legit?

Fortify is an entirely legitimate website for selling and buying feet pictures on the internet. All transactions are processed via their secure system. All messages, including any images you sell, are exchanged on their platform. This means that no offline exchange is required to protect your personal information and cash.

This is confirmed with the knowledge that this is rated 4.7 out of five from TrustPilot, with mostly favorable reviews. There’s also no mention of breaches of data. This is exceptionally positive considering the type of work you’ll be carrying out in this case.

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When you think of selling photos of feet, the majority are thinking of selling actual pictures. However, there are other methods to earn money by selling photographs of feet.

In the end, you need to take a look at the listed listings below for Etsy:

That’s right; you can easily convert the people’s love of feet into items that you can sell on the internet!

The most efficient method to accomplish this is by using services like Printify. Upload your images and choose the products you would like to see. It could be everything from mugs to shirts and hoodies, totes (like the one shown above! ), phone cases, shoes, etc.

If someone buys the product from Printify, Printify will handle everything by designing the product and then shipping it to the buyer. The only thing you need to do is relax while waiting for the cash to be received.

It’s an excellent option for those who don’t have the entire manufacturing process in place (and who doesn’t?). Learn more about Printify here.

Feet pics

Feet pics is precisely what it promises in the title – it’s a platform that allows you to sell your pictures of feet on the internet. It’s broken down into various categories, so you’ll be able to identify a niche quickly you’re comfortable selling photos in, such as high heels and soles. There’s even an area that allows you to sell foot photos and socks!

It’s completely anonymous while using Feetpics.com because users can only view your username (so create a username that isn’t identifying you).

The platform permits non-registered users to reach your via the form on your profile, and there’s always the chance that they’ll want to start the chat online. Use common sense and avoid spending your time talking to anyone who makes you feel that something’s wrong, and you’ll be safe here.

Is Feetpics.com legit?

Feet pics is a trusted platform to sell pictures of feet on the internet. Although it isn’t as well-known as other sites in this area, Feetpics reviews confirm that it’s a legitimate platform that connects buyers and sellers to purchase and sell pictures of feet, and sellers’ information is kept safe.

A thing to keep in mind is that payments aren’t handled via Feetpics.com. Instead, they’re held separately via PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, or Amazon gift cards. Suppose you’re opting for one of these three options. In that case, I’d suggest you continue reading to learn our suggestions on selling foot pictures without being scammed, as explained below.


Etsy has been used by nearly all those looking for items to sell and make. This includes things that relate to your feet, which typically require someone to model the item for it to sell.

Take an interest in these Etsy listings:

You can tell that beautiful feet can also make a product look good. This is why selling feet pictures doesn’t necessarily require solely selling photos of the feet. In addition, you could utilize your skills in the foot field to earn money through related products.

You can begin by talking to your acquaintances selling such items on Etsy to determine whether they’re interested in paying for your modeling skills on foot.

How to make money selling feet pictures on Etsy

Many people enjoy all kinds of success selling their items on the platform. It’s effortless (and highly profitable) to earn money through Etsy. If you’re interested in selling foot pictures on Etsy, this is the method to follow:

