Think And Grow Rich Summary

Apr 20, 2022


There is a variety of self-help and inspirational literature available; however, some have stood the test of time better than others. One of these books that stands out is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s as relevant to the current times as it was in the 1930s when it first came out.

While it was initially written in more technical terms This article, I’ll provide my Think and Grow Rich summary and takeaways in plain English!

think and grow rich summary

Five key takeaways from Think and Grow Rich

The book”Think and Grow Rich is for everyone who wants to improve their lives. Although the book is geared toward financial gain, one can utilize concepts laid out within the text to succeed across all areas of life. In essence, it’s an ideal book for anyone striving to become better.

To provide a straightforward and easy-to-understand Think and Grow Rich summary, I’ve come up with five top tips from the writings of Napoleon Hill! Think and Grow Rich is divided into distinct chapters; each is devoted to one of the thirteen Think and Grow Rich secrets that Hill suggests you follow. Let’s take a look.


1. All achievement is based on desire

Hill declares, “desire is the main ingredient of success. If you don’t have a passion for success, it’s unlikely that you will achieve success. It is essential to remain committed to reaching your goals. It shouldn’t be an idle thought. The desire to achieve your goal should be the primary focus. Hill describes the six steps he suggests to help drive your motivation.

  1. Note down the amount you would like to spend.
  2. Find out what you’re willing to give up for it.
  3. Choose a date that will help you reach your desired goal.
  4. Write down a strategy to reach your target.
  5. Note down your plans and the date.
  6. The written declaration should be read at least once in the morning and then again in the evening until it is written down. Once it is memorized, you can read it at least twice every day, in the morning and in the evening.

2. Failure happens when you quit too soon (Key lessons learned from our Think and Grow Rich report)

According to the principles laid out in the book, a few elements can cause failure. Below I have listed them along with some key points to combat these:


Indecisiveness is the reason for numerous mistakes. Hill advocates making decisions quickly and quickly. Most influential people can make decisions swiftly and then change their minds gradually. They don’t make rash decisions when they take the decision; they adhere to the decision.



According to Hill, our beliefs dictate our goals. Hill suggests using affirmations that are true to help us program our minds to imagine and believe in our accomplishments. Today, there are numerous advocates of visualization as an art because it is effective.

Hill suggests that you use affirmations to assist in forming the mind to believe in yourself and strengthen the faith you have in yourself.

When it comes to affirmations, the author particularly recommends the following:

  1. Believe that you can get there. Be determined in your pursuit of this objective.
  2. Spend 30 minutes each day thinking about what kind of person you’d like to be. Your thoughts will alter the way you see yourself.
  3. Ten minutes every day to work on improving your confidence in yourself.
  4. Note down your goal and never stop until you’ve achieved it. It’s crucial to record your goals!
  5. Be kind and cheerful with everyone you meet. Positive things aren’t likely to happen to those with evil intentions.

One of the crucial tips we have gleaned from our think and Grow comprehensive summary is to use positive affirmations to alter your mental outlook!

Doubt, indecision, and fear

According to Hill, before you utilize any of the strategies discussed in the book, you must have your brain should be open to learning. To have an available brain must be free of the dangers of uncertainty or doubt, which are fueled by the six fundamental fears.


He further claims that the sixth sense cannot be compelling; if you exhibit these three actions within your mind. He lists the six most fundamental fears as follows:

Afraid of poverty

The concept of poverty is linked with suffering, and it’s a fact that suffering is something that many are afraid of. It’s manifested in indifference, uncertainty, indecision, fear, over-caution, and even delay in the idea of being wealthy. To overcome this fear, you should create a desire to create wealth.


The fear of being criticized is a harrowing experience. It also creates resentment within people. Most people display self-consciousness, lack of confidence, insecurity, complex excessiveness, lack of initiative, and lack of determination. Instead of interpreting criticism as unfavorable, consider honest critique as an opportunity for improvement.


Ill health

This anxiety is linked to the fear of death caused by illnesses. It could lead to the condition of hypochondria and susceptibility and even intemperance. To combat the worry of being sick, You must prioritize your mental and physical health by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and resting and healthful actions.

