13 Things To Make And Sell Online

Mar 30, 2022


Have you been contemplating ways to create and sell to help your new company? You’re onto a great idea.

When you consider this, this practice has indeed been in use since the time of humankind’s beginning. Early tribes made things such as weapons and food items and later traded them for items they couldn’t easily access.

Naturally, the advent of money has changed the game (just slightly).

However, the art and science of exchange continue to be practiced at its heart.


If you’ve been seeking ideas to make something that you can sell profitably, then look for no more. Here we’ll discuss 13 ideas to begin your next business idea.

13 Things To Make And Sell Online

If you discover an item you love, your online store is just two clicks away. You need to create your own Shopify store and then bring it back into existence.

13 Easy Things To Make and Sell

There is always a need for custom, exclusive products. Explore these suggestions to determine which one best suits your skills, resources, and preferences.


While you conduct the research process, focus on the legal requirements that your new business idea may have. For instance, the state and country you are in may have laws specific to manufacturing and selling food products or for identifying products for beauty.

1. Candles

Candlelight should be on your top list when weighing the best items to create or sell.

They’re easy to build and customize and have a low price and entry barrier. Once you’ve gained some momentum and know that your business is thriving, it’s easy to scale up and increase production.

When you’re building your candle business, pay particular focus on the branding strategies and strategy for branding because this is likely to be the most crucial factor that separates you from your competition.

For instance, Birthdate Co. offers unique astrology candles that are unique that are one for every calendar day.


2. Sweet Treats

Cakes, candies, and cookies Oh my! It’s not a secret that sugar is a massive part of our lives.

If you’ve got an inclination to create delicious concoctions, it’s easy to locate homemade items to create to sell within this area.

You can begin with a bakery or jump straight to an area like wedding or holiday sweets. You can even get super-specific, like zombie chocolates.


Be sure to remember that food sales are subject to specific rules. In particular, you’ll need to be extra cautious when finding your ingredients, putting up appropriate nutritional labels, and ensuring that your kitchen complies with the standards.

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3. Jewelry

Jewelry is a different type of product you can make and sell, which offers you the option to go with a simple design or go completely.

You can create stunning jewelry using string and beads or special tools to customize your designs and shapes using basic materials, like brass or silver.

It’s crucial to remember that jewelry is a highly saturated market, which means there will be a lot of competitors.

This is why it’s crucial to conduct a study and identify an area to make your business stand out from others.

Suzzan Atala’s Tuza Jewelry has made a name for it in NYC. Tuza Jewelry is a company that creates distinctive designs manufactured from Mexico City, Atala’s hometown.

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4. Lip Balm

As with soap and bath bombs, lip balm can be created in your home with ingredients you possess in your home kitchen.

The simple process of heating beeswax and other natural oils can swiftly make your batch of lip balms ready to be sold. But, it’s recommended to read the regulations of your area for making your products before you start.

Once you know the guidelines, you can quickly find all the ingredients required at your local store. Be sure to keep your pantry ready to meet demand!

Additionally, as you get more experienced, you can start experimenting with different types and flavors of lip balms, offering more options of products.

5. Bath Bombs

People love artisan bath bombs. The bath and shower product market is projected to grow to over $13 billion in 2028, increasing from just $40 billion by 2021.

This creates enormous opportunities for small companies to enter and grab part of the profits.

The best part about this type of business is that you can start it right in your kitchen right now. You’re likely already stocked with some of the components you’ll require and can use basic commercial molds to create.

However, you’ll set your business apart from other companies if you develop a niche product.

6. T-shirts

If you’re particularly inventive, t-shirts might be the perfect thing to design and then sell.

It’s because you don’t have to market the designs you create. You can purchase the plans from a designer, use a print-on-demand service, and even drop ship t-shirts made by the industry.

7. Subscription Boxes

Do you have an interest in curation? If you do, then a present or subscription store could be the best solution for you.