  1. Make an Etsy account. This is an easy process, provided you live in a location where Etsy payments can be processed. You need to fill in the basic information about yourself, and you’ll be ready to start.
  2. Choose your user name. It is important to note that your Etsy username is displayed in all your listings, So it’s essential to think about this. For instance, if you believe you’ll be selling photos of feet on Etsy, your username might somehow incorporate that. Or, if you’ll be expanding your business and expanding your business, it might be beneficial for your brand name to be general yet still memorable to potential buyers.
  3. Create a fake listing. It would be best to have a listing before launching your Etsy store; however, don’t give it any thought. It’s enough to make a fake listing and later edit or replace it with the real one.
  4. Input your payment information. This is simply providing your bank account details to complete the payment. The funds you’re about to make will be deposited into your account.
  5. Design your store’s banner as well as your logo. This is the big image at the top of every Etsy store. It should establish the tone of the entire store, regardless of whether it’s bright and fun or more classical. The easiest method to accomplish this is to sign-up for a free account on Canva to design a no-cost banner and logo with their vast selection of templates offered.
  6. Create your guidelines. Your customers must know what you can offer regarding refunds, returns, shipping (if appropriate, including the fact that no physical products are shipped if you’re selling photos of feet as digital files), and other terms. This is why it is vital to begin to work on these policies before you have listings on the Etsy store. Look at this post from Etsy, the company itself, which provides excellent advice to understand these better.
  7. Create photos for your listings. The fun part: is placing your items for sale on the internet! It is vital to ensure that your images used to display the product you’re selling are precise of what the buyer will receive and bright enough to appear professional and appealing. But, make sure to put a watermark on your photos so that customers don’t download your foot pictures from your listing.
  8. Do some keyword study. Keywords refer to the terms people type in on Etsy to find the product they are looking for. Your listings must include these keywords to show up as high as possible in potential buyers’ search results. One tool to help in this area is rank; however, you can begin by searching for “feet pictures” or “feet pictures” and then look at the other big players making use of in their ads for an idea (although do not copy directly from them. ).
  9. Create your account. You’ll have everything you require to create listings for the Etsy store. Start getting them set up so you can start selling photos of feet on Etsy as soon as possible!


Snapchat is an instant messaging application created by Snap Inc, an online social media firm based in California, US. Snapchat supports multimedia messages that include photos, text as well as video. Together, these messages are referred to as “snaps” and are shared among friends or groups.

There are ways to earn money on Snapchat in many ways. This includes it being an excellent alternative for selling feet pictures. The most effective method is to set up a premium account, which means users must sign up for your posts. This is then, in turn, offers you the opportunity to make money from your content by earning income from your followers.

Snapchat is distinct from other apps for multimedia exchange because it disappears when a post has been posted when the recipient has seen it. There is a time limit that can be established for the length of time messages are visible before it becomes inaccessible to the recipient.

The app is especially popular with young millennials and teens. But, it is popular with people in other age groups as well. This suggests that it could be a valuable source of followers from different age groups.

Snapchat provides privacy, which is why you can create an account that is public to funnel potential customers to a charge that is premium. However, you must frequently upload your pictures and videos to stay active. They are deleted when the person who received them has viewed them.

That means that constantly active and involved is essential to keep your subscribers.


In terms of selling foot pictures on the primary platform for sharing photos on social networks, Instagram could be one of the top platforms to do this.

As I mentioned before, You can utilize Instagram to drive customers to your website by sharing examples of the types of images you’re offering.

An excellent way to do this is to look at other websites that sell similar photos. You can find out who follows them or comments on their images and allow you to reach those users to inform them that you’ve got similar items for sale.

It is also possible to use related hashtags to get the attention of those looking for foot photographs. To gain quick exposure, use multiple hashtags. Some relevant hashtags include: #feet, #feetpics, #feetpicsfors wet soles and toes, #wrinkledsoles beautiful feet, and #solesworship.

You might also think about setting up your membership site where users can pay an annual payment to access new images – say between five and eight per month. Create themes like barefoot for one month and sandals for the next, and then promote them on Instagram.

How to make money selling feet pictures on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to sell feet photos by posting pictures on your account to inform potential buyers about what they can purchase from you. It is best to make your own Instagram Business account that lets you use the Instagram Shopping option available.

You must make the Instagram Business account and begin posting pictures of your feet to get started. A Business account offers numerous tools and features that can assist you in selling businesses, as opposed to the individual account. Mainly, it gives you the option of Instagram Shopping in your account.

Through Instagram Shopping, Tag your images to enable your followers to visit the sales page on which they can purchase your pictures after seeing them on their feeds. The tag will direct prospective buyers to your page for products on your website.


Foap is a website where you can sell your pictures to virtually any business that wants to buy the images. It’s targeted at companies seeking unique ideas to use in their next marketing campaign.

If you decide to market your feet on Foap, there’s likely to be a distinct target market than the other websites on this list. For example, you could capture a picture of your feet with stunning background and water bottles and target fitness or health-related businesses.

Foap is 50 percent of the price, and while you’re able to determine the price, it’s estimated that the average cost is around $10, which means you’ll probably earn $5 per foot in this case.

