20 Ways To Use Google Calendar To Maximize Your Day

Mar 26, 2022 | 0 comments

Google Calendar can turn even the most disorganized person into the most effective one. From making appointments to connecting people around the globe, the calendar does much more than remind you of what day it is. It can also arrange remote meetings using video or coordinate several calendars to determine the most efficient time for your clients. Then, add it to your site so that your customers can make reservations for an appointment with you. If you’re trying to figure out how to utilize Google Calendar to make the most of your day using Google Calendar, the tricks and tips included in the article are sure to provide the boost you need to get through your day.

how To Use Google Calendar To Maximize Your Day

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar Google Calendar is Google’s time management and scheduling software. It lets you make appointments, plan your day’s tasks, and more.

The time management tool is best for those who wish to streamline and organize their hectic schedule. You can plan Google Hangout calls with a click of a button when setting up a remote meeting.

The personal planner is used to organize meetings with vendors and highlight the payment schedules I’ll need for my wedding. Therefore, it could be used to plan other things that are not work-related.

You can type “what’s my Google calendar” or “what is google calendar” to see a complete list of your forthcoming dates. Here’s an example of how it looks:

Google Calendar Sign-In

If you’re trying to find access to your Google Calendar sign-in, click here. If you’re unable to sign in first, you’ll have to sign up for an account with a Gmail account first.

In case you’re signed in to the account of your Google account, you’ll be able to access this calendar after clicking the “Apps” icon in the upper-right corner of your web browser:

How to Use Google Calendar: 20 Tips

Google Calendar Sync

Do you want to sync all your calendars into Google Calendar? If you have an office and personal calendar, it is possible to sync both to view in one place. By doing this, you will be able to view all of your calendar events on one page to give you an accurate picture of what your calendar looks similar to.

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Select on the “Settings menu” gear, then “Settings.”
  3. Scroll to “Import & Export”
  4. Export your calendar
  5. Then, head to the main calendar.
  6. Select to open the “Settings menu” gear, then “Settings
  7. Scroll to “Import & Export”
  8. And Import your calendar.

How do you view the Calendars of your coworkers?

If you’re employed at a large or mid-sized company, you may frequently have meetings with various people. Therefore, it’s crucial that you can access your coworkers’ Google Calendar to book appointments in a suitable way for all parties.

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. On the left, you can enter your colleague’s email in the box marked “Add calendar.”
  3. You’ll have to ask permission to access their calendar. After it’s been accepted, you’ll be allowed to access your colleagues’ calendars.

Making appointments in your calendar is an absolute lifesaver. But did you know that you can easily make the Google Hangouts link to hold a virtual meeting? When you add the Google Hangouts link, the participant to your appointment will be able to find your event link on their calendar. This can save you time, and you don’t have to send an email with a video conference link by yourself. To make Google Hangouts links in Google Calendar, you must: Google Hangouts link in Google Calendar first, you have to

  1. Log into your calendar.
  2. Create an event Select “More options.”
  3. Under “Add conferencing,” click “Hangouts.”
  4. Complete the remaining event information and save

Change Your Google Calendar View – Day, Week, Month, Year

If your schedule is crammed with appointments, switching the view could better understand what’s coming up. If you’re constantly busy and need to plan your day, a day view could be beneficial to concentrate on your appointments during the day. If, however, you realize that you only attend events once or twice a year, the month view could be better. It is possible to change your perspective by:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. The Settings menu is located next to the gear Click on the dropdown (Day month, week, day, etc. )
  3. Select the option you’d like to display your calendar in.
  4. It is also possible to select to display weekends or not.

Set Event Auto Reminders

If you schedule an event on your calendar months ahead of time, it is possible to schedule a reminder before when the event happens. Reminders can be helpful if you must complete some tasks before the date. To set up an auto-reminder for your occasion within Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Hit to open the “Setting menus” gear and then click Settings.
  3. Go to “Settings for my calendars” and click on your calendar.
  4. Scroll further down until “Event notifications.”
  5. Select the amount of notice you require before events, such as hours, minutes, days, and weeks
  6. Select whether you’d like to receive a notice as an email
  7. Click “Add notification.”

Drag and Drop Multiple Day Events

Do you want to leave the workplace for a weeklong vacation? Are you planning to attend an event lasting four days? You can move and drag the date of your conference to quickly make an event calendar that will cut off just a couple of seconds.

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar
  2. Utilizing your cursor or mouse, slide your cursor over the dates that you’d like to put an event to
  3. A pop-up will be displayed that allows you to input the details for your event

Create Automatic Events in Gmail

Have you booked a flight for an upcoming trip? Perhaps a meal arrangement after work for two? Maybe an upcoming appointment with a vendor to discuss some special occasion? If you receive an email with the information through the address on your Gmail account, the event will automatically be added to your schedule. This trick doesn’t require many steps to follow, but it’s an excellent idea to get emails sent through the same account that you use for your calendar for the day to see all of the scheduled events you scheduled via email.

Adding Facebook Events to Google Calendar

This tool for managing time does not only help you schedule occasions for work. You can include personal occasions as well. You can have your Facebook events on the Google Calendar, from celebrating a friend’s birthday to your anniversary. Here’s how:

  1. In Facebook, go to your Events page
  2. You’ll see the “Upcoming Events” and “Birthdays” hyperlinks on the right-hand side.
  3. Click on the file you’d like to download, and a download option will open.
  4. On Google Calendar, go to your calendar and then click “Settings and sharing.”
  5. under “Import and Export,” drag and drop the HTML0 file and click “Import.”