Subscription boxes make a tremendous and well-liked gift. The themed boxes filled with carefully selected products are a fantastic way to surprise your customers and allow them to experience effects they might not otherwise.

In assembling a selection of shampoos, soaps, oils, and perhaps some flannel or washcloths to offer an online self-care service that customers will appreciate! Maybe you can collaborate with a confectioner and provide a range of sweet treats such as The Cake Tasting Club?

8. Enamel Pins

Pins made of enamel have served as a popular form of self-expression for a long time, but they have experienced an increase in popularity with Gen Z and millennials.

It can adapt to any design enamel pins are simple to create and then ship. There are a variety of platforms that can connect you to talented pin makers or assist you in creating personalized enamel pins.

If you are a graphic designer with abilities, you can design your designs with Adobe Illustrator or Sumopaint.

Alternately, you can look for a designer who has an official commercial license to assist you in developing designs for your products.

If you’ve got the necessary equipment for the task, you’ll need to find an enamel pin maker.

It is best to know beforehand what kind of pins you’re going for, including the types of clasps or materials you’d like to select to help you choose the proper manufacturer.

9. Magnets

Magnets are affordable to create. They cost just $0.03-$0.06 per piece.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use old-fashioned magnets for your business.

What about making a magnetic version of old photos? Are notepads able to be positioned in convenient locations to ensure that people are on the right track with their daily chores?

The content you create is entirely up to you, and with magnets’ adaptable nature, your thoughts can be held for a long time.

10. Posters

In the age of growing work-from-home opportunities, It is essential to keep our living spaces beautiful and comfortable.

Posters are a straightforward way to provide the space a distinct feel and a fast and straightforward method to begin an enterprise!

Utilizing online tools such as Canva and Piktochart, turn your artwork into happy places for other people.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to upload your photos and then have them printed by yourself or spend the money on the equipment posters and other wall art pieces are an excellent method to spread your ideas out there and bring joy to the lives of others.

11. Planters

Like pottery and posters, the plants are a massive issue for decorating rooms.

It’s been a long time since the days of a wooden box could be used as plants, and plants today are made of any material you can think of.

If you are creative and creative, you can design an attractive planter with almost anything.

You can add your personal touch with decorations for existing plants that you can buy at hardware stores and put up signs or words to assist buyers in sorting their plants. You can also build your own by yourself.

Think outside the box and line old boots with waterproof materials. Recycle old storage containers. Make new books, bottles, or containers.

12. Pet Supplies

Who doesn’t want to have furry companions?

Naturally, we would like to provide our pets with the most luxurious and comfortable life. It is estimated that pet owners across the globe will spend $269 billion on their pets in 2025.

With such numbers, it is no wonder people are thinking of selling pet items to make a living.

It’s simple to begin your own pet supply business. Pet collars that are custom-designed, dog treats, cat toys can be made at home if your creative type.

To promote your business, you may make your pets the models for the pet-related brand.

Very Important If you’re selling items that could be consumed (like toys or sweets), label the product with appropriate warnings and warnings to ensure that you are legally protected.

13. Ceramics

It might seem like a tremendous job, but it’s not as tricky as expected.

Whatever your location, there is that a school or civic center close to you offers pottery classes. It’s not a long time to transition from a complete beginner to an expert in clay, either.

It might require time to invest in essential equipment and materials such as paints and clay to embellish before you can begin working at your home. But, most classes offer the opportunity to work in an open kiln for you to start your journey.

In a time when we love hand-crafted goods that are a result of passion, we love to purchase unique pieces. Your pottery, sculptures, and ornaments may soon be adorning the homes of many people around you.

Final Thoughts

Do you know the old saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life?”

This will happen when you combine your love of creativity with the drive to start an enterprise of your own.

If you’re trying to find DIY business ideas, There are plenty of chances to enjoy your work.

It is essential to conduct your homework to ensure you know the steps needed to develop and distribute these products in massive quantities as your company expands. It is also necessary to be up-to-date regarding any regulations or rules regarding your products.