Methods to make feet pictures sell through Foap

Selling pictures of feet on Foap is relatively simple. All you need to do is to follow the steps:

  1. Get the Foap application. It’s free to download on iOS as well as Android.
  2. Make the Foap Account. You can do this via foap.com If you’d like; however, the process requires you to give some basic details about yourself.
  3. Make sure you do your homework. To make the most of your time effectively, It’s an excellent idea to check out Foap to determine what’s popular. Of course, a marketing company or any other company might develop a unique concept. However, by examining the website to find out what pictures are most effective and practical, you’ll be able to make your pictures with a similar style to catch a prospective customer’s attention.
  4. Photograph your feet in high-quality. Because of the commercial purpose of these images so you must ensure that the feet images you offer through Foap will be of top quality. However, this doesn’t mean that you require a high-end camera because the built-in cameras on most modern phones suffice. However, you should ensure that your image is bright, clear, and sharply focused.
  5. Include your pictures on the website. Another aspect of being aware of when conducting your research before the previous stage is the type of descriptions used by people on their listing. So, you can find inspiration for the kinds of search terms or keywords you might want to add to your listings so that potential customers will be able to locate your site.
  6. Set the price. As we said in the article, the median price for images of Foap is $10, with the website taking 50% of this. It’s recommended to stick to the average initially to get more established with the site.

Is Foap effective in selling foot pictures?

Foap is a great platform to sell feet pictures for those who want to market to a larger market and not just people interested in these images for different reasons. However, the competition for Foap is challenging, which means making yourself stand out is not easy.

Suppose your images are professional, and you’re appropriately targeting your ads. In that case, there’s no reason to believe that you shouldn’t earn some cash on the site. As you can see, there are a lot many more buyers than sellers on Foap, which is why I don’t be able to expect to earn thousands of dollars from this site.

What is the best way to sell images of your feet to make Money?

Make sure you take good care of your foot.

Your feet serve as your tools of the trade. Having beautiful and healthy feet requires care and nurture to get the best out of your feet.

This refers to things like applying a good moisturizer (which isn’t necessarily costly (for example, It’s not expensive – I like this fantastic and insanely affordable product for the amount you pay) and taking care of the nails.

You can also think about using a face exfoliation masque which can help keep your feet supple.

Learn your foot’s optimal angles

Learn to walk and discover the best angles for your feet.

Do they look better when viewed from an angle? Do specific colors cause them to sparkle? Find out which angle makes the picture sparkle more.

Watermark your photos before sharing them on social media

A watermark applied to your photos makes it difficult for anyone to use your images.

In this case, the goal is to demonstrate the type of product your customers can expect when they purchase from you. This is without offering an image of their feet without cost.

There is no need to have the typical “look.”

There isn’t “one size that fits all” in terms of selling feet pictures.

In contrast, as you can easily see in the following list of uses for pictures of feet, People are searching for photos of feet of people from all age groups, genders, and ethnicities. Regardless of your feet look like, you could earn money from this method.

Suppose you’re looking specifically at agencies to promote feet photos, such as advertising for shoes. In that case, most models are around 7 inches tall.

You can practice acting using your feet.

A good foot is crucial in modeling. However, the ability to “bring it” will allow you tremendous success.

This means you need to exercise your feet to release emotions like vitality, joy, sexually attractive, or pain and anger.

Make a portfolio of feet photos.

Once you’ve got gorgeous feet and the ability to convey emotion, It’s time to start collecting a gallery of photos of your feet and brief videos that show your feet moving. So that potential clients can know what kind of pictures they can receive from you.

Photographs should be taken professionally (although not always by professionals, as smartphones and editing apps are sufficient nowadays) from various angles, using different lighting and poses.

Who am I selling my feet pictures to?

It’s tempting to think of the selling feet pictures as just for one use.

Yes, there are people in the world, and as long as they are an adult who is affluent and you are a consenting adult, you can.

Many other individuals are looking to purchase foot photos from you for different reasons. Below, we’ll look at these.

Digital publishers, bloggers, news agencies

Bloggers, digital publishers, and news agencies frequently buy feet pictures to publish and save the images in their libraries because they may require an assortment.

