10 Ways you can make money online

Mar 11, 2022


Keep scrolling if you want to earn extra money without breaking a sweat. 

Whether you need to boost your cash flow to pay bills, save more or improve your lifestyle, there are many ways to make more money online. 

This list of online money-making ideas has been created on the side. You just need to take some time to read through the list, and you’ll find one or two you quite like. ways you can make money

10 ways to make money online

1. Join an affiliate program

If you can promote things effectively, join an affiliate program and earn commission by promoting brands, products, or services on several platforms. Once you register and they accept you, you’ll receive an affiliate link that you can share with others.


When someone clicks your referral link and purchases the product or service, you’ll receive a commission. The commission depends on the affiliate program and the product you promoted. Digital services like web hosting may earn you as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while essential items on the Amazon marketplace won’t pay out much.

Affiliate marketing relies not only on blog promotions to generate revenue for a marketer. Social media accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram can also be used to promote businesses and earn money.

2. Make Money Typing 

 Gone are the days when you see rooms full of typists tip-tapping away. There’s no longer a need for such services because most people are half-decent typists themselves. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a need for experiences and better than decent typists. Thanks to the internet, it’s now a job you can do anywhere. You don’t need lots of equipment, and the only requirement is that you complete assignments on time. Another benefit is that you can start making money instantly, whenever you’ve free time, or make it into a full-time career. A range of typing jobs are available. It might be lectures, dictation, phone messages, conference calls, workshops, podcasts, interviews, webinars, or videos. Fast typing speeds are a requirement and accuracy and stenography equipment.

3. Start Dropshipping


With drop shipping, you sell products to your customers, but the supplier stores, packages, and ships the product to the customer and keeps a percentage of the amount for every sale. This is an excellent way to make money online as it increases, and people are earning massively from this monthly.

The primary benefit of this business is that you do not have to take warehouses to store the products or maintain inventory, which minimizes the risk of dead stock and rent. You just purchase the products at a lower price and sell them at a higher price. No investment and no expense isn’t this an excellent method.

Some of the best ways to make money from drop shipping are partnering with influencers to promote your product, running Facebook ads, and sending direct messages to potential customers on different social media platforms.

4. Take surveys.

On survey sites like MyPoints or Survey Junkie, you can get paid for completing surveys and giving your opinion. This may sound like a sweeter deal, but remember that these sites look for particular things when picking people. So you might not be eligible for all the surveys you see.

If you’re the patient and persistent type of person, try it! It’s not by any means a get-rich-quick plan, but that extra cash you get from can still add up over time. And you’ll need to complete a certain number of surveys before you can cash out your points.


5. Become a copywriter

Copywriting is one of the best money-making ideasespecially for people who wish to work from home or from anywhere they want. Copywriters have a lot of opportunities to make money online, and you can find various jobs on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, which can either be full-time or part-time.

Everyone needs written materials, and most business heads are too busy to write or don’t like writing, so they look for freelance copywriters or writers.

You can select many topics such as politics, travel, health care, finance, etc. As a freelance copywriter, you will have the freedom of working from home or an office on your schedule for the clients they choose.


6. Become a user experience tester.

Every business hopes their website gives excellent information, hits their goals, and—oh yeah—makes money. But if something isn’t working, the company needs to know why, and many of them call on user experience testers to give feedback.

If you can tell if a website is user-friendly by just scanning a webpage for a few minutes, Companies like  TryMyUI and UserTesting will pay you for your feedback. Most of them boast that you’ll get $10 for each 20-minute test you complete!

7. Start a YouTube channel

Have you ever thought of becoming a YouTuber? Nowadays, you can film funny skits, unboxing videos, product tutorials, and with just your smartphone. Creating a youtube channel does not cause a dime. When you sign up to YouTube using your Google account, you can create a channel with a custom name or your name. YouTube channel owners have several ways of making money. You can start earning on your channel by running ads once you reach 1000 subscribers. You can also sell merchandise, do affiliate marketing on your channel, or partner with brands on sponsored content. In order to succeed with your youtube channel, you have to focus on a specific niche. You can do whatever you think will bring visitors, for example, offer beauty tutorials, review tech products, etc. 

8. Start a blog

If you have something to say, chances are people might read it! The great thing about blogging is that you can focus on any topic. Be it a food blog, fashion, fitness, nutrition, travel, etc.

You can make some good money blogging, and you can also ending making close to nothing. Connecting with the right people and using things like affiliate marketing and Google AdSense can impact your readership and the cash you make.

9. Sell your photos online

If you have a lot of images or you regularly take photos, They can be sold to stock agencies to earn some money. Anytime someone downloads any of your pictures, you will receive a commission. It can either be a fixed amount or a percentage as determined by the stock image site.

Best websites to sell your photos online:

The best part is that people can buy it multiple times for every image you upload. So it’s good to build a collection around a particular niche. Some websites might require you to put the photos exclusive to their platform.   

10. Create a course

Another great source of passive income is by creating a video or an audio course then kicking back while cash rolls in from the sale of your product. Courses can be distributed and sold through  SkillshareCoursera, and Udemy.

Alternatively, you might consider a “freemium model” – building up a following with free content and then charging for more detailed information or for those who want to know more. The free content demonstrates your expertise and may attract those looking to go to the next level. For example, language teachers and stock-picking advice may use this model.