Get Your Daily Agenda Emailed to You

If you’re a person who has a hectic morning ahead, you may like to get a daily schedule with your daily tasks and activities. If you’d prefer Google Calendar to send you your daily schedule, try this:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Hit on the “Settings menu” gear, then “Settings.”
  3. Select your calendar in the section “Settings for my calendars.”
  4. Then Scroll down into “General notifications.”
  5. In the “Daily agenda,” choose “Email.”
  6. Emails will be sent to the address that your calendar is in

Add Religious or National Holidays in Google Calendar

While you might see Christian holidays when you first begin with Google Calendar, you could alter the holidays on your calendar to reflect the religion you follow. It is also possible to add all holidays of a particular religion to adapt to the needs of employees or create special sales and promotions for your customers. It is also possible to add the national holidays of specific nations. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar
  2. under “My calendars,” click the three dots next to your calendar (you’ll have for you to move your mouse over them to view it)
  3. Then click “Settings and sharing.”
  4. Click ” Browse calendars of interest ” in the menu. “Add calendar,” click “Browse calendars of interest.”
  5. Select the box for your chosen religion include on your calendar
  6. You may also opt to see the holiday preview instead. If you’d prefer

Show World Clock

If you’re a digital nomad or an entrepreneur who frequently travels internationally, You might want to include the World Clock in your Google Calendar. The great thing about World Clock is that it allows you to plan events in different time zones and still gives others the ability to view the event in their time zone. It’s pretty simple too:

  1. Log into your calendar
  2. Go to “Settings” under the “Settings menu” gear
  3. Scroll to World Clock
  4. Make sure to check for the “Show world clock” box

Add Tasks to Google Calendar

If you enjoy making lists of tasks to organize your life, you’ll love this feature. With Google, you’ll be able to add the daily tasks you have to complete into your calendar and help you remain on top of your studies. These features will allow you to manage your time and routine better. Here’s how you can create tasks on Google Calendar:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. To the left of the screen, click Tasks
  3. Click the “Get started” button
  4. Select “Add a task.”
  5. Then you can type your task into the box.
  6. By clicking the pencil under the pencil icon, you can set due dates and sub-tasks to specific projects.

Embed Your Calendar into Your Website

If you’re hoping to increase the number of customers your company has, incorporating an appointment calendar on your site will let potential customers arrange appointments with your company. The ideal solution for business owners who don’t have time to schedule appointments manually. Here’s how to add your calendar to your site:

  1. To access Google Calendar, click on Settings in the Gear menu.
  2. Navigate to “Settings for my calendars” on the left-hand side, and select the calendar you would like to embed.
  3. Scroll down until “Integrate calendar.”
  4. Copies the code into “Embed code.”
  5. Copy the code onto the page or area of your site you’d like to appear on.
  6. Do not forget to save the web page.

Set Your Working Hours in Google Calendar

Certain entrepreneurs have public calendars integrated into their websites that permit anyone to schedule an appointment. It is a good thing that you can plan your work hours to ensure that meetings don’t occur during an unplanned time of the day. This is how you create your working hours on Google Calendar:

  1. Within your Google Calendar, select the button that says “Settings menu.”
  2. Scroll to “Working Hours”
  3. Select your day(s) in the week during which you work.
  4. Set the hours of operation for each working day.

Hide Your Guest List in Google Calendar

If you’re hosting an intimate meeting, you’ll have the possibility of hiding your guests list on Google Calendar. To achieve this, you’ll be required to:

  1. Log into your calendar
  2. Create an event
  3. To the left of the page, you will find “Guests can:” un-check. “See the guest list.”

How to Share Google Calendar

If you’re searching for the ideal time for an event with someone, you may use Google Calendar to share with them your Google Calendar. What is the best way to make your calendar available to others? Use these tips:

  1. Open Google Calendar from your PC (not the application)
  2. In “My calendars,” pick the calendar you’d like to share and click on”three dots.”
  3. Then click “Settings and sharing.”
  4. under “Access Permissions,” you can publish your calendar or provide a shareable URL to access your calendar
  5. If you’re looking to forward it to one specific person, you’ll find “Specific Individuals” below, where you can add the individual’s email address.

Add Attachments to Google Calendar

Google Calendar invite to keep everyone updated. Add attachments to individuals to view directly through Google Calendar. Are you tired of sending an email that is not part of the plan or an essential document before an event?

So, you’ll know the attendees at the meeting are provided with the schedule they can access before the meeting. Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Open your time-management tool
  2. Select the date you’d like to host an event.
  3. Select the icon for the paperclip to upload your attachment
  4. If the file is stored on Google Drive, you can look for it using the search box.
  5. If not, you can click Upload to upload the file to your desktop.

Google Calendar Notifications: Enable, Change or Turn Off Notifications

In the case of Google Calendar notifications, you can choose three options On, Desktop notifications, and Alerts. You can modify the settings for notifications under Events > Settings > Notifications.

  • Off: Disables all notifications
  • Notifications for desktops: Notifies you via the Chrome or Mac OS browser before an event.
  • Alerts: Sends alerts to the browser in which you have your calendar open

Google Calendar Chrome Extension

A Google Calendar Chrome Extension can be installed on your browser to access your calendar faster, add events when browsing the event pages on a site or other website, and many more.

How do I sync Google Calendar with iPhone?

Do you want to connect the contents of your Google Calendar with your iPhone? From your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Settings
  2. Click on Accounts & Passwords
  3. Click Add Account: Google
  4. Input your email address, then Click Next
  5. Enter your password and then click Next
  6. Connect your calendar events, contacts, as well as emails
  7. You’re iPhone Calendar will display all your upcoming events

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to utilize Google Calendar can help you manage your time processes better and work. From keeping track of birthdays to scheduling international conferences and more, it can help you manage your time and planning superiorly to other types of calendars on the market. Notably, the paper type. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your team or your daily regimen, Google Calendar can become your assistant.