These categories might require your images to resale to their clients or be included in their content, specifically for online publishers.

For instance, bloggers may require these to illustrate their work (similar to the photos I’ve included in this article), or news media might be searching for them for branding or advertising purposes.

Suppose you are ever asked questions regarding licensing your photos of feet, most likely from someone who falls into this category. They’re speaking of the terms in licensing if the photo buyer wishes to reuse the images. For instance, can they sell them, will they have to acknowledge the source and the list goes on?

If you’re faced with an answer like that, ensure that you’ve gone over the fine print and perhaps ask someone who works in this field for advice on whether you’re getting the best deal.

Feet people

When I say “feet people,” You know what I’m talking about, and it’s likely the first thing people imagine when they hear about ways to market photos of feet.

As we’ve said before, everybody is doing their own thing, and that’s fine as everyone is adhering to the law.

3. However, just like when thinking about earning money to chat, it’s essential to be aware when entering this type of job to make money. Most people you’ll encounter will be in this group, and you should be prepared to deal with this.


Artists and painters tend to look outside the box. For specific images of feet, pictures are an ideal option.

This is why you might come across people seeking to purchase these images for their artistic needs.

Foot model agencies

Modeling agencies are always looking for new images that will enhance their creative capabilities when updating their models’ portfolios. This includes models that have attractive feet.

Take a look at any magazine that promotes shoes. You will also see this in magazines that promote cosmetics like nail polishes for the toes and products such as moisturizers.

Production companies

There’s always a chance you’ll be asked to sell footage of your feet for editing into TV or film scenes.

This is likely to be less common, and you’ll be listed on an agency’s books before you’re approached about it.

It’s important to remember that your prices here need to be different from selling your image online, depending on how your pictures are utilized.

Which things should I bear to keep in mind while selling feet pictures?

It is essential to concentrate on the ongoing success of your business if you are looking to stay profitable and increase the sales of your company to the next step.

Selling Feet Picture business is a company just like every other one. It must be handled thoughtfully and with respect it deserves. These guidelines must be followed.

How to market feet photos without getting scammed

Like every company, there’s always bound to be some seeking to take advantage of you in any way. This is why it’s essential to remember a few guidelines to ensure that you and your funds remain safe and allow you to market feet pictures without being scammed.

Don’t send feet pics until you receive payment.

Make sure you have received payment before sending any images. If clients request an example, send a single image that is blurry and has a watermark.

Post them to your Facebook profile so that they can see some of your standard pictures of feet.

Create an established set of guidelines that you expect your visitors to follow in advance to avoid confusion.

Always make sure you have an account for business to run your company.

Always make sure you have a business account to make any payment. This includes social media, and banking, mainly when you accept payment.

Scammers can reverse the transaction soon after receiving your product or use the stolen card; therefore, having a business account offers you additional security.

Don’t accept overpayments.

Overpaying is a typical online scam that you should steer clear of. The fraud is usually carried out with reverse payment.

It works because the purchaser “overpays” and then asks to be reimbursed. Doing this is not just that they receive the photo of your feet. However, the entire payment will be returned to them. This means they’ll be paid, and the image, which is like you paid them to get your photo of your feet.

Do not make overpayments. If they wish to give you a tip, make them earn an additional payment.

Establish expectations and define boundaries

The rules and expectations of your customers should be established before the time of purchase. They should be clear to them before they are customers to avoid confusion.

For instance, no picture should be more than ankle-high. The rules should be stated clearly, regardless of the money given.

Stay unidentified

In these kinds of transactions, it’s essential not to divulge any private information regarding your details. Even if a person appears lovely, you don’t be able to tell who is behind the transaction. The safest method is to ensure that you do not say anything that could be used to identify the person selling your items, nor should you display anything that could be placed in the images that you sell.

Never include your face in photographs.

Like the one above, don’t reveal your face in photos of the feet you offer. This will not adhere to keeping entirely anonymous for your customers. In the same way, you don’t know where a photograph will end up on the internet. You might not want the whole world to be able to connect you to this particular activity.