Loss of Love

Human nature is difficult to control, and losing affection is unavoidable. The fear of losing love can make people less likely to trust their friends and family and is motivated by jealousy and blame finding. But taking the time to meet people and gaining confidence in yourself will help.

The anxiety of old age

It is embodied by slowing down and developing an inferiority complex at 40 by apologetically referring to oneself as “being aged” and killing off the habit of imagination, initiative, and self-confidence. The truth is that age is just an amount that you can only be restricted by what you think you are unable to accomplish.

Fear of Death

The fear of death can lead to focusing on dying instead of living, lacking a sense of purpose, and a lack of an appropriate job. But, the inevitable death will occur, so it is essential to concentrate on living and enjoying the time you’re living now.

3. Success starts with believing in yourself (Our most important tip from this Think And Develop Rich summary)

A large portion that is part of Think and Grows Rich secrets have to be based on being a believer in yourself with no fail. If you’ve decided to set your goal, there ought to be nothing stopping you from believing you will succeed in achieving the desired goal. Hill’s method of advancing your goal to make your dreams come true is by keeping a focused determination. He suggests:

  1. Find a quiet spot in which you aren’t interrupted, and then repeat your statement written down based on the goals you wish to accomplish. While you’re doing this, imagine having that money.
  2. Repeat this throughout the day and night until you have a clear picture of the money you’d like to earn.
  3. Place this statement in a place where it is visible early in the morning and at the end of the night. It is worth reading until you have written it down in your memory.

Hill also provides details about how you can leverage your sixth sense and train your mind’s subconscious. These are my thoughts for the Think And Grow Rich summary:

Leverage your sixth sense as you make decisions

Hill believes that when people claim they feel a “gut feeling or a specific “hunch,” this is the sixth sense or your infinite intelligence working. This sixth sense stems from Hill’s conviction in an “Infinite intelligence” that positive feelings can harness.

Train your subconscious mind

According to Hill, It is vital to teaching your mind to concentrate on positive emotions and avoid negative ones. The most prominent positive emotions include desire, excitement, faith, love, and optimism. Fear, jealousy, hate, and greed are the most common negative emotions. Belief in the supernatural and anger are a few of the most negative emotions.

4. You must take action to achieve success

It is regarded as among the Think And Grows Rich Secrets in which Hill talks about his belief that you cannot just sit back and hope for the results you desire. You have to be motivated and have an action plan to realize your goals and follow through with the program. Hill suggests the following steps for an organized strategy to achieve your desired destination.

  1. Join an online mastermind group
  2. Choose what you will provide each participant in the mastermind
  3. Meet frequently at least two times every week, or greater
  4. Maintain good relations with everyone in the group

Collaboration is essential to achieving your goals. Mastermind groups were not a new concept when this book was published, but the present mastermind groups are highly well-known.

 Don’t forget persistence.

Willpower and passion When adequately paired, they can be a magnet and are guaranteed to fulfill their dreams. Henry Ford was known for his perseverance, just like the Carriages. Anyone who wants to attain success would do well to be aware of their unwavering determination and integrate it into their lives. Hill believes that lack of decision is a flaw that one can overcome.

5. Don’t isolate yourself; People will help you win.

Hill is a huge advocate of not separating yourself from others by using mastermind groups. Mastermind refers to an organization of people who work toward a specific goal in a spirit of unity.

It is possible to achieve success quickly with the mastermind groups you belong to then by yourself. Hill advocates that it’s impossible to gain power without the assistance of the mastermind group.

But, you cannot create your prosperity for yourself. Therefore, it’s essential to have the proper knowledge and experience in the area you plan to earn money. Does this mean you must have a degree in the field to succeed?

Following The Think and Grow Rich secrets, there’s no way to do that. However, it would help if you took the time to research your subject area and surround yourself with experts.

Take the suggestions from this Think and Grow Rich summary to your day-to-day life!

In the end, The Think and Grow Rich book describes many concepts that are as pertinent today as they were at the time of the 1930s. It’s fascinating to consider how the world has evolved since then; the concepts Hill outlines within Think and Grow Rich are still relevant today.