This is why it is recommended to ensure that your face isn’t visibly connected to the pictures of feet you’re selling to safeguard yourself from buyers and anyone else who might be nefarious.

Don’t answer personal questions.

When you begin to see regular customers, it’s common to feel that the customer “knows” that person. But, a casual chat could be used as a cover for people who want to learn more about you to locate you in the flesh.

Although it could seem harsh, you do not know who’s on the other side of an exchange. So, even though it’s acceptable to be courteous and courteous but if the conversation starts to shift to more personal details concerning you, stop it right away.

Don’t accept gift cards.

Paying with gift cards is a frequent scam around today. The basic idea is that a prospective client gives a gift card for payment and then cancels or removes the card before you’ve had a possibility of using it. They receive the item (your feet images) for free, and there’s nothing left.

There’s one way around it to consider; namely, when you get an Amazon gift card for payment, you could make use of it to purchase a second gift card before the time that the person who paid can stop the first one, and you get the money. However, to avoid all the trouble, you should ask for cash.

Don’t change your price.

It is normal to bargain on things. It can be a valid option; however, it’s not something acceptable in business. This is because individuals will attempt to be creative every day, mainly when it will save them the cost. However, once you’ve reached an agreement, you’re willing to future price negotiations, which means they could be back the next time around and try to convince you to reduce your price.

This is in line with the “setting limits” aspect. Once you’ve established the price, you’ve set the limit of your excellent work. Don’t be compromising – when someone is satisfied with the product you’ve created and the price, they’ll be willing to pay.

Consider developing your online presence.

While you’ll primarily be working via one (or maybe multiple) of the websites mentioned here, it’s worth considering your total online presence when you’re looking to expand your foot side hustle. In addition, it’s an excellent method to keep your foot-selling business from being a secret.

In other words, having your site means that you’ll have a central location where you can operate under your own rules for running your business. This means that you’ll be able to create an online shop that allows customers to purchase products directly through your site.

It’s straightforward to earn money with a site that is anonym and completely anonymous, as you’ll discover from the suggestions in this article.

FAQs on the sale of feet images

Can you legally market photos from your shoes?

Selling photos of feet is permissible for adults in many countries, including the US and Canada, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, provided you have ownership of the images and, in some instances, you’re at the age of 18. If, however, you reside in a different nation, make sure you know the laws in force before beginning this.

Mainly, make sure you research the legalities of selling photos of feet for those who reside in a nation where religious or cultural beliefs could influence the laws in force. Be aware that when it comes to websites that sell photos of feet online, The policies of the site may stop people from your nation from joining.

It is also essential to check any applicable laws before deciding to market feet photos of others. In such instances, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re offering your work or have permission from the model to market these photographs to prevent this from becoming a shady business.

As mentioned earlier, look up the laws that govern age limits in the context. In the majority of cases, it is the case that you (and most likely, the model on your feet) need to be at least 18 years old to earn money this way. If you’re trying to find ways for teenagers to make money, anyone under is required to think about other options.

Do you need to pay tax for selling foot pictures?

All income earned is required to be declared for tax purposes. This includes all the earnings you make by selling foot pictures. Your payments will be taxed as an independent contractor. However, it’s better to be a sole proprietorship based on your specific circumstances.

Please find out more about the IRS regarding the process of paying taxes for small-sized companies, which is why you’re probably doing it. This covers the requirements for being a sole proprietorship.

However, there will always be exceptions to the general norm. This is the case for certain people are not required to pay the tax due to various aspects, including age, income, filing status, and whether you’re dependent. Check the IRS tools for more information on what tax laws apply to you. Ideally, seek out an experienced professional.

What does the term “selling feet” refer to?

Selling photos of feet involves selling images of feet to interested buyers. This is a way of earning money rapidly growing in popularity, as you’ll observe from the sheer number of new websites that offer platforms that allow you to purchase and sell photos.

The reason people are selling pictures of feet online is relatively straightforward: they’re being purchased. The market for foot pictures is expanding every day, with buyers willing to pay for the photos.

What is the maximum amount you can make by selling foot pics?

There isn’t any standard fee for selling feet photos. For any new seller, it’s best to start at a lower price, which is approximately $10 per image. Then, you can raise your prices after you’ve started to get more clients, and most sellers earn anywhere between $5 and $500 per image.

Your price should be within the range of other foot pictures sellers, and it’s a good idea to have at the very least an understanding of your market. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re charging clients either too much or too little, making your photos unsellable.

The price you charge will be based on various aspects, including the quality of the photos and which platform you use to sell prints, whether the client is a corporation or an individual, and your expertise in the field.

You may be charged more for customers who request photographs with different specifications than those you’ve posted, so you’ll have to create images specifically for buyers who request them..

If you are selling your products privately on a platform such as a Facebook Group, you can set your prices at any amount you like. In contrast, on media such as Instafeet, developing a following that has to pay customers will be more effective in growing your revenue in the future.

And with some earning more than $70,000 per year with this option, it might be worthwhile to look into the possibilities here.

Are pictures of feet sold acceptable in the eyes of minors?

Although it is contingent on the specific state you reside in, generally, it is not legal for minors to offer feet images on the internet. Children aren’t permitted to be part of an agreement, which means you can legally not sell anything online, considering entering into a contract.

It’s not difficult to determine why people ask for pictures of children’s feet. The other reason is the nature of selling photographs of feet. Suppose they’re looking to use them in an actual commercial. In that case, it will be conducted by an official agency, not online via an individual transaction.

Many websites discussed in the article, specifically those focusing on helping users sell photos of feet, have an age minimum of 18 to join. This makes them not the best option for job opportunities for teens on the internet, as most teens will not be old enough to qualify for this.

What can I do to make money selling my foot pictures quickly?

You can quickly sell your feet on famous and well-known websites like FeetFinder, Instafeet, Craigslist, Discord, etc. You can also think about using the most popular social media sites, such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Using websites explicitly designed for this purpose means that anyone who visits your profile does so precisely.

However, using more general platforms can result in more views, considering the number of people who use them each day. This is why many people depend on private Facebook groups to assist in selling foot photos on the internet.

How can I purchase socks and feet pictures?

Foot pictures can be posted or socks at any site that allows you to sell foot images. However, the site you select will be based on the purpose you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to reach those interested in feet, consider Feetpics.com with specific sections for socks. If you’re hoping for a way to market socks, Etsy could be an excellent alternative.

There’s no reason to pick the best places to sell photos of feet socks in any way different from the decision of selling feet pictures on the internet. The bottom line is everything boils down to the end goal and the target customer. Once you know that, it is time to select the best platform and then target them according to that.

Where can I sell foot pictures without an ID?

Websites such as Craigslist do not require IDs to allow you to sell feet images on their site. However, most payment services will need an ID to accept cash. The respective platforms maintain the security of this information; however, they don’t reveal your personal information.

In other words, if you’re trying to keep your identity private so you can offer your feet pictures without being a fraud, this is an option. But, providing identification to sites that request this information won’t get in the way as the information is secured by the website itself and isn’t shared with potential buyers.

If you are trying to get around the law or policy that says you can’t sell pictures of feet online, you need to look for a different way to earn money.

What is the best way to buy feet images for no cost?

Websites such as Discord and Instagram are free for advertising your foot photos on their platforms. However, many payment services, including PayPal and PayPal, will charge the user a small amount for any transaction. Even though selling your photos of feet may be completely free, the cash may not be.

But it’s not a large sum of money, and worthwhile to have the security of using a secure platform. Also, it ensures privacy (assuming you don’t include your actual name on the email address the user uses to transfer your money), which is an advantage here and ensures that you can offer photos of feet without being targeted or swindled.

Final thoughts

It’s possible to think that the problem of how to market feet pictures for cash is relatively straightforward. After all, isn’t it just something as simple as taking pictures and promoting them?

However, additional points should be considered, specifically regarding where to sell foot pictures on the internet. You might prefer a subscription-based model over individual purchases. This means that you’ll be a better fit for some sites than others.

As with any venture that makes money is equally essential to be secured; in this instance, it is not just about protecting your cash but your private information in the event of a crisis. It’s crucial to sell your feet pictures without being fraud-ridden, even though any transaction involving money exchanged online is filled with fraudsters.